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Ep. 18 Quantum Leaping Timelines with Derek Loudermilk

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Derek Loudermilk, a friend, previous client, Quantum Business Coach, and top podcaster shares with us all sorts of inspirational experiences related to:

-On Quantum Leaping Timelines


-HIs Experience on:

-How he got his position

-Being fired

-Being a digital nomad for 7 years

-9 years of podcasting and 400 episodes

-His supportive and creative upbringing

-Unreasonable Requests

-Parallel Universes

-Remove Viewing



Bethany Londyn 0:02

All right, today we have I'm like one of my favorite people. One way, also clients and podcast hosts, I'm gonna call him the king maker. The kingmaker. Eric Loudermilk. Yes, happy New Year, Happy New Year. And so excited to have him on here. Because if anyone takes leaps in quantum leaps in their life, it is this guy. He is fearless from my outside perspective. And he can share more with us here soon. But he I want to hear about you having a regular job.

Derek Loudermilk 0:48

So I'm planning my life. Because I think I was fired from all of the jobs that I actually had. So like, proper, proper entrepreneur backstory there? No, I was, I was, I was working as a laboratory technician in a microbiology lab. And I became the manager of the lab. And the very worst thing about it was that my job was the thing that I dislike the most, which is like keeping track of large amounts of paperwork, essentially. Oh, yeah. And so but then, from time to time, I would accidentally sell like $50,000 worth of, you know, services to a client. And they never figured out and I never figured out that I should have a different job, which was probably like customer development, business development. So when that was when the recession came, the GFC 2008. So that was laid off. And that was pretty much the the writing was on the wall. I was like, Okay, this is already not worth it. So, entrepreneur was in my cards from then, wait, so

Bethany Londyn 2:04

did you have a thought of what you wanted to do right then and there, when you were laid off, like versus already brewing,

Derek Loudermilk 2:10

I went back to grad school because everybody else was going back to grad school. But that was a chance for me to start practicing some of the so that was about the time I read four hour workweek, like, right when it came out. And because everyone was going back to grad school, there was so much competition, it was really hard to get into grad school, the school that I got into Montana State, there were only two spots for the microbiology extremophile program. And so when I just I figured there's no way I can compete with all these, you know, Harvard grads that have amazing resumes. So what I did was, I just went up there and schmoozed with all the professors, I had set up personal meetings with every single professor in the department. And so by the time that I left, they all basically had put in a good word for me. And I was the first one to be offered acceptance to the program, basically, just from like talking my way into it. Wait,

Bethany Londyn 3:17

okay, I need to hear more. Like, what were you schmoozing them? Like? What was that process? I need to hear your business development. It was

Derek Loudermilk 3:26

strategic in a way. Because I had I had arranged ahead of time to meet with them, right. And so I had read their research, I knew exactly what they're in science, when you're a grad student, you join a research team, essentially. Okay. So you have to basically know where you fit in to the whole big picture. It's kind of like a business, because they're there. You know, these got these different pathways of investigation. And you have to say, like, I can help you with this. This major grants that you're working on. So it's kind of like getting hired for a job, but a little different. So I had set those up ahead of time. And also sort of checking to make sure you know, who had available money because in science, you have to see who has

Bethany Londyn 4:23

funds. Yeah, that makes sense.

Derek Loudermilk 4:27

They won't take you on as a grad student, unless there's a laboratory that has funding that will put you in that lab. So it was it was more complex than that, but basically I talked my way into it.

Bethany Londyn 4:40

You did it well, and, and for everyone, I don't know if I mentioned he's a top podcast. So I can see how that serves you. Well here. He's got. I don't know if you guys know Jason Czerka. He's one of my friends favorites. That he's interviewed Joe Vitale next week. All inspired because of The book recommendation. Yes. So excited to hear that podcast. Wow. Well, what? What are you doing now outside of the podcasting?

Derek Loudermilk 5:16

Yeah. So today I'm actually really excited. Last night, I was lying in bed, not not sleeping and had a brainstorm, which is to run a retreat. And I'm sharing this so you can get an understanding of, of how I work. But so I just kind of like through through this up to my social media on Facebook today, just to see what the response is a little market research, the retreat would be combination adventure, iOS Casca, and telepathy skill development. So it'd be a really interesting blend of these things. And I spent the last couple of years doing a lot of scientific research in telepathy, and remote viewing. And we just completed our first training course in 2022, so I feel confident now that I can deliver, you know, results for people to essentially like, anybody can do it, which is amazing, the science basically proves it. But this would be something that combines different areas of my passion of my expertise. And I've been working with plant medicines for eight years now. I've been leading adventure trips for 20 years. And now telepathy. So this is just an example of something that that may come to fruition. And so far in the few hours that it's been, you know, a post there's, you know, dozen people that that seem interested. So that's, that's exciting.

Bethany Londyn 6:51

That is exciting. I love it. And I love also for me, it's like when I have the insight and you just act on it without question. And then you get the acknowledgement. I think that's so powerful. Okay, so we also speaking of his adventures, I want to, I want to, we're gonna keep working our way backwards. You can connect the dots will give back. So when I first met Derek, actually through the School of Greatness when my Lewis house, he was just taking off from the US to go hip hop around the world. And, yeah, what's that called?

Derek Loudermilk 7:27

Yeah, it was a digital nomad.

Bethany Londyn 7:31

That one digital nomad, he was digital nomad thing.

Derek Loudermilk 7:35

Is that perfect, like seven year lifecycle of digital nomad thing, you know, seven years in Tibet kind of thing. But we lived in 15 Different countries over the over that time, you know, coming back to the states from time to time. So Bali was our sort of our base, our favorite place we were we lived in for three years. But we also lived in Europe and Croatia, Hungary, Portugal. Mexico, lives. Yeah, I can't even remember them. All right now, but

Bethany Londyn 8:09

so good. Well, I mean, anywhere working, you're doing your thing. I mean,

Derek Loudermilk 8:16

that's so. So to start off. When the whole journey started. I went to Vietnam, which is a very low cost of living. And I was a cycling coach at the time, that was essentially my first remote business, because I was a pro cyclist. And I was basically training and teaching young athletes that wanted to become pros how to how to do it. And so that I only needed four clients at $250 a month. So $1,000 a month covered all my expenses. Which what that does is it essentially gives you like an infinite runway. So I was teaching myself business for a couple of years trying different things. That's when I started the podcast, you know, and it's great to have to have that long, long runway to give yourself plenty of room to make mistakes. But yeah,

Bethany Londyn 9:16

totally. It will in any anytime. So it's good to have a little safety net basket. Yeah, and you've been doing your podcast for how long now? 70 years? Oh, nine 400

Derek Loudermilk 9:33

episodes? Yeah. 400 episodes. Oh,

Bethany Londyn 9:37

wow. So good. So good. Well, I know you have a phenomenal podcast. I've been on it twice. I have referred it to many friends to listen to they all love it. They start listening to all of them. Yeah, you went from like, what how did it start?

Derek Loudermilk 9:53

It was the adventures of Yeah, it was called The Art of adventure, the art of adventure. that. So it was really focused on the digital nomad lifestyle on pro athletes, or people, you know, in the travel, or online space. But then on my travels, as a lot of adventures have this experience where they they start meeting, you know, various gurus are saints or they go to a holy temple and something crazy magical happens. And then they're like, Oh, what was that? And there's, you know, they have an awakening. So I had a lot of these pretty dramatic, mystical experiences. And so I got really curious about it was in that first year of my trip, really, because that's when I went to Angkor Wat, which is, you've been there? Yeah. So it's associated with the sun. It's a temple and it's aligned. It's, you know, solar focused, cultural, religious temple. And that's when I first tried meditation. And basically, the sun was like, breathing into me, on my first try in meditation, and everyone else was like, meditation is terrible. It's just like mosquitoes and sweaty in the tropics. And there's like, dogs barking next door. And I was like, I don't know what you guys are talking about. It's just like the most magical, you just turn turn yourself into the sun. And you can, like, do whatever you want. And they were like, That's not Well, that's not what we experienced. Wow. So I had this bunch of these crazy experiences. So then I started, we're talking about the podcast. So that so I started investigating, because I'm a scientist, because I like to do research. So I started bringing that more into the show. And now we're at the top of charts in in some countries for spiritual podcasts.

Bethany Londyn 11:50

Amazing. Well, and just to breathe life into the sun meditation, I see God as source and light and as the sun basically, if you were like within the sun, so that's pretty cool. Ah, yeah. Okay, I really so because I got to Coach Derek, I kind of got to learn some other stuff about him. I think this is safe to dive into your childhood. The way your Dad Your dad raised you was to me very inspiring. Like, what were you talking about? Like building a tree house or something in the backyard? And

Derek Loudermilk 12:34

yeah, I would say my, my parents, whether they consciously did it or not, they were one of the hardest things is parents because I have two kids now is when your kids say I want to do something crazy. And your first instinct is to be like, No, that's ridiculous. Like, it's gonna make a huge mess. Or it'd be a huge waste of time, or whatever. And my parents were just like, Yeah, that sounds great. Like, here's a bunch of, you know, boards and nails. Or one time I saw someone speed skating on an ice rink, and I was like, I want to do that. That looks fast. And they signed me up for a Speed Skating Club. You know, and I almost went to you know, I was on the national team, I almost went to the Olympics. Oh my gosh, and so, so it was like, or one year I got really into math. And so they were like, Okay, well, we'll like put you in college math classes. And so by the time I was done with middle school, I was I was like, halfway through a math degree and a university math degree. So it was like, whatever they they saw that I wanted to do. They're just like, yeah, we'll help you.

Bethany Londyn 13:43

So beautiful. I mean, the end so rare, because like you want to paint? No, I don't want to pick up after your mess today. I feel like that is more of a standard response than like that. Is that kind of like the Montessori schooling to it's like, you just kind of lean into wherever they want. I don't know. I don't have children yet.

Derek Loudermilk 14:07

Yeah, I suppose. You know, it helped. I went to a school, which is based on the Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, which is that there are different learning styles. We all have a blend of kinesthetic, linguistic, mathematical, social musical. And so there's some that are more dominant in kids than others. One for me, was that I was kinesthetic, so I move a lot when I learn. That's something so when I want ideas, I go out for a bike ride. So for business, I'm always like, doing movement related things to get ideas or have business meetings or like right now I'm standing up so I can move my whole body. Yeah,

Bethany Londyn 14:54

he is moving if you're not watching the video. totally no going around.

Derek Loudermilk 15:02

The having a school like that, that sort of facilitates a kid getting what they need was also great for me. I had a teacher that let me wander around the classroom while she was teaching. I mean, who does that? Right? Wow. So great teachers, parents, also very supportive. So I was quite lucky in a lot of sense.

Bethany Londyn 15:27

So lucky. That's amazing. And so now, how is this supporting you?

Derek Loudermilk 15:35

I noticed that a lot of entrepreneurs, people trying to do things, maybe people leaving their corporate job for the first time. And, you know, starting, you know, maybe they want to be a healer, they've learned Reiki or something, or they're starting, they want to do an online course and teach, you know, dog training or whatever it might be. There's a lot of unconscious, like permissions that they don't have. And then like, because nobody's enabled enabled them their whole life and my whole life. Everyone's just Yes, yes. And in me that, like, you have a great idea. Yeah, I'll help you do that. And so I just expect that I will succeed every time I start something. And a lot of people, I think probably 90% of people expect to fail when they start something.

Bethany Londyn 16:28

Yeah, that's so true. And I mean, I was just telling you how I'm doing this relationship course right now that I'm facilitating with my friend. And it's like, so many of our decisions are, are made from needing, like, looking backwards, like needing permission from the parental figures. And so you, but it's like, it's like, we need like, Oh, if I'm gonna go date this guy, or go do this, it's like, it will be accepted by my parents, but you have it as like the positive where they're going to support everything and everything.

Derek Loudermilk 17:06

Which so, so I had that foundation, which is already a great start. But then I set about training myself to intentionally go as far as I could. So I would ask for ridiculous things. I would ask for things. I would never expect somebody to say yes to like, you. Even just random things like I was on on the Mekong River on a one of these, like tourist boats. And I went up and I asked if I could drive the boat. And they're like, Yeah, sure, of course, nobody ever asks. Or one time, I wanted to raise money for my birthday, for a charity, a local charity, in Bali. And I knew a guy that threw these, like huge house parties and like, 350 people. So I asked him, I said, Can you throw one of these house parties? For me for my birthday and give half of your profits to charity? And he was like, Yeah, sounds like a great idea. And so it was the biggest birthday party I've ever had. And he probably it made more money because people were willing to come and like, you know, yeah, sometimes people pay more just for charity, you know, so it kind of worked out for everyone in that sense. But when you expect somebody to say no. If you don't ask, then you're really shutting down that possibility. So it's, it's one of these things like you have to train yourself to ask even if you don't think it's even reasonable that that somebody would say, yes.

Bethany Londyn 18:36

And I heard I was reading something, you know, everyone's putting out their New Year's thoughts. And someone was saying to do an unreasonable request every day, unreasonable requests and that you neutralize the nose. Like when you get the nose, you know, you're building up your immunity to it so that it really doesn't care. You don't care at all.

Derek Loudermilk 18:59

Yeah, basically giving a yes or a no the same value because that's the, you know, when you ask something, then it becomes up to the person. You know, it's their freewill that's answering you yes or no, but it's your freewill to ask. Yeah.

Bethany Londyn 19:15

And respond. However you respond. Yeah. To their response. Oh, my goodness. So good. Okay, so I'm taking this I mean, the first time I went awareness I had is that we were calling it the art of adventure. Your show is now called the dare Loudermilk show, right? Yeah, it's just my name. So it's, it's his name now whenever I want to talk about so yeah, full control. And lately it's been around. At You said you've gotten to 8787 metaphysical experiments. What would you call it?

Derek Loudermilk 19:57

Yes. Yeah. So this is a quest, you know? I'm classed as a as an adventurer, I sometimes operate in a quest framework, which is a very What do you think about the hero's journey? It's actually it's actually like, I think a fundamental part of how the universe operates, and how souls experience evolution is through the hero's journey, quest style progression. So I think human stories actually have a geometric representation and the fundamental architecture of the universe. And so when you tap into that, because because a big part of the of the universe existing is to experience itself, right. So if you are experiencing things and you're helping, so going on a quest is a great framework for experiencing things. And this quest in particular is 100 different metaphysical, esoteric, healing modalities. So I know, you know, you do Theta Healing, that's one of the ones on there. So a bunch of healing modalities, I learned, like I became a Reiki Master, I learned how to do, you know, the banks didn't method and the Vogel method, and you know, all these different ones. Or I've, you know, worked with shamans or done ayahuasca and Lance breathwork. And, you know, just like the whole cuckoos you can get, as far as you can get out there. I've tried it, basically.

Bethany Londyn 21:34

And you're learning from all these experiences, and then you've created, I know, you have the mastermind, but you have other I mean, you'd like you said, your new retreat in the works. You're working on developing land and the community. But I feel like you're bringing all of these quests that you're learning into that to really at the core of it, what are you doing? I'm like, I don't want to speak for you. But I do, but I want Yeah,

Derek Loudermilk 21:58

well, you know, because I trained entrepreneurs, I'm always looking at which of these metaphysical techniques are useful for somebody that's running an organization, or somebody that's, you know, got a movement that they want to start, some of them are irrelevant, right, but some of them really help especially like, take, you know, working with your dreams, or remote viewing is. So basically, if you haven't heard of remote viewing, it's a scientific process developed by the intelligence community, the the Department of Defense Intelligence in the 70s 60s, and 70s. But essentially, it allows you to look either to a remote location or a remote time, that is, you can look into the past or the future. And if you're a business, and you want to forecast, your marketing plans are where you're going to find customers, or what the best new product is going to be. You might as well look into the future and find it out. So there's really fantastic applications with these types of metaphysical practices.

Bethany Londyn 23:15

Totally. Yeah, well, and I know this also, I don't know that I practice it in that format. But I also, you know, work with the people and I'm like, Okay, this is I see, this is a clear path. This one you got a lot of clearing to do. I don't know how it shows up for you. similar or different?

Derek Loudermilk 23:33

Well, yeah, if you talk about clairvoyance, or psychics, or telepathy or remote viewing, it's all the same thing. You're connecting to. Basically, you're entangled quantumly with all future timeline possibilities, but how you personally Bethany, get that information, or I get it kind of depends on how I practice or, you know, whether it comes as visuals or someone talking to me, or you know, just knowing that something is better than the other. And that's where the training comes in is learning how the information comes through your your particular you know, awareness.

Bethany Londyn 24:20

Yeah, so it is different for everyone basically, but similar similar differences.

Derek Loudermilk 24:27

The cool thing is though, that everybody, everybody has this, you know, we've we've trained my my collaborators trained almost 500 People with 100% success rate in telepathy so it's, it's available to everybody

Bethany Londyn 24:42

so cool, so cool. All right. And rain. I said he's not rain Rainmaker you met you're the Rainmaker to the kingmaker make you the Rainmaker as well. Because you work with people and then immediately or soon after, they're just amazing and massive, they already were amazing, but massive exposure, etc, etc.

Derek Loudermilk 25:09

Yeah, I have I have a great privilege of, particularly people, people come to me and they they're in like, they're the only one in their field, right? They're like, they're an inventor. And they've invented this new technology, like, the guy I'm working with now has this new healing technology. That's he basically learned how to do it from reading Tesla's science and so he can cure HIV and other things with this technology. But he doesn't have any scientific peers. And he he's like, been doing it on his own. So, you know, I, I work with them on how to you know, how to reach people how to market how to find the right collaborators, and distribution channels, and all the various aspects of a business or even the product creation. And, you know, so eventually, these people become the, the Elon Musk's of the world because they're, they're on their unique trajectory, right? And these people just show up in my life all the time.

Bethany Londyn 26:15

We did you interview this guy on your podcast? I feel like you did.

Derek Loudermilk 26:17

I did. He's actually yeah, Tom Palatino is the same

Bethany Londyn 26:22

thing I heard it. And what's also fascinating is when we were doing healing with Derek, we also were picking up that this is one way when I say the kingmaker, it's also because this is what showed up in his past lives, where he would be the counsel of the king and supporting them.

Derek Loudermilk 26:42

Yeah, so you picked up there's a past life that was in England. There were I was like, strategic advisor. I had, I think later, I had this woman come on, who does like a galactic history. So she'll tell you like, what other ET races you've been as a soul? And what like, you know, for the last, let's say, 30 million years, what your soul has been up to. And I've been a strategic advisor in lifetime after lifetime. In like, you know, basically, the Star Wars. What we know is the movie Star Wars is actually the Orion wars. I was the strategic advisor for those words, you know, so it's like, it all kind of adds up.

Bethany Londyn 27:30

Yeah. So you definitely know your genius lane, which is beautiful. Oh, my goodness. Okay. Very cool. Well, I would love to close out today with knowing what are your three key takeaways for quantum leaping that you would share with other people.

Derek Loudermilk 27:50

So this is this is something I was playing around with last year, which is, which is truly fantastic, which is you can leap entirely to a new timeline. So there's, uh, you know, collectively, we're all on the same main time stream. But your personal experience of the time stream is all about freewill. But you can, you can make a major hop to like a distant timeline where you have a completely different experience of life. And the the only tricky part is not slipping back to the same timeline you were on before, because there's some inertia there, there's like a gravity to the timeline you're on. So if you want to make a really huge, dramatic change in your life, you can do it instantly. And I've done this multiple times. And you just, you just have to fully inhabit the new timeline and like, don't look back. It's like you leave all stories and identities of the past timeline behind in your brand new version of yourself in a new timeline. It's like a different reality essentially. It's only we call it timeline because it's measured, you know, in linear progression, but it's essentially like a parallel universe. So you have to, maybe, you gotta be willing to completely let go of story and identity and anything you're holding on to you just let it go. Brand new, brand new universe.

Bethany Londyn 29:25

Okay, so first one timeline hopping. Yeah. I should say timeline committing. Yeah,

Derek Loudermilk 29:35

yeah. What do you say three, three things for leaping.

Bethany Londyn 29:38

Quantum leaping in business in life. Yeah.

Derek Loudermilk 29:48

Well, we already talked, we already talked about this, but you have to you have to understand and believe whatever you want is actually possible for you. I think it's hard for some people to visualize the possibility, if they don't believe so I'm not sure if it's like, visualizing the possibility before the belief that kind of go hand in hand they seem. But sometimes people have to heal different things before they believe as possible, or sometimes they need to get better at putting together the visualization. Sometimes they need to have better models, they need to see what's possible, and then use their imagination to really paint a clearer picture of like, Oh, here's where I'm going, because maybe somebody just doesn't have any, any clear direction to point their, their desire, right?

Bethany Londyn 30:44

Yeah, for sure a lot of people don't even know their why's

Derek Loudermilk 30:48

that makes sense. Number three, I don't know enthusiasm. This is This is like your your nitro boost. So if you and this is, this is so cool. Because in the science about remote viewing, they found that it's much easier to see things in the future or to see different events or things like that, if they're exciting or emotionally charged. And so when you can connect with an emotional charge when you can connect with enthusiasm about something, it's going to make everything you try work better. Yeah, and if you're not enthusiastic, like don't even don't even bother probably.

Bethany Londyn 31:35

So yeah, right. Yeah. I mean, to me, I'm always like, I love Richard Branson. His whole thing is like, follow the joy. Follow what feels good. And what you know, don't let the naysayers or anything else get in the way. Just follow what feels good. So, or what makes you feel enthusiastic? Per Derrick? Okay, I have a follow up question and all that. Like, what is your? I mean, I don't know if it's a morning practice, do you have like a practice for getting into this space of meditation or visualization? I mean, you talked about biking, is this a daily thing?

Derek Loudermilk 32:10

I have too many, too many daily practices to fit into a day, which is the problem. Okay.

Bethany Londyn 32:18

Okay, committed to the daily practice.

Derek Loudermilk 32:22

Yeah, so I do, you know, like six to nine practices a day, depending on what I'm needing. But there's usually like gratitude journaling, and breathing and sort of early morning sun salutations, maybe there's, you know, building the physical energy and emotional energy that drives the enthusiasm is a big part of it. And then sort of visualization and imagination and reflecting and, going a big part of creativity is like having the space for the insight to land. So sometimes there's just cycling or walking, like really clearing out the space, silence, meditation, Vipassana, whatever you want. So, whatever is needed in what I'm trying to do, if I'm in a creative phase, and I need more room for that, for the insight, if I'm in a productive phase, that I need to power up, my ability to do deep work, right, I need long, focused, highly productive output. So it depends on the phase, if I'm in a reflective phase, which is this time of year, often is a reflective phase, then there's a lot of analysis, a lot of Yeah, trying to understand what to cut and what to add more of and things like that.

Bethany Londyn 33:45

Makes sense. Makes sense. So I know a lot of people are listening and jealous that they don't have time to practice nine. Like what that is the life of Derek,

Derek Loudermilk 34:01

but mostly I'm not doing very much okay, I'm not the things that I see unmarried people without kids doing like going on ski trip weekends and going out for New Years and you know, just various things that are enjoyable about life. Like I just don't get around to them

Bethany Londyn 34:27

as much.

Derek Loudermilk 34:27


Bethany Londyn 34:29

gonna get you that Mountain House. Ring everyone there. Amazing. Well, thank you so much. This has been so enjoyable and I'm enthusiastic about our interview. It's so it's so unique. I mean, I'm all about the quantum leaping in business in life, but I don't feel that I talk about like the energy stuff as much as I maybe would love To so it's cool to have somebody that totally gets it here.

Derek Loudermilk 35:04

Well, you know, it's it's easy to learn business mechanics. Yeah, business is super simple. You're just like, how to find customers and give them what they want. You know, it's like, that's basically it. But there's so many details about how to be good at that in in both the like, 3d world but also the expanded metaphysical world.

Bethany Londyn 35:32

Yeah, yeah. And then the the foundational Yeah, energy is everything so.

Derek Loudermilk 35:39

Well, yeah. Thanks for having me. Good to see you. As always.

Bethany Londyn 35:42

Yes. Thank you so excited and excited to hear any feedback and stories from the guests when they hear this fabulous podcast.

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