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Ep. 19 Quantum Leap from Vp at Fortune 100 Co to Channeling with Heather Bryant

This episode is on fire! Heather shares with us her journey from climbing the corporate ladder to how she ended up in the intuitive spiritual space... something she didn't even believe in previously.

And how this has led her to helping so many people out and joining forces with Londyn Heights Corporate Catalysts.

Excited to hear what you learned and what resonated for you the most!

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Bethany Londyn 0:00

I am so excited. We have Heather Bryant here with us today and we are going to be going over corporations working in the business world. She is one of our corporate healers with the London heights platform. And honestly, she is an old friend from like, a decade ago and she randomly reached out she's like, Bethany, we need to collaborate. And I'm like, what? About what? Because I'm like this healer, and I didn't know her as a healer. So we're gonna dive all of this in. We're gonna dive into it all. And I'm really excited to share her journey and the magic that we're creating and why she's insanely powerful. Yeah, all right. So, yeah, was it a decade ago? I don't know. It was so long ago.

Heather Bryant 0:50

Over that

Bethany Londyn 0:51

was my mind one on 111 right now. Whoa, divine. So divine. Okay. So let's so when I knew Heather, she was always working, she was very stressed out about her job. And I believe she was kind of working up the level she was. Yeah. Do you want to tell us more about that?

Heather Bryant 1:13

Sure. Yeah, I was at a fortune 100 Bank for over 15 years. And I had many jobs during that time. But the majority of my career was, I mean, really, most of those fit most of those years, was I was recruited to take over territories markets, teams that were, quote, unquote, not performing, right, from a sales perspective from a revenue perspective. And I would go in there and use what I know now as my channeling, to help change the teams through putting people first. So I did that. by redesigning processes I'm looking at, you know, the people are people in the right positions, etc, and moving things around. And through that success will continue to be recruited to take over new teams. And in the last part of my career, I was brought over to, I was an executive vice president. And I took over a really large territory that was ranked in the bottom like usual, that was my forte, that was ranked in the bottom of the company. And sort of moving them up and did that through like I said, now that I know is my channeling. But there was it was a lot of a lot of there, there was that we were being asked to do a lot of things that took up a lot of time, but that weren't moving the dial. So I was doing all of the processes that we were being asked to do. But then also working my magic on the side to move things up. And I kept telling myself and I kept getting this like thought you're meant to be consultant outside of this company, you're meant to like change, and help companies change from the inside using this magic. And so the universe, divinely orchestrated that to happen. And I left my corporate job about just a little over three years ago, and then my life completely took a turn and to an area that I never even believed in or thought was what was possible. So it's pretty awesome.

Bethany Londyn 3:17

Yeah, she's been making an impact with minorities, right? Is that what you left and you started doing? Well,

Heather Bryant 3:25

I, I left the company because I was seeing how the inequality with women and minorities in the company, but and then I left and I was making, I was helping minorities really have a voice. But what I was guided to I'm within their companies, right, helping them, helping them find their power and speak up based on my experience, and what I what I saw, so providing that insight to them. But when I left over the last couple of years, my mission and purpose has like come in, pretty, pretty rapid in and I'm here to help businesses stay healthy and grow. And really, I guess, own a bigger portion of the market or the niche that they're in. Because there's so many big boys playing right there's so many big companies out there. I'm being called to you know, which is working with you to help these companies grow and expand the way that they're meant to and aligned to their mission and purpose. And I do that by pulling in what I learned in my in my corporate job in my desire to create equality and unity, which came from my experiencing my experiencing my experience helping women and minorities in corporate so bringing all that I've learned into this new area now, where I'm channeling I'm

Bethany Londyn 4:56

on top of the list. I'm into your channeling story the first night because that was so fun. And she was telling me how she she kept she was gonna go that you were watching a movie or you're about to watch a movie and you're gonna go grab a glass of wine?

Heather Bryant 5:07

Oh, yeah, yep. Well, it started about six months before about three or four months before I left corporate. I was just beat down. And I because I was funneling all my energy into trying to help this massive, massive, huge, huge bank like get, you know, to raise and get healthy and create unity and create expansion. And I one little person, it was just too much. And I, I remember saying, if there's anything out there that can hear me because I didn't believe that there was please help me. And immediately stuff started happening. And at about, I started seeing numbers all the time I started seeing signs, I didn't know what they meant. And about three months later, I left corporate and three months after that, I came home from being out and I walked in the house and got ready to start making dinner and I want to go pour a glass of wine and this voice that I've never experienced this before. It was all encompassing. It was everywhere. This voice said don't drink tonight. And I was like, that's okay, but it was weird, but not weird. It was kind of like I was unexpected, but I wasn't super surprised that how I tested it. Yeah, I trusted this voice. So I started making dinner. But an hour later, I turned around to get something and I see the bottle of wine and I think oh yeah, glass of wine would be nice making dinner and the voice again said don't drink tonight. Still bizarre. So I went to bed. And about 1130 at night, I'm wide awake, I have insomnia. And I'm laying there in bed. And all of a sudden, these two lightnings came in, they visited me. And they spoke to me for three and a half hours. And after about 2030 minutes, just information just coming in rapid fire and I just got out my phone, I started making notes and I have pages of notes from that night. But they shared with me many things. One of them was a feeling I was enveloped by this all encompassing feeling of unconditional love. I can't even explain it. It was like that was all that existed was this feeling of love this feeling of joy. And I had this like remembrance of oh, that's that's what's real. That's really what that's that's really what was real. It was just weird. Remember, it's right. And they my these these light beings I call them my angels showed many things. And one of them was that the the reasons for what I what I had been experiencing was for a bigger purpose and a bigger mission.

Bethany Londyn 7:38

Pretty well. Yeah. And then they kept reading you?

Heather Bryant 7:40

Well, yeah. So they kept guiding me they actually yeah, they had some insight on some specific steps to take but in a corporate setting. But really, the beauty is that that's when I started receiving these psychic downloads. I'm soon after I started receiving these psychic downloads. That's the only way I can explain it, I'd be out in public and all of a sudden, I would look at someone and everything kind of went dark, except for the person was kind of highlighted and I would get this download of information about them. And I'm I'm a gregarious person I taught sales for most of my career. So I would go right up to the person I would say this is what happened. And every time they would say, How did you know that? Like, how do you know this about me that nobody, not even this person? I'm here with knows right? And that they were going up to strangers doing this? Yes, I was getting these I was getting these downloads of information about

Bethany Londyn 8:34

like, what, give us an example.

Heather Bryant 8:36

Okay, so the very first time Oh, I'm getting a whole bunch of memories of this as a reverse time it happened. There was this guy in the restaurant that I was in, I looked over and there was a guy here with a with his friend. And I got this download that just like quick snapshot that he had been experiencing some trauma, and that it was for purpose, and that he's receiving signs. And they showed me like those orange cones that you put in the road to direct traffic that he was receiving signs. And they showed me like the these cones to direct his path to a certain different area. So I went up to him and I said, Hey, I just got I was sitting over there. Hi, my name is Heather. You can tell me to leave if you want to, but I got this download of information. Have you been experiencing and I shared with him what I was what I got. He said oh my gosh, the last six months. That's exactly what I've been going through. And then I said, Well, have you been getting signs, you know, to direct you to go different directions? He said yes. And now you're confirming for me that they're that that's what they are. I said Well, I'm here to confirm for you. And this and I didn't realize what I was channeling in that moment too. I said I'm here to confirm for you that they are signs for you. They're directing you to have to your higher path. And so that started happening quite a bit. And then and he said he said was Thank you so much. Thank you for coming over and sharing that with me. And you've given me hope is what he said. He said, you've given me hope. And I was like, Yes. And then I thought, This kept happening. And I and I started channeling meaning I started working individually with people and channeling for them direction in their business, you know, direction and relationships, partnerships, children. And what I was finding was that this gift I've been given is right now has been primarily or used to help people build strong businesses, all these clients are coming to me, I'm not, you know, word of mouth at people been referring me out. And I get a lot of clients that come in and want help growing their business. And also, they want help understanding the reasons for the trauma in their life or the experiences that they've had. And I've channeled the Akashic Records, which I've learned, I learned I didn't know at first it

Bethany Londyn 10:53

was happening. But yeah, can you explain what that is for the audience? Because, yeah, they're like,

Heather Bryant 11:00

the, my understanding, you know, and 10 years, maybe I'll have a greater expanded knowledge on this. But my understanding based on what my guides have brought me about this, which is helping me understand what's happening. What I'm channeling is that I'm channeling for one, the Akashic records and the Akashic records is, in my words, basically a record like a library, a record house, a library information system that holds all the information of everything, past, present, and future. And it holds the future potential timelines of things based on free will choices. So if somebody wants to know why they've had such a hard experience with their parents or law, they're experiencing a hard time in their in their job or the career or their business, I channel and I use my guides, I have a group of team that that I work with in the cosmos, that channels and helps you pull in the information that provides the answers to clients to help them understand the reasons behind the experiences that they're having, or the reasons behind the relationships that they have. And what I learned is that we co create our life path, including the people we meet the experiences, we have, the relationships, we get into the specific relationships, we have parents, children, friends, bosses, we co create this life based on what we want to learn how we want to evolve, balancing out multiple other lifetimes, everything in the universe is balanced. There's polarity and duality everywhere. That's what this is all about. And so we we go into contract, we create what's called soul contracts with people and experiences, to learn those lessons, and to help them learn their lessons. So I just did a live a 10 minute live today on Instagram about this, that when we choose our parents, for instance, it's to help us learn specific lessons and help them learn lessons and create balance over lifetimes. And when you think about your biggest triggers, or the things that have wounded you the most in your life usually stems from childhood, but they're repeating themes that you've had throughout your life. And, and the people that are closest to you, or that you've spent the most time with are the ones that are triggering those things. And behind the scenes, that's because they agreed to help you learn that lesson in that lifetime, which could be self worth, self love, patience. It can be stepping into your power, finding your voice, whatever it is, the people that we've chosen to be closest to us in our lifetimes have agreed to do that to help us with our biggest lessons.

Bethany Londyn 13:51

Yeah, so what I often share with clients is you're this little soul or huge soul infinite up and you're you're ready to come into Earth and you're like, Okay, I'm gonna, I want to go learn forgiveness, I want to learn, you know, all the examples that you've shared. And then God or the universe would have however you want to believe is like, Okay, perfect. You're going in now this is it, this is what you're gonna go through. So here the thing is, is why I love healing so much. Because I, you're such a channeler of like, strategy and path and all that and not that I don't get that as well. But I'm all about the healing because I know that if we don't heal, what's happening, then the next day or the next day, the next life, we're gonna go through the same thing again until we do learn the lesson. True. So if you're struggling with something, and it's a consistent cycle thing that keeps popping up for you, like let's figure it out. Now. Let's get to the bottom of it for you. Yeah,

Heather Bryant 14:57

yeah. It's so powerful and You know, you've been given that gift and I've been given this gift and healers have come here. We've been healers in past lifetimes. And we said, we're bringing these gifts to this lifetime to help in our little niche, right, help create healing, because really the one of the ultimate goals in this lifetime is continuing to weave in every lifetime, it's continuing to evolve and get closer to source, which is love. Which, you know, the Ascended Masters, you know, a dead, but it's, it's a process that happens over many lifetimes. And this is the exam one of the examples that my guides use with me a lot. It's like a play. If you were if you were cast in your first play, and you compare that to the hundreds play that you were in, you would have evolved so much over that time. So we're characters in a play, which is our life. And we evolve over many lifetimes. And we learn and grow through experiences, and we learn and grow through trauma and pain sometimes. And it's how we look at it that creates the degree of in our mind, the trauma or the pain, right? So when we look at things as, alright, and I've been triggered a lot in my life. With the feeling of I don't feel worthy, right, I don't feel worthy. I have a hard time using my voice. Okay, what does that mean? Where's that coming from? Well, we can dive down and find out that there's a lesson here and we can learn that Leps lesson, we collapse time, we don't have to learn it again in our lifetime. And we we move up and we evolve and we get closer to love, which is the goal. And joy.

Bethany Londyn 16:33

Every time I go to the Akashic records, they go, they get really excited. They're like, chilling, find the joy. Like that is the purpose. And then for other clients. I'm like, What's the purpose joy it to me, it's always joy. And on the scale of consciousness, we look it up by David R. Hawkins, Joy is actually higher than the frequency of love, which is fascinating to me, but I can understand because, yep, it's just like that extra sparkle. Yeah. Okay, that's when

Heather Bryant 17:05

I would even say bliss, you know, the feeling of bliss is, is the feeling that I was given when the two light beings came to me, it's this feeling of bliss is I guess, a better way to explain it. That's the goal. Right?

Bethany Londyn 17:18

That is the goal. Amazing. And I would say so many people that I know, especially if we talk about relationships are very, they feel stuck in their way of seeing relationships. And I think this is also because we're, well, Susan, I are doing that course right now in relationships. It's like people want change in the relationship, but they are more comfortable, because this is all they're familiar with is complaining about what's happening versus creating the change. And like, what you were saying about the lessons that we're here to learn, realizing that that's what's happening, oh, this is one of my lessons. Like if you can just even remove yourself and frame your mind about like, Oh, this is one of the lessons I'm supposed to learn, then it like, shifts the energy, it's not as heavy, right? And you can create magic, but it's also relationships in general,

Heather Bryant 18:15

I would say. Relationships with with people are one of the most potent ways to learn lessons. And it can be very hard or it can be very hard. But but you know, once you start learning to your point, what we discussed this quite a bit once. Once we've learned to look for what's the lesson here? What is this teaching me instead of why you keep doing this to me, instead of projecting on to someone else, that it's their fault, you're feeling a certain way, and instead say, Why do I keep feeling this way? Where's this coming from? How is this person helping me, too, to find this original trigger? That's the that's the game changer, right? When you say, Okay, what's the lesson here?

Bethany Londyn 19:04

It's totally paradigm shift totally shifts everything.

Heather Bryant 19:07

I haven't. I have clients that tell me that after channeling the reasons behind the relationships that they've had with partners, ex partners, parents, etc. It created the space for understanding which led to forgiveness, which led to massive expansion, right? Like forgiveness and gratitude are big keys in evolving to bliss or joy. And I want to dive into

Bethany Londyn 19:31

that for a second because what I think was huge the AHA that I got from you with, you know, our friend is that it's like, I'm all about like, what's your lesson to learn but realizing that the person that you're with also has a lesson, and I know you said that I just really want to spell it out. Like they're also here to learn a lesson so when you can become aware of your lessons to learn and there's it's a game changer. Game changer and this goes For work, it goes for like, if you are listening here and you are hiring employee after employee after employee, and you're like, they just don't get it, they don't have the passion that I want, or they're flaky, like whatever type of employee you're hiring, just note. Like, it is also similar to what we're saying and relationships.

Heather Bryant 20:24

Exactly. Exactly. Totally. Um, I mean, I could go on for hours about that. So I'll just, I'll just let you go ahead and guide but absolutely, right. I mean, I guess what I will say is that if you are if, from a business perspective, if you are identifying certain patterns, whether you, or your directors or your or your, you know, executives or your managers or whatever, keep it the same type of people keep getting hired, or even having the same types of challenges. What I saw in the banking world, and this goes across all corporations, and this is what my guides show me this is kind of part of the magic of being a corporate healer, thankfully, I have this gift now. Is that the the old way is to try and put people into the box that you think is the best way, right? So if you're realized, if you're recognizing patterns in your business that you're frustrated with, it's stop and say, Is this really everyone else? Or is there something this is trying to tell me, right? Do I need? Do I need to change the processes? Do I need to become more people centered? Do What? What? If there's something happening over and over and over? That is a huge flag that's telling you to say stop? And, and look, I feel like there's a rap song in there, stop, you know, not stop dropped out

Bethany Londyn 21:50

and listen, yeah.

Heather Bryant 21:53

I don't really think there's something in there. But that's what it's telling you. Right? When. And that's whether it's relationships with family, parents, partners, or whatever or the patterns you're seeing in business, when things are happening over and over and over. That's your clue that there's something that you need to look at, that needs to be healed for you to look at. Not that everyone else needs to fix so that you can put it into a box that you feel like everything needs to fit into. That's where that that's that's the thing that needs to look to be looked at.

Bethany Londyn 22:23

Yeah. And I want to share really quickly because I'm seeing your hands flaring in the air. And for everyone that's not watching this on YouTube, but they're listening. Often when when Heather and I are collaborating for the the London heights business, her zoom will do like the hand raise on her end, and I won't even see it. So that happens all the time. They're like they're telling me, they're telling me yes, this is a big thing that's coming through or sometimes also I will get the hand raise. And I didn't do it and she didn't do it. And it is just total affirmation that we're not alone. We're not you know, just making this stuff up. It's divinely been channeled and showing up in the physical because sometimes, you know, people just they need to see it to believe it everywhere. We need to see it to believe it release. But yeah,

Heather Bryant 23:15

well, my guides told me that they use technology a lot. In fact, they've they've shared recently, they're really funny. And they're like, we're so happy that we're like in this level of technology, this age of technology, because it's easy for them to like work with because everything's energy and they're like it's easy to work with. But I don't know if you noticed, but the little hand on my computer was going up during that little section of conversation of businesses, owners, CEOs, right people and people in charge. It was going up a ton around the messy I

Bethany Londyn 23:47

felt it I was feeling I didn't see it, and you didn't spell it out like you normally do, but I was feeling it. So I wonder

Heather Bryant 23:53

what they're doing for the audience. What's happening is there's this little hand that you know, when you're on Zoom, you can push to raise your hand sometimes they'll use that one or sometimes I don't even know where this is coming from this little circle hand starts popping up under my head under my face as I'm talking and they were they meaning my guides when I'm making a point that I'm channeling in from them that they really want to be known and that there's emphasis here There's emphasis around it, they'll start raising the hand up so that's what was happening during that section. So apparently that was a that was

Bethany Londyn 24:26

so good. So love it so fun. Okay, so I want to dive in quickly because obviously for everyone listening she has she raise the lowest levels of sales to performance. And now she's channeling So you combine those together, the guidance then tuition and seriously. Magic, magic magic magic. So you have been talking about a house, the description of a house and rebuilding the house. Let Let's dive into that. Okay, because I love the metaphor. All right, so

Heather Bryant 25:05

since we have limited time, and we don't, you know, we're not in a whole full weekend retreat for me to riff on this because I can. days.

Bethany Londyn 25:12

Yeah, don't do it. Yeah.

Heather Bryant 25:14

So if you imagine if you imagine if you purchase this beautiful property, right, and there's the perfect place for the house you want to build, but there's already a house there, that's kind of a, it's not livable, it's not livable, and you can either do a lot of patching, and it could maybe last a little bit. But or maybe you can, you can do some big remodeling but but the point is that it needs to come down, or it needs massive remodeling to get it livable to get healthy, right. So that you can, you can start a family grow your family pass it down into the generations, and the point is that it needs to be altered or changed or taken down for the new one to be built for the new stable house, you know, not 1800 house that that needs massive work. And that's that's what my guides kind of reference when they when that we're talking about or when I'm talking to business owners about the business is that there's a lot of old structures within corporations kind of kind of the mindset around running businesses that had been passed down for hundreds of years that aren't serving anymore. It's not it's it's become kind of a thorn in our side, it's you're putting in more work than you need to to keep things up, right. Because stuff has to be dismantled, mainly within your business in order for the for the for the healthy pieces to be built.

Bethany Londyn 26:44

So when I think of real estate, because I also have, like, when I'm taking clients into a home, and it's been remodeled, but it's like a crap job, like you feel you're like, this, this looks amazing in the pictures, but then you show up and you're like, No, this is not the house, it was cheaply done. There's probably there could for all we know there could be mold in the walls, there might be a funky smell, there's just all sorts of things. It's like just the the lipstick, you know, or the makeup on the house versus the route. And yeah,

Heather Bryant 27:16

yeah, you could put a lipstick on the pig, but it's still a pig. But true, right. And so using that metaphor, that that we that we're talking about right now, it's like you can keep patching things, but eventually what you're what you're ignoring, or what you're hiding, or what you're not taking down to build the right, you know, maybe there's walls, like you said that have black mold behind them, but we're patched them right. And eventually that's going to eventually that's going to start impacting you. And I see that a lot of

Bethany Londyn 27:46

impacting everyone, everyone in the home. Everyone that shows up to the home.

Heather Bryant 27:51

Yeah, yeah. And the home itself, you know, the home doesn't want to do that the home doesn't want to home, the you know, everything's energy. Um, so when we're talking about, you know, corporate business ownership, and healing to create expansion and growth, sometimes that's what you know, is shown is there's pieces of the business or there's pieces of the company, or sections, or even sometimes people that aren't serving the heart and the mission of the company, which is creating the discord, right, which is creating this ripple effect of which creates eventually, in a lot of people's minds, okay, everything, it's everything else, you know, it's what does, why didn't hire more people? Let's patch that. Let's patch that, when we really need to find where is it coming from? Right? Where is this? Actually? Where is the? Where is the healing needed? And address it appropriately address it full on instead of just trying to patch the things? Right. Yeah, that we think might, you know, stays a little bit longer, but that only sustains you for a little bit. And you're right, you're gonna go right back to having the same problems that you had originally when you don't truly get to the center of where this is coming from. Yeah, so if you're the CEO, or the business owner of your company, and you're like, This department over here has an issue, go fix it. Now. It starts from the top, right at the top. Can I give an example? Yeah. So one of my clients, a multi million dollar business owner, he was struggling with profitability with revenue. And when I went in and looked at the business, it's very clear to me right, but it's up but it's then how can I teach, teach the business owner what needs to be done? But I was able to, I immediately saw through channeling really what what the what some of the issues were and one of the big issue was they were focused on money. They're focused on more revenue growing, growing, growing to the detriment of the The business owner and everyone that was working with him, right? And so what we did with him specifically, is we put started putting the focus into the people. Let's work on. We identified, you know, each each associates drive what's driving what why are they coming to work every day? What is What are they saving for what is the purpose of them going to work every day. And we started funneling that the attention into because the people were being neglected, and their clients weren't giving them good, you know, high scores or high, you know, good feedback, you know, so we, this was a simple one, but we moved the focus from, you know, bringing in more revenue more clients to let's focus on our people. And we focused on the people within six months, they increased their performance by like, 300% in revenue, because the because the focus was on the people, the people felt more bought into the business, we started helping them understand the mission and the purpose of the business owner. He learned how to speak differently to his people, he learned how to empower his people. So instead of, instead of basically saying, all right, your goal is to bring in this many clients and this much revenue, he started saying, What's your personal goal, what's important to you, and then here's, here's the mission and purpose in the heart of my business. And it became a partnership, right, they got more buy in, they were able to, like I said, increase their revenue by 300%. And their associates, they returned all of your top associates, people started leaving other companies to come work for this one. And their clients, their clients. reviews and feedback skyrocketed, and they started getting more return clients and more referrals within six months, because we shifted the focus, right? Yeah, that's where the beauty of the work comes in.

Bethany Londyn 31:50

So like, anybody can hire an executive coach to come in, or a peak performance coach to come in and kind of like analyze all the processes. But when you have someone that can do that, and is intuitive, it's it's it just saves so much time. And also, I think of like r&d, starting new projects, like should we invest millions and millions of dollars over here, and go down this path? Just to try it out? Like, let's, let's just tune into it intuitively and see what we get.

Heather Bryant 32:24

Right? And that's what happens, right? It's, whether it's why should we invest this money? Where should we invest this money? Or who would be the best people to hire to lead our teams, I will literally tune in and I'll be able to see, okay, this is the person you need to hire. And that might not be somebody that maybe maybe they didn't check all the boxes, the corporate boxes in an interview, but I can see through channeling what it is the magic that they're bringing, and a lot of times I find that when we're talking about hiring the right people to run your company. It's about the interviewer right? Are you asking the right questions? Are you are you thinking about revenue when you're when you bring this person are you thinking about like a partnership or bringing in someone that's going to help your company grow and usually that's not what's happening. So by channeling in, you know, and identifying through through, you know, this intuitive channel guidance, who's going to be the best fit to help this company grow which matches the mission and purpose in the heart of the business? It's a game changer it could cut down on years of heartache you know, once you get someone in and all the money that you're that you're investing in hiring those people, especially your directors, and your you know, your directors, I'm like,

Bethany Londyn 33:37

Should we try something real time real quick. So I, we just hired somebody. And amazing I am intuitive as well. So I felt in it she feels amazing. And now all the sudden it's like Storm, which I'm in LA I didn't have even cell phone service for two hours last week, which was crazy. I didn't have power for all day. So I know that that's happening around but there's something happening and I feel like it's a healthy thing that's taking priority. And I'm feeling into whether I continue to put in energy to make this partnership work or you know, move on to somebody new

Heather Bryant 34:23

Well, can you just tell me a little bit more about what do you mean their store so like since you've hired this person, there's been weather stuff that's been happening and like lots of chaos around?

Bethany Londyn 34:31

And then it was the holidays and whatnot but still to me if you say you're going to be there and you say you can work at this time or like show up to these meetings then I would expect you to be there and not cancel within like hours of the meetings. Like I don't know if I need to give you her name. I prefer no

Heather Bryant 34:53

no you don't. You don't need to. But I mean names. So just for people to understand right names or pictures, recent pictures of people's eyes, that like, collapses time for me in creating that channel to get that information. Otherwise, it just takes a little bit longer to connect, like a minute or two. But um, so these, this is not going to do the full thing, justice. Obviously, we need more than a couple of minutes to talk about this. But what I can tell you right away is that it feels more at this point that you hired this person to help with lessons in this person's life, more than this person was bringing a benefit to the business. Does that make sense? So yep, so everything's always divinely orchestrated. And there's multi layers for everything, there's at least two sides to every everything that's going on, and it ripples out into the collective. And so this is what's coming in is to twofold. This was to help this person, I'll start with you. For you, it's about how do I say this hold on mute is gonna get the right word sorry. Learning to trust, intuition about when it's time to let go learning when it's time to release which I, which could be happening in other areas of your life, right. So there is something around here that you might tend to what it feels like is that you might tend to prolong something, because you see the good and the person, right, you see the potential. And so, but it's not, but at this time, it's not what's best for the business, maybe in six months or a year, it might be but but right now, it's not best for the business. So there's two, there's a two fold lesson here, which is you being quick to identify that it's not a good fit. I mean, you're giving you've given this person, you've given opportunity to see if this is a one off. Or if this is a behavior thing, it's a behavior thing. And it's a maturity thing and your level of business. And what you're here to do with your business is so high level, and it's so important that you need someone to completely rely on that you can that you know, it's going to show up because because your magic is your magic and the stuff that this person was hired to do, it's important that they show up and own it right. And so for you, you're seeing you're being you're going through this experience, to be able to make decisions faster about growing your business with strong support structures, which is the people that will help you reach more and do more right for others, which is the whole point of this. But at the same time, the decisions that you will be making will be teaching this person a very valuable lesson if they choose to learn it. So it's a two fold thing that's happening. Does that answer your question about what to

Bethany Londyn 38:00

do? Yes, yes. It also makes me sad. But yes, so.

Heather Bryant 38:06

But just remember, like we've already talked about everything that's happening in our life is happening for us, right? It's happening for that person, too. And if if you prolong the relationship and the business relationship with this person, six months, a year, two years, how are they going to learn the lesson they're supposed to learn?

Bethany Londyn 38:22

Yes, they're not sure. Right? So don't feel scared to possibly retrain somebody, which is a lot of effort. But as anyone knows,

Heather Bryant 38:33

you're but the thing is, the next time around your Yes, everybody knows this, right? And this is why hiring is so important. And putting people in right position is so important. I could talk about that too for days, but you're learning through this experience and others what questions to ask what questions not to ask in interviews, where the importance really lies, right? You're going to ask different questions now the next person so the universe is bringing you opportunities to really hone in quickly on your, your process to get the right people in quick, quickly, right. This is all for your growth and expansion to

Bethany Londyn 39:10

yay Thank you universe. And that is how it's done folks. Um, okay, so yeah, we were going long on this one but as I'm sure everyone's just riveted in their seats, listening so good. Now you've obviously quantum leaps this show is all about quantum leaping quantum leap. You took a leap from corporate to being on your own consulting, corporate hailing, business healing. What would you say your three keys to quantum leaping are?

Heather Bryant 39:45

Okay, hold on. Let me just feel this. Don't want to just like throw things three things out there. So hold on because there's a lot and I just want to channel on the top three things. Yeah.

really, really okay, I would say really, really learning how to be in tune with your intuition, meaning your higher self, which helps direct you onto your highest path, right. And that isn't just, I mean, that's stuff that those terms are thrown around all the time. And so we start to like, not hear it anymore starts to become numb to it. But I can't tell you how important it is to to really learn how to hear that voice, which is how I this is what I do, right I channel help people confirm if they're hearing the voice or not, and and shut out the external circumstances, what what your competitors are doing, what social media is saying, what the news is saying, shut that out, learn to get into your because your higher self is directing you to your highest path. So that's going to Quantum Leap you and collapse time, right? Number one is learn how to tune into your intuition, which takes time. It's not just through meditation, it takes time and practice. And having a good mentor a good guide like this, what we do, right, like having someone there to help you with that is so important. And then number two patients, I would I would say why quantum leaping doesn't necessarily mean it happens overnight, or even in a month or six months. It's like okay, I just asked my guides, my guides for an example. They're saying the, the the story of the rabbit and the hare, I'm the turtle and the hare right there in the race. Quantum leaping sometimes means it doesn't necessarily mean you're collapsing into a six month time frame, it means for maximum expansion, maximum growth, sometimes you have to take a different road, which might feel slow at first. But you're going to Quantum Leap your your potential versus moving fast and not making the changes you're supposed to make it just staying staying on the same level and you're going to have a lot of hardship coming and a lot of things that are rough and tough. Versus having patience and allowing it to unfold through listen trust that's coming up. And the third thing was gonna be trust that was gonna be the third. Yeah, Ross, if you're getting a yes, like if we're going to talk about, you know, hiring corporate healer, especially those with with corporate background, like actual six proven success, combined with the channeling. And the purpose, like my purpose is here to help corporations. That's my purpose, which I don't know if we're gonna get into the whole reason why we've got but there's a huge mission and purpose with why when you trust, and you're getting, you're getting the sign to do something like maybe you've heard this podcast, or maybe you've seen some of the posts, and you say, Oh, that's interesting. Trust that, trust that and to tune out the external, you know, guidance or things that you're seeing, which goes back to number one, which is trust your intuition, trust and take that next step. Because you have no idea where it's going to lead you all you can see maybe is the first step you can't see for six months or a year down the road. The what's going to happen once you take that first step that first and

Bethany Londyn 43:10

with us, you were like I keep getting that guidance. I'm supposed to be working with businesses and I just figured me down the road. But then they kept saying you need to reach out to Bethany need reach out to Bethany. And like oh yeah, I have this whole corporate healing platform.

Heather Bryant 43:23

That's the wildlife. You for years before I left corporate I was getting the call to become a consultant. I didn't know how so the universe brought me the solution, right? I'm out of corporate now. And then I was like, Well, how does that look? And then got this hit last year, I saw you you post something and something said, connect with her. And I was like, I haven't talked to Bethany and so long like okay, I connected shared with you this calling that I felt like I had and you said, I have a corporate healing business. You're supposed to be working with me. And I was like, That's it? They I didn't know why they told me to reach out to you. Right? I don't know why it brings tears to my eyes, really. But that's the whole intuition, the patience and the trust. And look at this look like you know within the year where we're at now through trusting that intuition, and words guided us.

Bethany Londyn 44:18

So good. So good. Oh my goodness. I can't wait to hear about people's feedback on this episode. It is so amazing. I just feel so tingly. Yeah. Thank you so much.

Heather Bryant 44:32

I love this. I could i This lights me up this. This lights me up and sharing sharing this insight with everybody and I know right? Um, yeah, we're all here to help each other. You know, we're all here to help you and we all have our own individual magic. And you're not meant to do it alone. You're not meant to do it alone. And so if your curiosity is piqued that's because you're being guided to take steps.

Bethany Londyn 44:55

Yeah, one of my clients was like, You're like the wind beneath my wings. It was like You're holding you're like, you're like the one rooting for me as I play five, you know T ball or something. Because at the you know, you just need the extra love and support. Yeah, why not? That's what we're here for intuitive guidance along with it. So good. All right. Thank you for being here. We'll talk to you soon

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