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Ep. 7 Navigating War to 7 Figure Transformational Coaching with Jared Bull

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

Jared’s Journey From Marines to Fortune 500 Coaching

Bethany Londyn 0:02

Yes, we have Jared bowl, the transformational coach muscles. Yes. And so excited to have him here. He actually was one of my coaches in the past and is phenomenal at holding also a quantum container to elevate the people that he works with. What I also want to dive into is that this guy used to be in the Marines, right? The military Marines. So I'm excited to hear this story about going from Marines to Fortune 500 coaching and beyond, because that is quite the transition.

Jared Bull 0:47

A little bit about that. Yeah. Thanks. And thanks for having me here. I'm excited to get into this. So yeah, that was really, that was really my, for me, I joined the Marine Corps when I was 18. And that was more of like, my journey to manhood. I think, in our modern culture, you know, there's a lot of in ancient cultures, they had rites of passage. And I don't think we have that in our modern culture. So I think like, that part of my manhood was really searching for some sort of rite of passage. And,

you know, I have a pretty bit like, everyone in my family has been military. So I really wanted that experience. And so I ended up joining the Marine Corps when I was 18. And became a machine gunner. Like my cousin Ryan, my grandfather was a he was in World War Two, my great grandfather was when World War One.

And, and so I found out like, you know, there's this big military history, my family that I really know about, but I found out when I was 17. So I joined. And I had my first year, you were following the lineage. Yeah, just following that lineage. And that was more of like, just, you know, the inherited ancestry, I didn't really know much about it.

But the biggest reason why I joined was because of 911. I remember seeing 911 happening. And I grew up conservative and Republican and believed in like terrorism and stuff like that. And when I heard that, when I saw that I literally made a promise in my heart to find the people who did that. And like, deliver justice. Like that was literally my thinking. And I made that promise to myself, in sixth grade, when I was watching, you know, the whole 911 event unfold. And so sure enough, I found myself in Afghanistan, you know, at the age of 19.

But I was like, there's no terrorists here, like, these people are bad. So as soon as I was over in Afghanistan, and in heavy combat, experiencing life and death on a base on a daily basis, something felt off. I was like, Wait a second, like, this isn't what I thought it to be. I don't think this is, you know, I don't think we should actually be here like that. I don't think these people are an enemy. And I kind of started becoming aware of like, the whole post, post colonial

narrative. But I had to survive, and I had to make it through and I did we had a 50% Casualty. Did you feel stuck? Did you feel stuck while you were there? I mean, absolutely. But like I hadn't survived. So I didn't really have a choice. So you know, I just did what I had to do, I still, like performed really, really well.

And then I eventually got out when I was 22. And at that point, I had lost my Christian faith, and I lost my belief and patriotism. So I lost a big part of my identity. And that was kind of like, I guess you could say, when like my awakening, quote, unquote, started, do people talk about a week? You know, obviously, because you for one second, I'm so curious. No, I haven't. This isn't about you. But I'm just curious, do you think that a lot of people get over there? And then they're like, Oh, this isn't? Right.

I think,

I think so. But voicing it, and having the courage to voice it is something different. I actually voiced that to my command. After my second deployment, I said, because I was a really high performer. And I was like, one of their best guys. You know, I do take pride in high performance. And that is a part of my value system. And there was like a point there where they were like, hey, we want you to train up the next 30. Guys, for the third deployment. You don't have to go on it, but which we want you to train him. I said, I just can't do that. And they're like, Well, why not? And I said, Well, here's here's why. And then it was funny, because when I spoke up, you know, about 15 other guys out of, you know, our 150 160 Man company also spoke up and we're like, yeah, we can't do this anymore. We actually like don't believe in it. And that was pretty scary for me. But you know that my truth and share that totally Yeah, but I did have a great chain of command officer.

And he was an awesome human being I really did.

The they worked with me,

which was great. But, you know, then I got out and like that was pretty hard. Because I didn't get the benefit. I had an honorable discharge. And like it was because of that statement. No, no, no, I had an honor. So like, like, I had a great reputation, like I always delivered, I always performed well. And that was, it was hard for them to accept because like, it's like, I was the golden poster boy, but then it was like, you know, so. So I did that I communicated all of that. And that was really hard at first. And then I actually had the fight the military for my benefits, because they literally just like, they didn't give me any of the benefits that they told me what and it was just a bureaucratic thing. Like, it wasn't like it had nothing to do, they just, I just kind of fell into like, a void. And so I was like, losing my faith, losing my patriotism. And at the same time, losing my, you know, losing those identities, and at the same time, like not getting all the benefits that I was promised after I like, poured myself into the Marine Corps.

What's up and risk your life? Totally, yeah. And like I had to, I had to, like, you know, fight them for three years. And I did eventually get all my benefits and everything, which is great. So it was a really hard journey, and I wouldn't have made it unless it weren't, you know, I have like a really great father, he's, and I wouldn't have made it like I genuinely would have like, not, I would have like committed suicide or something. Because it was like that heart because I had all that war within me. You know, I experienced life and death situations.

Bethany Londyn 0:00

Hey, we go.

Jared Bull 6:40

But it gave me a level of resilience within my being that I don't think you can get through like, you can't get it at a school or you can't get a training. You know, it's allowed me to go to those deep, dark places in the external world, but also those deep, dark places within myself. And when you've gone too deep, dark places in the external world, but also within yourself. You're not really scared of anything anymore. So I do, like, I don't really feel like I don't have too much. There's not much fear in my human experience anymore. Which is great. Actually, it's like, if I do feel fear, I'm like, Where's this coming from? Because I don't feel you know, like, I've, I've kind of, I feel like I've faced a lot. Yeah, so

Bethany Londyn 7:24

he is not afraid to like walk up to strangers anywhere, you know, in the train stations and be like, hey, what do you do?

Jared Bull 7:32

Totally. Oh, yeah. I love it. Because we're at the end of the day, we're all human beings on the planet. We're just trying to survive and make our way. And like, we're all in this together. And we just got to keep that mindset that we mindset, like, you know, trying to sell my house like I was going door to door, you know, I'm pretty sure no one does that. Door to Door for like three weeks. And, you know, one guy like, everyone was pretty cool about it. One guy threatened me he was like, it's weird walking door to door. I'm like, not really we're a community like, we're all human beings and like, and he's, he like threatened me and I just laughed. I was like, Look, dude, I got no beef with you. Like, I wish you the best. But like, you don't get to, I'm not a threat to you. I can be if you want me to, but I don't want to go there. And so it's Yeah, human beings forget, like, we're literally all in this together. We're all trying to survive. We're all trying to get our needs met financial, emotional, social, sexual. And if you can stay in that mindset, pretty much as much as possible, you can create allies, wherever you go. And in certain people who started off enemies, even if it's not like, your fault, it's just like the state of consciousness they're in if you can turn them into an ally, man, that's really cool. Like I've turned a couple of my own enemies into allies. And that's like super powerful it but you have to remember like, we're all in this together. Just stay in that as much as possible.

Bethany Londyn 8:55

I'm curious. I don't know if you want to dissect that a little bit. I do have a friend of mine. And she walks around and she's basically I love you. I love you. I love you. We're all family. She's like all these people are my family. She said her environment shifted because of doing that. Which

Jared Bull 9:09

100% Yeah, and like, we are like we're all inclusive. When I went when I love the color blue and literally the color blue is like it's like all inclusiveness and it's there's like chrome otology the study of color, all that stuff. And yeah, if you can keep that mindset and remember, like, we're all in this together. And like still respect people's individual desires and still respect your own individual desires. But then remember, like we're all in this together and like kind of ground into that every morning. Even if you get up and you're tired or you feel behind or maybe you're like a little bit out of it. You come back to that realization because we we really are and and for me having a experience to war and literally the, I think the edge of the human experience of disconnection, which that's war, like, you have to take the life of another human being. And I had to do that. And I've seen other people, you know, die around me and then had to heal through those experiences. When you have that peak of an edge, if, when you have that edge of a human experience, you you kind of swing the other way. And you're like, holy cow, like, like, that's, that's that that was pretty intense emotionally. And like, what's the opposite end of that? So like, now, I pretty much try to embody a space where I know, like, I was talking to someone to my friend about this the other day. And they came in, and I was like, yeah, like, and they asked me, like, if someone broke into your house, how would you handle this situation, I would be like, Well, I would, like probably beat the hell out of them to the point where like, they can't hurt me or the people that I love. And then I would probably, like, set them up on my couch and like, get them food, and then call the cops. Like, let you know what I mean. So so like you just, it's just recognizing that everyone on the world in the planet is just trying to get their needs met. And they just might go about that stupid way. So if I come across darkness, or evil, or just someone trying to get their needs met, and trying to take advantage of me, it's like, yeah, like, you know, jab them where they need to be jab, poke them where they need to be poked, take care of the situation, and then treat them like a human being again. So it's, it's, and like, that's that, you know, masculine feminine balance, where it's like, okay, if I need to handle stuff, and like, you know, be a man and like, armor up, and like, you know, I can do that. But also, like, if I need to soften and hold space, and all that other stuff, I can do that as well, too. And, and have it being having the capacity and the capability to go to both of those extremes. Man, life just opens up in some really big, beautiful ways.

Bethany Londyn 11:58

And full circle. I don't know, like, if we need to cut this, we can. But I think you have a contract with the government now coaching.

Jared Bull 12:05

Yeah, yeah, it was great. So I got a contract with the city of Tucson, which is like two years long, super excited about that. And then I also haven't I have another contract with another kind of government agency. I actually can't go into that, because I signed an NDA. Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 12:25

But I love that it's like all kind of full circle of, you know, being able to create some influence from a loving

Jared Bull 12:36

in this is I love to hire. Yeah. And I'm so glad you're bringing this up. Because in I did, you know, obviously, I can't talk about the one thing, but I can share that. Life does come full circle in some really cool ways. And with some of the projects that I'm working on right now, it's really neat, because I'm actually seeing like, there's, um, healing parts of that structure that I dealt with years ago. And I'm revisiting it, but from a much more empowered, connected place. And I would almost, I would almost say that life is set up that way, it just, you got to remember that it's set up that way. And that's how it really works. And I think sometimes people people forget that. So it's been like an honor to like, go back and revisit some new paradigms, but from a totally different innerspace.

Bethany Londyn 13:35

Right. Okay, so back to like, the reason for the podcast. Yeah, that was so good. So I'm curious how you went from that to quantumly been to like a thriving?

What It Means To Be A Human Being

Jared Bull 13:52

Yeah, it's great. So I always have to, I think we first have to ground ourselves in the realization that we're here for our hearts desires. So like, if your heart has a genuine desire, it's there because like, it wants to be acted out and played into the world. And it's totally up to us as to whether we want to go down that path or not. Right. So I think that's the first thing that's important to recognize is like, literally, the nature of the heart is it desires things and like it desires things, because like it wants to play out into the world. So you have to be aware of, you know, what your heart's desires are and then just naturally follow them. And it'll happen because people don't know, right? Some people are so connected to their brain, they're not connected their heart that they forget, like, That's literally how creation reality actually operates and works so. So I think that's first important to remember to like ground in a body that space and try to try to embody that space, like pretty much all the time. Like that's ultimately I think, what it means to be human. It's just allowing you're following those heart's desires, and then choosing those and committing to those. So that's, I think that's the first thing How I transitioned out of it was I was on social media for about two and a half, three years built up a community. You know, I made some good money, but I got to the point where I was like, you know, social media and the internet like, it's a crazy world, I look at the internet and social media is literally like Carl Jung's collective unconsciousness. So whatever is not publicly acceptable, is totally acceptable on the internet, and you can find it there. So it's, it's like, yeah, so it just became it, there's like a dark side to it. Like, there's advantages to it. Like you can work from anywhere in the world, you can connect with anyone from all around the planet. You know, it like in there, there's great things, but then there's also dark sides to it where like, anyone can connect with you.

Bethany Londyn 15:49

Are you saying that you decided to start putting stuff out on YouTube that is socially unacceptable? Is that what you're trying to say?

Jared Bull 15:55

No, no, no, what I'm trying to say here is it just became, I realized, when you're on social media, it just opens you, it opens you up to the world, but like dark stuff can come in pretty quick. And you can try to filter it as much as you want. But it still seems to like kind of find a way in so. And I wanted to work with more professional people, like I wanted to work with people who are established on social media, you can pretty much have like anyone reach out to you and anyone connect with you. And if that means like, you don't really necessarily have standards, right? So long story short, I got to this point where I was like, Okay, I know, I can like scale on social media, I know exactly what I need to do and know how to execute to build If I really wanted to a seven, even eight figure business, but I was like, I don't want that like, because it was it wasn't the expansion that my Bing wanted. So I actually backed off on social media. And then I just leveraged my contacts that I had created on social media to get into those companies. And I would say like, Hey, who can you connect me with? Can you connect me with your HR director? Or can you connect me with, you know, you know how that works? Like, if you set the intention, and you're willing to take the action? And you're willing to ask, okay, but how

Bethany Londyn 17:13

so you basically get you get back, you're having a rough time, you backtrack a little bit, you're having like, a mental whatever frustration, your dad was there for you. And then you're like, I want to change people.

Jared Bull 17:27

Yeah, so yes, and no. So I saw how it happened was I saw the trauma of my life. Like I saw what I was born into, I saw the relational trauma, the financial trauma, I saw all of this at the age of like, 25 after I got back, and it was like, and I had a failed relationship. I was about to get married. And when I was like, 20, please do it. Oh, totally, totally. And it was like, I just got undercut on everything. Like, just I got like, fired from a job. And I lost that relationship all within like, one month. And it was just like, Oh my God, it was just like another hit at my foundation like so first the military than this. So it was just like, man, the hits don't stop coming,

Bethany Londyn 18:08

keeping their promises to me.

Jared Bull 18:11

Right. Exactly, exactly. So I have that. So it was just but I was falling into the lack of trust that everyone is born into, and no one knows how to speak to. So it was created by my pain, like my, my coat. My entrance into coaching happened when I was 25. And it was because I was like, I am in so much pain. I nearly ended my life. What like how did I get here? Like you hit rock bottom and you're like, Okay, what happened is your therapist, right, right. Yeah, I was with a therapist at the time. Yeah, I was working. I haven't worked with coaches yet. And my track was to become a therapist. But I hadn't worked with coaches yet. I was only 25 and 32 now. And so it was yeah, it was like this really interesting space where I was like, man, like, I love this. This is great. But like, I don't know, like, I don't trust my ability to create wealth on my terms. Clearly, I guess I can't hold down a relationship like, like, why like, what, what am I missing? Like, what am I missing? Because I see other people doing it. And if they can do it, why can't I? Why can't I do it? So that really started my journey of like, true personal development, not just like therapy where you're patching stuff up, but like true. Let's go internal. So when I was 25, after that relationship break up in the job firing, I went to India, I went there for six months, lay down a new foundation. I didn't have any money. But I was like, Okay, I need to like I don't know that sounds good. Like, I'll just do that. And I went there had some amazing experiences had some breakthroughs, but like nothing to like, I did change but like you don't need to go to India to have like a truly transformational experience. You can do it in your living room if you're just willing to like sit with yourself, right.

Bethany Londyn 19:57

So like you're on the persona. Yeah,

The World Won’t Own You If You’re Not In Balance

Jared Bull 20:00

exactly like your own purpose and just be like willing to face the chaos and the ship within yourself. And then like, the world won't own you, because obviously, like it's a reflection. So if there's a lot of chaos in your external world, obviously, you probably have a lot of chaos internally. So you just got to keep those two in balance. And so long story short, I got to a point where I was like, Oh, wow, okay, I'm here, see this? What do I need to do? And I was like, I don't know what I need to do. But I have this desire to, like, start making YouTube videos. So that was what I did. So I started making YouTube videos,

Bethany Londyn 20:33

just got the little inkling you're like, Okay. It feels good. It feels good.

Jared Bull 20:38

It feels good. Yeah, it feels good. So I trusted that. And I just continually did that more and more like, it feels good, it feels good. And then I, and then like, I got to a point where I was like, making 5000 a month. And then I got to a point I was making 10,000. I was like, Holy shit, like, I can actually do this. But I really had to dedicate myself to it. Like, it was like, full time, like, you know, 5060 hours a week and a bit in the beginning. And then it just got to a point where eventually it like, kind of got out of control. And when I say out of control is like, dude, I'm making more money than I necessarily know what to deal with. And this is actually kind of fun. But I was like, in my masculine, like, just pushing, making shows happen moving forward, no matter what, please,

Bethany Londyn 21:20

that was based off of YouTube.

Jared Bull 21:23

YouTube, yeah, YouTube, and then just having the conversations there.

Bethany Londyn 21:26

I started like, 25,000, how many followers? Do you have any?

Jared Bull 21:29

It's only like, 24 25,000. It's not that many

Bethany Londyn 21:32

400 zones?

Jared Bull 21:36

You got to start somewhere. I mean, I started with like, one, right. So long story short. That was like the beginning. And then I just started making connections. And then, you know, I learned sales, and I learned relationship building. And I came to a realization where I was like, oh, like creating what you want in life. It has nothing to do with like, there's like an aspect of luck, maybe. But like, that's not its skill set? Like, do you have the right skill sets. And so many times in the coaching industry, you'll hear people say, Oh, I just gotta clear this belief system. And it's like, well, you can clear that belief system. But unless you have the right skill sets, that belief system is going to come right back. Because you've never, you've never gotten the right skill sets to like actually act through and into that belief system. So yes, set the intention. But then it's like, okay, now you've got to follow through with inspired, committed action. And when you follow through with inspired and committed action, then you create what you want. And then you literally inherit a new belief system, because you've created it. So we create our belief systems by how we move an act through the world. And it's always we live in an out of belief systems, it's more of like an ocean, like, Oh, I'm in like a clear part of the waters and I'm in the dark part of the waters. And so we don't just like drop a belief system, we actually create and live into belief systems by how we take in and move. So that's a I think, a big kind of like myth in the in the personal development world that I that I had to learn from my own experience. So my switch into the fortune 500 company world came after I kind of like exercise the social media, and I was like, Okay, I know what to do here. I know, I could create like a really big business for myself, but I don't necessarily want that journey. Like I want to be able to, like, be a professional in my field to be one of the best so I've made investments along the way. Like the biggest investment I made was $75,000 and Michael Neal, and that was awesome. Terrifying, I cried before he made the investment and after, and I threatened to blow up his Porsche before I give them a man if this doesn't work, I'm blown up your pores and he just laughed. The fourth or fifth month and

Bethany Londyn 23:42

I'm sure you laughed as you said it or were you serious?

Jared Bull 23:45

Oh, no, I was dead serious. Yeah, cuz you know, he laughed about it as well too, but I think we probably laugh about it now. But you know, like, it was just like, it was like, you know, kind of like man demand things like Dude, I'm about to pay you $75,000 So like, if I don't feel like I got that value out of this after like a year or two like I just want you to know like I'm just fair game blown up you're blown up your pores man.

Bethany Londyn 24:12

Just to take the Porsche but whenever

Jared Bull 24:15

that self destructive element that I think was there that yeah, play out. So long has

Bethany Londyn 24:20

worked itself out. Yeah. Oh, totally.

Jared Bull 24:23

Oh, totally. Yeah, it but I cried before I made the investment and after I made the investment and then by Month four or five I was like, Dude, this was worth every penny because it was it totally transformed and shifted me and it did it. It got me into a new level of creation and a new level of understanding. So So yeah, after that, I was like, Okay, I want to kind of like take this work to like larger companies and work in larger businesses. I trust myself, I trust my business so and intuition. So then, you know, it just became about going and meeting people in Denver. So like I met you know, I would go to convention centers and just meet with people I'd be like, alright, you know, how many contacts can I make. And now it's nice because my, in my life, I can have the freedom to kind of create and do whatever I want. And I have the freedom and time to position myself where I want. So it's like, hey, if I got want to go work for, you know the Department of Energy, I can do that if I want to go. It's just about finding the right people reaching out to them, building the connection in the relationship, delete, and then seeing the value that they need. And then boldly proposing that value and inviting them into step into a contract with you. Yeah,

Bethany Londyn 25:32

we need a pause real quick. This is how Jared and I met. You can have a sliding into my DMs. And I was just like, so many people slide into my DMs and I never even open them. I usually just delete. But he was sending all these videos. I'm like, Who is this creep? I'm finally left. I'm like, Oh, he's a coach. And I feel like you probably wrote me so many messages before I actually even opened. It was probably over a month after like the first one was sent. Yeah, he had sent all these videos. And then I'm like, oh, whoa. But it made him seem relatable. And, you know, not a stranger anymore.

We Have The Power To Build Connection With Anyone

Jared Bull 26:15

Right. And that's the biggest thing is like, we have the power to build connection with anyone. It's just are you willing to like, do that. So like, I saw what you were about. I appreciated how you showed up on social media. And I was like, I would love to do some work with this woman eventually. And I saw that. And so like, that was why I pursued it. I was like, she's clearly like not, she's clearly badass. She, she seems like she has a really good heart. She seems like she's not afraid to take action in the world. And she's willing to take some good risks. And I was like, I really liked that about her. So I was like, I want to coach with her. And so like, you can trust that like, that's the thing. It's like, there's this learning to trust your immediate intuition right off the bat in a situation is the best thing that you can do. As soon as I find myself rationalizing, and like rationalizing for the other party that's already signing back out to get out. That's if you're rationalizing for the other person, you're wanting them to be something that you're not and you're literally the mind is unconsciously creating an illusion. So anytime that I start rationalizing for someone, I immediately know like, oh, like that's like, no, that's not it. Now, that doesn't mean don't think about things consciously. Like definitely think it through. But as soon as I see that, that's the first sign that I'm like, Hmm, maybe this isn't the best for me. And then if you voice that concern to the other person, one of two things will happen. Either they'll get really upset and triggered and they'll run because you call them out on their bullshit, whether it's romance, whether it's business, or number two, they'll stay in it. They'll have the courage and they'll say, Hey, I understand why you think that way. And like, that's not me. And you see what I'm saying. So like that, and like, you can pretty much protect yourself from a lot of darkness and evil in the world if you're willing to show up that way and just commit to being that way. You know?

Bethany Londyn 28:16

Yeah. So fun. Okay, so clearly he is quantum leaps

Jared Bull 28:24

in the quantum realm is just live.

Bethany Londyn 28:27

Live there. I noticed every day is another quantum leap. Before because I'm always about the three keys to quantum leaping. I'm curious. Before we go there, just really quick, if possible. What if you were to look back at your childhood? Is there anything in your childhood that is like, supporting you in where you're at today?

Jared Bull 28:51

I so I've definitely, like fully grown up from my childhood and work through all those emotional patterns and things like that. I would, I would say the biggest thing I got from my childhood was my dad's heart. Yeah, like my dad's got in, like all the brothers in the family have this like my dad has a really good caring heart like uncredible. Like, very, very. I don't like like, I don't like to use the word ethical because the word ethical is like a word like you. If you're being an integral human being the word ethical doesn't even need to come in. Like if you're not being integral, then you have to create a word. That's called ethical that says, you're out of integrity, and you're out this far. So that's why I don't like to use the word so my dad is an incredibly integral man, like very loving and open and caring. But he never knew or learned how to draw boundaries around his value. And so like, I know me and the older brothers in the family really inherited that like we're good men, we genuinely care. We're willing to work things out and things like this. However, that being said, he never knew knew how to draw boundaries, and he kind of got bullied by the world. And and so like, my biggest thing that I think I inherited from childhood in terms of good stuff was that heart and that genuine care and that willingness to genuinely see another human being, no matter what their story is, no matter what and like, not judge it and just be like, Who is this human being really at the core? And why are they the way that they are. But where he went wrong, where I've shifted, and sometimes I still get down into this is to draw boundaries around that, like, Hey, I genuinely see our trauma, I genuinely see your hurt, I genuinely see why you are the way you are. And I have no judgment around it. And not okay, here's my standards. And if you don't meet these standards, you're out. And like, you know, and like in feeling okay with that feeling okay, with asserting that. He didn't know how to do that either in business or romance, and that wrecked him. And that created, I think, a lot of unconscious bitterness and resentment. And he didn't hit a lot of the goals that he wanted to, at least on the masculine side of things. So I think that's really important to recognize is, I definitely got a really great, amazing heart from him. But I also inherited a bad, I didn't know how to be assertive, so I was either passive or aggressive. Or passive aggressive. So I had to learn how to be assertive, and be okay with that moment by moment. Yeah, yeah. So you learn from it. Yeah, totally. Yeah. To like, take, take what's great from your family? And then like, look at like, what created you to be you and like, yeah, like you sort through like, Okay, this not good. This? Awesome. You guess? Let's throw that out.

Bethany Londyn 31:47

Yeah. Yeah. I mean, well, there's tons of people out there that are like, super wealthy, because they were like, I didn't have that growing up, you know,

Jared Bull 31:56

and I did it. Yeah. Yep. I mean, when I moved to Colorado, it's my father like, $3,000 in my bank account, and like, no business and no job. And I was like, I, I was terrified. I was absolutely batshit terrified. But I knew I wanted to be in Colorado. I knew I wanted to be the mountains. And I knew that being there was going to be transformational to who I am. And it was.

Bethany Londyn 32:19

And I think I'm like I'm dying. This is I think you've reached seven figures and coaching.

Jared Bull 32:25

I have, yes, thank you. I have, I'm proud of that. And super proud of that. And now I'm not motivated by money per se. That's definitely like obviously a motivator, my main motivators mastery. So I am making a shift with my coaching to the Agile world, which is like information technology and the mix of managing personalities and transformation with personalities and business technology. So I am in the middle of that transition right now, which is exciting because I'm motivated by mastering I feel like when it comes to sales and relationship and the art of transformation, a genuinely think there's very I say this with humbleness, and I've earned this genuinely say that there's very few people I think you can match me on the planet in those regards the problem out there, they may be, they may be in their own little corners, but I paid top dollar to be around some of the best people, you know what I mean? Like, I mean, Michael, he coached the royal Saudi family and I was like, Dude, this guy coach it like that, like so like, once you surround yourself with the best and you pay top dollar to be the best. It's like, okay, like, maybe I am here, and then you just see all the BS that's out there.

Bethany Londyn 33:39

Well, and you're, you're doing another quantum leap. It sounds like and it's about it feels good. Feels

Jared Bull 33:45

good, because it's a new level of mastery. I'm not I love sales, I love relationship and like learning those, but I feel like I know those now. And now it's more just about maintenance. But the Agile world for me is more like oh, this is a new territory that I think could be really fun that I just don't know anything about. Yeah. And so I'm gonna master that in two or three years, put a lot of hours into it and then I'll just like charge a shit ton of money to do like consultancy around

Bethany Londyn 34:16

well, well, okay, have you back on if we're still going for the next quantum leap?

Jared Bull 34:23

We might be doing this till we hear the grave we'll see what happens.

Three Keys To Quantum Leaps In Your Life

Bethany Londyn 34:28

Okay, so what are looking at ways that we can connect the dots looking backwards. So what would be your three keys to quantum leaps in your life?

Jared Bull 34:38

three keys, okay. Yes, number one would be to understand that life doesn't happen from the mind and it doesn't happen necessarily from your emotions. It happens around your energetic state. So like you can create a great plan in your mind Ain't. But if there's not the genuine emotion behind that plan, that plan isn't going to work because the emotion isn't there. Now, you can genuinely have a great emotion. But if your emotion isn't there, or if the energy behind that emotion isn't there, it's going to make it a lot harder, you can still do it with emotion, but it's gonna make it a lot harder. If you have the energy, the right energy state, and that lifeforce energy is flowing through you, you are the master of your own creation, you can't not have the things that you want to happen the world, it may take time, you know, it may take certain actions and stuff like that. So like life doesn't happen around our thinking. I mean, it does to an extent, but that's not the core of it. And it doesn't always happen around our emotions. It happens around the energy state that we embody. So like, I don't say, I don't want to use the word protect or guard your energy, but be aware of what creates your energy, like be aware of like, I do my energetic practices, every day, I program, my energy I program and the people who are closest to me. You know, like, they're calling with me in that space. Because if they just stream their energy into me, and it's not like a good, pure clean energy, then like, I feel that and I let them know, like, Hey, I'm not I'm not taking this right now. So mind your energy state, because that's we create from that place, even if we don't think we do. That's where we always create from we're always creating and projecting out into the world. It's just are we mining the right energy, say, so I'd say that's number one. Number two, I think be aware of how your environment creates you. Your environment, it does play a big part on how we show up in the world and who we are. So I'd say Be aware of like, position yourself in a place where you know, you're the best is going to come out of you like positioning is really key not just in the marketplace, but positioning in the in your life, like from location like I moved to Boulder, Colorado, didn't have any money. Everyone was like, dude, rent, so expensive there. And I was like, yeah, it is I'm terrified. But like, I knew, for whatever reason, my soul knew that I had to be there. And I was I was there for three years, built up a foundation. And then it was like, Hey, move closer to city and Denver. And then it was like, alright, that's what I'm gonna do. And then I bought a home there the day before, literally, the day of the pandemic, I bought my home, which was like, I got so lucky. It was like the perfect time I was actually signing the contract. And like, no one, no one was out. So like, I got a really great price on it. And like, you know, I've been fortunate with that. So long story short, is know how the environment influences you and creates you. And no matter how good you get, never think that you're above that, like, it's a part of who we are. Right. So I would say that would be number two. So number one is mind your energy, and maintain the energetic state that you need to because that's how creation happens. Number two is mind your environment and how the environment creates an influences you. And then number three, and I would say this is the most important thing. Commit to yourself, like literally commit to yourself in your heart's desires. Like I live my entire life and make decisions around that. Like for me, it's like, like, commit to, like, at the end of my day, I check in with myself and I say and I even do it throughout the day. Am I proud of how I showed up? Like, am I proud of you know, like, this morning, I was on a business deal. And it was it's one of the largest ones I've ever done. And it didn't go through and it's we've been in talks for like two and a half, three months. So part of me is bumped, but I went all out. I like gave it my all I showed up 150% Didn't it I don't think it's gonna go through. But like, despite the outcome, I'm proud of how I showed up. So like, number three would be like, you have to have that commitment to yourself. And like have to relentlessly be aware of that. Because if you're not proud of how you're showing up, then that's where like unconscious shame gets built in your energy system. That's it just slows everything down. So you have to be proud of how you're showing up moment by moment.

Bethany Londyn 39:32

And you maintain that at night

Jared Bull 39:34

you made Yep, exactly. So at the end of every day, I'm like, Hey, on a scale of one to 10 How proud of I am how I showed up like even go door to door to sell my house like like, I was just like, okay, like I don't like what would make me most prideful like what would make me love me like, like love the little emotional experience of love, like energy flowing through the heart is always your relationship to yourself. So if you're like doing things that make you proud, and that you like, appreciate about yourself, like, Yo, you stepped it up, that was great, you're going to feel more love because it's your relationship to you. So and that can't come from anyone else. We a lot of people outsource it, but like it literally is created from how we move and act through the world. So I would say number three is commit yourself champion yourself, like be assertive. Be proud of how you show up, you're never going to be guaranteed anything in life. But if you commit to yourself and champion your heart's desires, and are proud of how you're showing up moment by moment, and you keep that at the forefront of your mind, every single day, you're gonna do some pretty awesome shit in this life.

Bethany Londyn 40:48

Well, I since we've talked, I actually have a journal that I created all these questions, it's available and one of them is something you're proud of today. So I'll put that into the how I'm answering the question.

Jared Bull 41:03

Yes. Great. So I something I'm proud of today. Yeah, it's great. So yes, for Well, first thing was I really, like put myself out there for this business deal. I don't think it's gonna go through, which I'm a little bit disappointed about. And I'll probably like delete, delete, delete. Yeah, I'll probably like shadowbox later on, and then delete, delete, delete, and then I'll be on to the next thing, right, just you know, so I'm really proud how I showed up for that. And then I was dealing with a client in the government who's like, really, really hard. And, and I was like, I kind of like, laid into him, like, masculine style, but with feminine love behind it, and call them out on call him out on some shit. And I remember literally thinking in my mind, like, Ooh, man, if like, I say this, like, they might fire me. And then I was like, so like, part of my energy kind of held back. But then I asked myself, would this be most valuable for them? And it was like, yes, it was. And I would rather be fired for doing my job the best away, then, like, not be fired for like doing a half assed job. And so I felt myself have that moment where I was like, Oh, maybe I shouldn't say this, because it might damage my own security. And then I was like, yeah, like, that's, that's where I need to go. And so I said it and it was like, totally transformative.

Bethany Londyn 42:31

He landed, yeah, it landed, and in put up

Jared Bull 42:35

the wall, they put up a wall, but like, I like punch the wall and Oh, so much punched it, love punch the wall. So they're like, they're like recalibrating. They're like, they're like recalibrating right now. And so like, I don't know how it's gonna, like turn out, but like, I'm proud of how I showed up. And I can live with that. Like, that's what I'm saying. Like, if the business deal doesn't go through, or you get fired, it's about like, being integral to how you're showing up moment by moment. And I can live with that.

Bethany Londyn 43:04

Yeah, yeah. Love it. Yeah. So lots of lots of keys, lots of tips, lots of hacks here to elevating your life quantum leaping to the next level. And yeah, you've been your you're amazing.

Jared Bull 43:22

Thanks for having me on triple B. I've really appreciated this. I always love what you're doing. And yeah, just thanks for having me on. It's always it's always great to reconnect. And it's an honor to be here. And I guess I'll say last quick reminder is like, yeah, in terms of quantum leaping, just like commit to champion your heart's desires. Like don't be like, just put yourself out there. Don't contract around fear of rejection, and you just got to put yourself out there.

Bethany Londyn 43:53

And I gotta ack

nowledge you for being part of my quantum leap to the corporate coaching, even though that's already what I wanted to do. Yeah, it finally happened when I was working with you.

Jared Bull 44:05

Oh, that's great. I love hearing that. Thank you. Really.

Bethany Londyn 44:11

Um, right. Well, thank you so much. The recording

// F O L L O W J A R E D

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