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Ep. 17 Quantum Leaping to Mediumship with Susan Wagner

Bethany Londyn 0:06

All right. Today I am so excited to have the fabulous Susan Wagner with me for Quantum Leap your business in life. She has been a while she's really like one of my besties now we talk almost every day, I totally miss her if I don't talk to her. We have been doing being one programs for over a year now. It's a free monthly healing. We have also done the six weeks to turn your life around course, and we have another one coming up if you guys are interested, but she is absolutely phenomenal. She is a medium. And I mean, I will let her speak for herself. I just we're better. We're better building people up. So there are so many mediums out there and on TV. And people will receive healing from learning about what they see with the past on loved one, right?

Susan Wagner 1:08

Yes. That added

Bethany Londyn 1:11

sparkly benefits that Susan has that those people are not offering is that other level of healing. It's like a whole nother level. So it's not just like he died in peace. He's loving you. I see him on the side of the road. And this is what happened. It's not that it's they want to pull this program from you that you're still walking around with. They want to pull this like because maybe you're anyway, we'll let Susan get into it. But it's about the healing journey. Working with the medium. And also she is aren't one of our corporate healers at Linden heights, and we'll go into all of it. How's that for an intro?

Susan Wagner 1:58

Thank you, that was really good. I feel so special. Um, so a little bit about me, I think you a little bit about me is exactly what Bethany had said is that I work with your loved ones on the other side, I'm able to communicate with them in a way that you bring a problem or a life situation or life experience that you're having, I'm able to see where your links are, of where you learned that pattern from. And often these loved ones. Often these loved ones will come in and say they'll show me the experience where you actually learn that behavior from, they'll actually show me how they responded to something that you had done. And you took it as there was something wrong about you. And they are coming through showing me like that is not at all what so

Bethany Londyn 3:03

let's let's talk about me, for example. So I'll be telling her about a relationship thing. Next thing, you know, she's like, Oh, your grandma just came in. She's like, that's my program that we didn't communicate or whatever. I mean, I'm just making stuff up. But like some version of you got this from her. You know, that was that was what happened in her and like my grandpa's relationship. And so let's release that on you because you don't need to repeat that pattern. Because a lot of us and me as a healer too. When I'm looking at clients and working on something, I'm like, Oh, well. Wasn't your mom like this? And then they're like, Oh, yeah. And then I'm like, Well, how about let's go to your grandma was, you know, there's usually this reoccurring theme that's happening through the generations. And it's up to us to like,

Susan Wagner 3:53

yeah, yeah. And it's interesting because I I see it as a walking around the mountain, right, like, unconsciously not knowing that you're pattering. Somebody else's link, right? Like your grandmother and your, your grandpa might have fought a lot of way of communicating. And then you're in your relationship and you're fighting. And it's like, wait a second, you are totally mirroring them, as if this is how you communicate with your partner. And she's always so fascinating. And so I'm finding a lot of businesses will like when I'm working with my clients, and they'll be like going into the work saying, like, Oh, should I like I'm having issues with work. Like there's this one lady who was having problems with a co worker, and I'm like, Oh, my gosh, your grandmother and your grandfather is here. And I could see very quickly it was like a military like strict energy and I was like, You need to let go of those. Enter. Geez in order for, you know you to move forward, so, you know, that client was able to let it go and she got the promotion. Amazing, like amazing, right? And so it's interesting because we're just Yeah, that's what I that's and I want to go into the money thing I want to go into like the money the value of money for some reason.

Bethany Londyn 5:26

Okay, so we'll talk about you a little bit more on how you came here in a minute. Let's go into money. People love money.

Susan Wagner 5:32

People love money. Yeah. So we're bringing we're bringing,

Bethany Londyn 5:35

so we work with these corporations, we work with a lot of business owners. And one of the things that we got the download is to bring to life this money course. And it was just so fascinating with the six weeks to turn your relationship around, because we're literally channeling that whole entire thing. So the guidance that comes through kind of blows our mind to so we're very excited about this new IRR, intuitive revenue revolution. course that will be happening, I think, the end of March, the end of March. So stay tuned or hop on our websites. But yeah, go go. Let's go man. Yeah,

Susan Wagner 6:13

so I was having conversation with someone about money, and the value of it. And we're talking about how, you know, we go into these energy healing sessions, or we go to the salon, and we pay money for these as an exchange, right? And it's like, what value do you hold money at? Right? Like, you will hold money differently for a salon, because it helps you physically look better. And physically, your appearance will change, right? Like you're willing to spend the $200 for your hair or whatever you're having done, okay, or more, but there's a value attached to it, right. And, you know, I was going through these I, I went through a healing session with someone, and they had money attached to like, you could have three sessions for this mount six sessions for this amount, or one, or 10 sessions for this month. And my mind immediately went to the lower amount of money, right? And I'm like, Why did I do that? Why did I value? I mean, in hindsight, it was more money. But that's not the point here. The point is, is that I could only see the dollar figures, right. And I attached my worth to that, that dollar figure. Like, if I had spent, I am saying this so backwards, because I can see the energies, like I can see how if I had just gone to the there was like a value attached to it. Like 100% Money has a value, right? And so I was thinking about my prices, because I charge I think it not enough, Bethany would say but for me, I think it's it's fine word is I'm working on that. But the point was, is that, you know, people will come to me and they'll be like, Oh my god, I can't afford you. And I'm like, Well, part of me is like that value, like how much do you value you? And other interesting thing is that people value things, right? Like, like your hair like it's

Bethany Londyn 9:10

it's a no brainer for me to go spend $120 or $130 Now to fill up my car, right? And I don't wait. I mean, it sucks, right supposedly, but I don't like think twice about it because it's it's a necessary thing. There's that to hair to a lot of people is a necessary thing. Like that's just part of operating in life. But you are.

The more money she spends on a healer, the more my life expands.

Susan Wagner 9:36

Yeah, as a healer if people don't. I think it's because it's not it's like they can't see it right? And so they can't value it until they go through it. It's interesting because I feel like the more money I spend on a healer, the more my my life expands. It's yeah. And I get it back 10 times fold, right? Like, it is so interesting. To me like to watch it, like we are in this energy of lack, right? Like, oh, I can't spend that on myself, I can't, I can't take care of myself. I can't. Like, I need to use it for other things, right. But once we allow ourselves to experience the $1,000 healer, it like, I don't know, my life expands hugely, like I go through big leaps. When I, the more money I spend, does that make sense?

Bethany Londyn 10:47

Yeah, well, and like, for me, I'm like, there's two things. So for me, when I first spent $7,000, my first $7,000 on a program, which was a lot of money. My intention was that it would come back and I intuitively checked in so I understand maybe not everyone has that. But like, you can feel whether something goes good or not. And I heard that I was gonna get like, $23,000 out of it. Like, by the time it was over. And I did. So the 7000 like I committed, I didn't want to do Emily, that's so expensive. I did it got the money back. Then when I when I mess it in the $20,000. Coach, like, I don't know, I don't know, literally the next day, the next day, the money came back. But like, for me, I was resistant, right? Because the cost felt so great. But yeah, it was like, boom, here you go, you made the right decision. And not that that's going to happen every time. But it's really important for people to tune in, and I think and feel in their body, whether or not they're making the right decision, versus just signing up. Or not signing up, like what does your body say, now your hand get into the body. But also when I wanted to share is like the relationship stuff. Because as coaches and healers, we have friends, we have clients and they're like, I really want you to just work a miracle for me today, and my life is gonna change, and my relationships gonna change. And it's like the cape complaint, let's let's just talk about friends. They keep complaining about their life. And we're like, there's something you can do about it. But like, they don't want to, they're ready. And we're not here to push you.

Susan Wagner 12:35

Yeah, that is it's like going around the mountain. Right? It's going around the mountain thing again, like, they're not ready to see it. They're not ready to look at it. And it's interesting, because a lot of friends will look at you, or look at me. And they'll be like, I want that. And I'm like, Well, you can have that right? Like the the joy like I am. I want to say 90% Extremely happy all the time. But it took me a while to get there. Like, right, I had hours and hours of cleaning up my energy and shifting it to be able to witness where I am now. And I can see these friends come in. They're like, I need help. And I'm like, Okay,

Bethany Londyn 13:23

let's go.

Susan Wagner 13:28

Right? It's almost I want to say, Bethany it's attached to like, we're so programmed that we have to have physical things with our money. Right? We have to have like a physical attachment. With Yeah,

Bethany Londyn 13:46

I was telling somebody the other day, I'm like, I don't because I was rejecting a client that's rejecting claim, like, Nope, sorry, I don't get that you're open. And they're like, well, this faith thing. It's like, I have to believe it. When I can't see it. I'm like, Yeah, that's what religion is. That's what God is. You know, you, you have to have faith that it's going to

Unknown Speaker 14:09

work. Or I don't want to work with you.

Bethany Londyn 14:14

And like that's, that's a leap the leap of faith.

Susan Wagner 14:18

You know, yeah, it's more fear of or faith over fear. Right? Yeah, having that faith. And it's almost believing, right? It's not just believing in a higher power. It's believing in you. Like, right, and then you could go into like, did your mom believe in herself? Right? Did your grandparents believe in what they had? Right? Or were they in the energy of lack? I mean, my grandparents loved them dearly. Very simple people, but most of us were in the energy of you have to work hard. You have to You know, to 80 hours weeks in order to

Bethany Londyn 15:04

new generation of investing in ourselves, I don't think that was like even working out and going to the gym. I don't think that was like thinking of met madmen? Like there were some episodes where they went to some funny dance clothes and like somebody's workout clothes that weren't really workout clothes. But yeah, it wasn't like normalized to take care of yourself, other than to look like yes, looking good, but like not working out, investing in your mental wellness, like, this is a new era. I think before it was you were made to feel bad, shame, blame for having thoughts. And then next thing, you know, you might end up in some asylum. Because we weren't given avenues to work through that. Now it's common to work through that and to like, believe in ourselves and to make independent, free will choices versus this is the way you must get married, and have a family and work ended up the you know,

How she got into healing

Susan Wagner 16:09

100% and I can speak for myself, right? Like, so my mom loves her dearly stay at home mom. But I pattern that right? Like, I was like, I need to be a stay at home mom. And I am. And I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world because I love my children. But I had that reference of I can be the stay at home mom. But then I also have this reference of I want to be more than just a stay at home mom. Right? And that's where that's where the business part. Like I'm working through that part of believing in, everything's possible, right? And, again, this is all the past life stuff. This is all my mother's generational stuff. My grandmother's like the women stay at home and work work in the house, right? And so I am rewiring my DNA to in order for me to have like this amazing company, and amazing family. All in one. All in one. Because it's possible.

Bethany Londyn 17:28

Everything is possible. So let's, let's let's rewind a little bit, because I'm sure people want to hear about you and how you got into all of this because it is obviously a very unique field of work.

Susan Wagner 17:41

So yeah, so I spent $7,000. And I met Bethany in this course.

Bethany Londyn 17:51

That's where we met. Wait, but what about like the gratitude? That was all before?

Susan Wagner 17:56

Oh, yes. So I had my third child. And I remember thinking I was at the bottom of the barrel. And I was thinking there's got to be something more to life than just this. And not that this is bad. Like, I think that you know, I was staying at home. I might have been a little depressed because I was talking to children all day. And it's enough for a mom to question whether what's more than just me being a servant to these little beings, which I 100% love dearly. wouldn't change it for anything in the world. I just knew that there was something more. So I picked up a book, while book actually kept falling on my I bought it. And I didn't read it, but then it kept falling. Like it kept being on the counter. Or it would be like right in front of the computer or, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, I should read this book. I read it. I started

Bethany Londyn 19:11

it was the secret okay.

Susan Wagner 19:13

And I I did it every single day for like 30 days. It was no it was it was longer than that. So I started it when my youngest was born, which is in March so and I went to Iowa so I had done this gratitude the whole thing I woke up everything. I'm grateful for this stone I'm grateful for this computer like any thought I had. I was being grateful for like I was grateful for, you know, the bed I step slept in. I was grateful for the people that made the bed I was grateful for the factor. I remember sitting at a parade and I I was like sitting there in this gratitude, just remark, remembering I'm like, oh my god, I'm grateful for all these people and for the show for all the people that put on the show, like, like, every second, I was being in the energy of gratitude. And this, I was totally, it was, and I watched the soldier come down, and he came over to me, and, and He saluted me. And he went back in his formation and finish. And I was like,

Bethany Londyn 20:32

in time, you gotta like all these people watching the parade.

Susan Wagner 20:36

Yeah, out of the whole street, he walked over to me, saluted me, and then went back. And Tom was like, what was that? What was that? I'm like, I'm just grateful for it. I'm just grateful, because I went into energy of I'm grateful for all the men and women that fought for our country, because it was around Patriots Day, and it was around the Revolutionary War. And so I went into the gratitude for everything that the Patriots had done, right. And so I had done that. Then I went, I was still in the energy. I was still doing it. And things were shifting, like, like, I was like, wow, like, this is like, I was so happy. My family was so happy. It was like a ripple effect. Like, it was crazy. I went back to Iowa, where my parents were, and I remember driving in the car. And I looked up, and I saw this cloud. And it literally changed colors. Bethany, it went from, like, it was like doing the rainbow colors. But the cloud was the only thing that was changing colors. And I was like, wow, that is amazing. And I even said to my daughter, I'm like, Are you watching this? She goes, Yeah, my changing colors. And I'm like, Yeah, I'm like, is there a rainbow around? There was like no rainbow. It was just in the cloud. It was like, so fascinating. So that didn't come home. And I'm sitting at, I'm still in the gratitudes still doing it. And I remember sitting at this little farm, and I was ordering something. And I heard you're one of us. And I looked around, there's nobody there. And I was like, What the heck is that? And I shut down all my gifts, because I didn't know what it was. It freaked me out. I stopped doing gratitude. I was like, I'm not doing this anymore. I'm like, booyah. And then I got anchored back into, you know, my $7,000 course. And okay, and things just opened up. Like, and that was what, um, three years later, or years later, and things just opened. Why? Did you hear your What did I hear? I was?

Mediumship, corporate healing, intuitive, oracle, akashic records, and more.

Bethany Londyn 23:21

Yeah, the the, like, through that you journey you are you were reminded who you were?

Susan Wagner 23:27

Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. It was. It was really fascinating. And then I discovered like, mediumship. And I was like, Oh, my God, I'm a medium just like everybody else, right? I'm like, and they're like, no, no, no. Look at what you can do. And I was like, Oh, my gosh, I totally get it. I totally get it. I get what I can do

Bethany Londyn 23:55

those just like, Let's pause for those who are watching. There is intuitive. There's so many things. There's intuitive, there's Oracle, there's Akashic records, there's mediumship. So, like, we could define all that and there was more that I don't even know about, right. But like, see a medium talks to spirits that have transitioned on. Not that I don't do that. But like, I can talk to people that have passed on, but that's not they're not like, I mean, they might be coming and visiting. I'm just not paying attention. That's not something I have like, Oh, they're showing me and Apple are Redbird because she did this whole thing. She's like your grandpa, he showed me a red Cardinal or something. And I'm like, Oh, yes, like, carved. That's what my grandpa had carved. He carved birds and there was a red Cardinal that I was supposed to give to my dad that I had forgotten to bring back home from my grandparents to give to my dad like, things like that. Like I don't get that she gets those things. So that's like mediumship I just want to explain because then there's the intuitive there's the energy healing. That's all very different. Yeah.

Susan Wagner 25:01

So yeah, so then here I am. That's things just beautifully unfolded. And I should add, like before all this, you know, I, I'm gonna say this before the whole gratitude thing, right? Like I, I was dyslexic, right? And so I didn't know that I had I couldn't find my purpose. Right, I could not find what I was good at. Right? And I'm like, What is my purpose I kept asking over and over and over again. And then things started unfolding. And they're like, here, this is what your purpose is. This is why. And I do believe that that's why I'm dyslexic because my brain can process things at a much faster rate. I mean, the other day, I sat with a client, and she had like four spirits come through, and I just rattled them off, and like, these are the energies that we need to clear. That's clear them so that you can move forward. Like it was just. Yeah, it was really fascinating.

Bethany Londyn 26:18

So let's talk about corporate healing. So I mean, that was, I think she just shared her Quantum Leap of honoring her, honoring who you are like, that is your quantumly.

Susan Wagner 26:29

That's my quantum leap. Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 26:31

So you found my purpose. Yeah. So incorporate healing. She has her way of communicating to spirits. And we both like a lot of us live show up. So I think that's always interesting. But if you can imagine, as an owner of, you know, a company or CEO of a company, sitting down, I'm always like, I always just, you know, I have a sitting down at the table with, you know, the C suite team, and they're just like, What is going on here? Because we're just like, channeling all this information. And she's like, Oh, that's your grandpa's energy. That's why the, this isn't working out. You're bringing that into the company. Do you want to talk about that?

How to let go of the energy that is holding you back.

Susan Wagner 27:20

Yeah, so um, a lot of times, we mirror because when you're a baby, you have to learn how to be a human, right? In this lifetime. You sometimes can draw from your past experiences, but you're learning from your parents, like God, there's having so much us. But so we have all of all of these influences, like our grandparents or parents like and how they view or how they have their work ethics, or how they live life is what you mir. So I have this one client, where I can clearly see a father energy come in. And I can see where the company had failed in his lifetime. And so I would have my client clear it within his energy field, so that he can let go of which then brings up the money problems, right, the bankruptcies or the where they had learned that pattern, then it mirrors within your company, right? And so unconsciously, we think that we're running these businesses and it's like, well, how did you learn how to run a business? Right, like you had to learn it? From somewhere. It's not just all trial and error. Right? You. I mean, it is, but in some sense, it's you're pulling

Bethany Londyn 29:02

talking about, I mean, obviously, we can't disclose clients names, but this is a publicly traded company now.

Susan Wagner 29:09

Yeah. Yeah. So it's like once you let go of those energies, right, it will shift what it it will shift. shift things? Yeah. So God, yeah.

Bethany Londyn 29:27

And there are so many reasons people get into whatever levels they are at companies from conversations. It's like I must provide it's like what energy are you bringing into the job that you have or the position that you have? What is the foundation what is what is the thought behind it? What is your motivator? Is it overwhelm is it must provide for the family if I don't provide for the family? Emily or my employees, and then they all starve. And like, that's what I find is like a common thing for the CEOs is they're like, holding the weight of the world on their shoulders, because it's not just for their family. It's also for all of the families of employees that like really creates this massive pressure on them.

Susan Wagner 30:19

And that the other thing that I'm finding with a lot of clients is that work is it's a wholesome definition, right? Like, it's not supposed to be fun, right? Like, if you look at all your ancestors, like, it's something that you have to do, like, have to go make money. Right? And it's like, yeah, when you find the joy in it, it's not work. Like, I can honestly say, being a healer, and what I do, oh, my gosh, I love it so much. Like, I finally found something that I truly love. And that I get paid for it. Right? Like, that's how

Bethany Londyn 31:12

can you just hearing but I can't, I can't just quit and go do something that I love. Like, I mean, that's what I'm hearing. So there are ways to find love in the jobs that you're doing, or transitioning to one that you do with it.

How to overcome the heaviness of work.

Susan Wagner 31:29

And you can look at why you're having those feelings like right, if you look at the patterns within like, did your mom did your dad enjoy their life? Did they enjoy going to work? Like, most of the time, people are like, it's like a chore, right? i It's funny, because I do the household stuff around here, right? I'm going to talk about, you know, my second job, which is here of these, my, like, my first job is me, right? Like, really, that's, if I'm not in a great state of being then my world is chaotic. So my first job is me being balanced and doing my work. My work. My second is my family. Right? And, and my company. And so, you know, when I'm doing those laundry, I was complaining about it. And I was like, I should find joy in this. Like, how do I find joy in it? So I had to let go of all the energies of like, my mom thought it was work, or my dad or my grandmother or like, right, like, it's work. Like, when we let go of the work like the heaviness behind the work. And we don't find the joy in going to work. Like with folding the laundry, it means I have children that loved me and came here to be with me. Right? I go to work I get to be around people that like might push me to the next level. When you look at work differently. It will shift your world instead of complaining of I find that people complain about stuff a lot.

Bethany Londyn 33:18

Like I want to share my lawn it when I do laundry. I'm like, Okay, I have 45 minutes, I'm gonna get this this and this done. So to me, it's like a timer. It doesn't make it heavy. But it makes me productive.

Susan Wagner 33:35

But it like you can feel the heaviness of work right? When you try that word on. Can you feel it? Like? Well, I've done

Bethany Londyn 33:45

what I've been a solopreneur or what not solopreneur I've been an entrepreneur since basically the

Susan Wagner 33:53

beginning. So well, another word has. I like work. I can feel the heaviness. And I think you know for me from my father, right like he had to work all the time. Right? Like he was always working. Like there was no time for us. Sorry, dad. There is he's He has since passed, but and he pops in every once in a while. I'm like hi, Dad. Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 34:29

Oh my gosh. Yeah, sounds great. Hailing with her dad.

Susan Wagner 34:33

Oh my god, amazing. And it's like, life is meant to be fun and adventurous and it doesn't mean go quit your day job and like blow caution to the wind. It just means find finding joy in it.

Bethany Londyn 34:54

There is a huge theme here for everyone to really pick up on with The, you know, family lines and lineage and stuff. Ancestors. So good. So they're all showing up for us available available to support coaching you with Susan.

Susan Wagner 35:15

Oh my God, and they 100% Want to talk to you. Yeah. I'm laughing.

Bethany Londyn 35:22

Oh my gosh, yes. Susan is like for a while when she opened up this, like mediumship aspect. She's like, Oh my gosh, the spirits are here all the time. And they're like, You need to go talk to somebody. She's like, office hours only she had to create office hours because they were like, popping up left and right. And wanting her to talk to certain people. And she's like, No, I'm not gonna go hunt people down for you. Like, you need to bring them to me.

Susan Wagner 35:48

Oh, and they do? They know. Why. So? Yeah, yeah,

Bethany Londyn 35:55

they find ways they find ways. It's so cool. So the witness? So Well, I would say I always close out with three steps to Quantum Leap, and what would you say are the three steps to quantum leaping?

Susan Wagner 36:17

I immediately hear trust in yourself. And a lot of us have not because we are taught that we should not trust in ourselves. And it goes back to like when you're little right. You're not able to trust yourself. Because you're not old enough. You're not. I don't want to say good enough. There's not enough word. enough and I are having a relationship to deleting. Um, so yeah, I would say trust and believe. Right, like,

Bethany Londyn 36:59

yeah, of course. And the other two.

Susan Wagner 37:07

too, just take action follow what is given to you. It might take you a while to get there. But very, because it took me, Bethany, I can say this, right. Yeah, Bethany, I had been working for a very long time. Well, it felt like a long time, we probably have past lives together a long time. And she was like, you should just open a bank account. I'm like, Oh, my God, I can't, I can't open up bank accounts. Do it is like Susan, it's not a big deal. Like, but it is. And she was very patient with me. But then when I did it, and I took action, it like shifted things like in really beautiful ways to where more clients started showing up. And there was a place to put the money. Yeah. And the other thing is, so action. And then, you know, the other thing that I usually say is pay attention to what you created. And you can shift it. So it goes back to believing in you. Right? So

Bethany Londyn 38:30

okay, people need more info. And I know what you're saying, but I know you do. So

You all have angels and guides that you can call on, you just have to ask.

Susan Wagner 38:39

when we. So when I wake up in the morning, I say, oh my gosh, I'm super excited to be here. And I'm super excited to learn and to see what I created because your your outside world is your thoughts, right? And most of us tend to, were told when we were younger that our thoughts didn't matter, or that our imagination was just what it was. It's just an imagination that you shouldn't believe in the imagination. But, you know, you imagined or unconsciously or consciously you created your outside world. Now if you don't like what you see in your outside world, you can 100% shifting, and I I can't talk to this because I have tested the boundaries. I have done it to where I'm then tuned with my angels and guides. You all have angels and guides that you can call on you just have to ask for their help and their guidance. They cannot help you unless you asked for them.

Bethany Londyn 39:50

Go to her number one quantumly trust and faith and belief. Yes.

Susan Wagner 39:55

And I had I was cooking something on the stove scanned, I had hit, I had touched the pan, like so much that it burned me. Like it was like almost like, I left it there for a while. And then then I realized I was burned my hand and I heard at that moment, you have a choice, you can either feel the pain, or you can let it go. And I let it go. I sent a ton of light to it, and I released it. And I went about my day and I was like, Oh my God, that really did not happen. I was like, that was just, I'm making that stuff up. So again, I was like, it happened I to where I was a little TMI, but I'm I'm about to get into the shower, and I backed up. And our registers are wicked high that like it can burn you. And I had fallen back for some reason, and my leg got burned. It was by my ankle. And I heard again, you can choose to feel it, or you can let it go. And I sent a ton of light to it. And I got in the shower, and it was gone. Like there was no like, you know, when you get burned, and then

Bethany Londyn 41:29

came the other day. And how you started to feel knee pain?

Susan Wagner 41:34

Oh, yeah. Like, nope. Not feeling this. I'm gonna. I'm not feeling it. I'm gonna shift it. Yeah, knee pain. And I did ask, I'm like, Why am I feeling this? Like what happened to me? Right? that I need to feel this. And then of course, I saw the patterns. And I was like, Okay, I don't need to feel that anymore. And sometimes we pick up other people's energies. Well, I shouldn't say sometimes we unconsciously do. If you have ever walked into a room, and there's like so much laughter and joy, you can feel that. And you instantly become laughter and joy. Right? The same way with the opposite effect. You can walk into a room where you feel like I walked into a birthday party one time, and I was like, I happen here. It was like dense energy. I felt like I had to be like, I just felt the energy. And this was before I had done any of this energy work. I was like, Oh my God, this, this room was heavy. I'm like, and it was because the host was a little upset with me over happen. But I could feel that energy. I was like, wow,

Bethany Londyn 43:01

stay to that.

Susan Wagner 43:03

I created that. I create it. But you know what, to be fair to that person, I was very grateful for her showing up because it showed me what I need to see in order to open up all my doors. It was really beautiful.

Bethany Londyn 43:19

So I think everybody listening, can see how this is a whole elevated consciousness. It's a whole nother level of awareness when dealing with things that are happening in your life issues, challenges, frustrations, etc. And being able to bring somebody like Susan in to support you in that. Because if it's not something that you are, where you're at currently, like it will help and probably hopefully just listening to this will have supported but I would say after working with us, I would say all my clients are more intuitive. They're all more intuitive and like, you know, things are clicking and making sense more than

Susan Wagner 44:08

before. Yeah, and it's interesting that you said that because I have worked with clients. Like one specifically I remember saying, I saw a link. And I like it was something about how she communicated with her husband. And I was like, oh my god, your grandfather's here. And I could tell and I showed her like their communication. Like I gave her a specific and she's like, Oh my God, yes, I go, Well, you're mirroring that right. And so she was able to see links more quickly. It was it was really beautiful because she's like, oh, oh my god, I can see this link and I can I can understand why I do it this way. Like they could understand why they want The journey they were on. And then when you look back your whole life, then you can see why you went through the journey that you went through in order to get to where you are now. Totally. Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 45:16

Yay well so amazing to have you on we do her and I do these channeled healings monthly global healings every every month as of right now they're free. I don't know how long they will be if you're interested and a channel of course, around love and relationships, or six weeks to turn your relationship around is available on my website, actually. And then we have the IR our intuitive revenue revolution coming up end of March, so.

Susan Wagner 45:49

So exciting. Good things, good things happening. Yeah,

Bethany Londyn 45:53

I love I love channeling with Susan, it's the best thing ever.

Susan Wagner 45:57

Oh my gosh. It is like really? Those monthly calls are

Bethany Londyn 46:05

mind blowing, or not mind blowing in a positive way? Yes. But stuff that comes through is so good. It's so good. Yeah. Magic and the awarenesses. Yeah, the courses is just like, wow, I would have never looked at something like that before. Like, I'm even blown.

Susan Wagner 46:28

Yeah. Well, I was gonna say, it's interesting, because I sometimes am not able to see what when I'm in my stuff, right. And then I need to have, you know, Bethany or somebody else helped me to see there's one time where Bethany literally, I got kicked out of a group. And Bethany was just sat there and laughed at me. And I was crying. I was like, it's not funny. It's like, blah, crying, bawling. And she had shown me some things that I wasn't able to see. And so it's beautiful when you have people that are willing to either trigger you, right? I'm at the point where Bethany does not trigger me anymore. I just am like, I know that you're helping me. But it's not helping me right now. Because I used to get triggered. I used to be like, I'm not staying here in this energy with you because you're making fun of me. And I would have walked off and left it and been like, you're not a good friend. Eight like I had to clear a lot of energy around to where I can just laugh about it. Yeah, now it's time to so

Bethany Londyn 47:51

we're golden.

Susan Wagner 47:53

Oh my gosh, it is amazing. Right? Like when you can laugh at your triggers. It's really beautiful. Amazing. Next level. Next level. Yeah. All right. Well, you're amazing, you know, thank you for this time. Thank you. So beautiful and amazing. And love you all. Thank you for listening. Yeah, saying thank you for being so amazing. Bethany. Truly? Yes.

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