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Ep. 21 Quantum Leaping from Pennies to Profitability with Marissa Rubino Creating a Kajabi for Women

Marissa Rubino is a force to be reckon with!

She's overcome a massive heart issue while on the verge of a breakthrough in her company, created one of the most profitable years yet, and all while doing and expanding upon what she loves.

Such a wonderful person, be sure to check out her version of a sexy Kajabi for women platform.



Bethany Londyn: [00:00:00] I am so excited to be here with Marissa today. I met her through a mutual friend who was like, you guys need to meet. She does reiki. She's a healer, but that's not even her thing. She is a luxury design consultant for websites, and she owns an amazing platform that we will get totally get into. But yeah, would love for you to introduce yourself as well if you have any other good nuggets to share.

Marissa Rubino: Oh, thank you so much for having me today. I'm so excited to be here. Yes, so I'm the founder and owner of Auloure. We specialize in branding and website development, and we have an all-in-one, all-inclusive. Website platform. And I'm originally from New York, but I live in Florida now and I'm a, I'm a twin mom, so I'm divorced.

I have twins and a puppy that I just love. So that's it, that's all about me in a nutshell. That that's the start. That's the start. We're gonna get into it.

Bethany Londyn: So what I loved about Marissa is we had a Zoom actually last [00:01:00] week, and I'm like, girl, we need to be recording this. We need to be recording this.

This is so good. She's like, no, no, no, we can, we'll just set it up to do again. But one of the things I loved about her is the care that she has for her clients. And it's almost like she is inspired by her clients and through this she creates magical results of Yeah, the web, the websites, the branding. She has an all-in-one agency of pr copywriting, all that juiciness that I personally have struggled with.

Delete, delete, delete. But what also is amazing is how you leaned into this, because you mentioned last week how like it was like you started at zero and you're like the, I'm going all in you, you had a move to Florida and I would love for you to share that because it was really juicy. Of course. Yeah.

Marissa Rubino: So like I had mentioned, I'm divorced. I, I did go through a divorce. It wasn't one I really wanted to have in my life, but I think everything happens for a reason. I think it made me [00:02:00] stronger made me a better mom for my kids because I was able to really provide what I want for them. But that doesn't mean that it was all easy.

So I did move from New York to Florida during my divorce. I've always been an artist. I was in event planning and marketing and. Designing logos and websites. I originally went to F I T Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. So art has just always been a part of my life. But when I had my twins, I had my spiritual awakening and I had no idea that I had all of these beautiful gifts to share, but I just didn't know how I was supposed to use them.

I thought I was supposed to be a healer and open up. A spiritual center, and I tried to do that. It didn't work. I definitely tried on a lot of different hats throughout my journey, but I always came back to design, like I knew that that's where my passion was. So I moved down to Florida with 26 cents in my bank account, and I decided that it was time to start my business, and I was scared.

I didn't know [00:03:00] what I was gonna do. I didn't know how I was gonna put food on the table for my kids or, you know, pay my car payment because I wanted to have like the most luxurious platform, you know? I wanted to use Kajabi at that time for my business, but it just, it didn't feel right because I just felt the stress of starting my Brit business rather than the focus on bringing in clients.

I felt like my, my main focus at that time was just, Pay, being able to pay my business bills that was supporting me in my business. So at that point, it's like the energy I had. Was just it. It was just anxiety, just constantly. So I, you know, I really leaned into the message that I kept hearing was, you're supposed to do more than just build websites.

And at that time, I, you know, I leaned in, I was like, wow, okay. I'm supposed to bring my intuitive gifts into this. So I noticed that whenever I was talking to any of my clients, before I would even get on a call with them, I was able to [00:04:00] already see their vision of their brand, where they were going in. A year, five years, 10 years, and being able to create a brand that would be able to grow with them and not have to change what with every milestone that they hit, because they were continuing to uplevel, they needed to have a brand that was going to be strong enough to grow with them.

So I really leaned into my intuitive gifts when I was designing, and I realized that that's how I was supposed to put the two pieces together. Yes, I do reiki. You know, yes, I received messages, but for me it's like my zone of genius was. Looking at someone's business and being like, oh my goodness, these are your brand colors.

This is the feel, this is the, the tone of voice that you're supposed to be using, and this is how your website is supposed to look. And be able to look at all of their offers and see which ones they should be planning first and then planning for the rest of the year. And it just, it grew from there. I really did not [00:05:00] think.

That I would be as far as I have come when I was looking at my bank account, having 26 cents in it. Yeah. I wanna dive into that more. Yeah. I, I think back to that moment, and I've always been the type of person to just leap and say, I'll figure it out, but it wasn't. I'm like, I'm thinking about, it's like, actually, it's like, as I'm talking about it, I feel like I have all that energy coming through.

Like I could feel it in my chest right now of like how I felt back then because I wanted it so bad. Mm-hmm. And I knew going back to a nine to five was not going to be it for me, but at that point, And I don't want it to, to seem like, oh, one day I had 26 cents in my bank account, and then like the next day I'm, I had like, what was, what were the incremental steps there?

Like did you go do Uber Eats or like what? Yeah, like that's not how get a business credit card. Like Yeah. No, I, I didn't, I was like, I was like, I don't wanna do a credit card. I don't wanna do this. Cuz at that time, I'll be honest, my, my credit was, [00:06:00] Terrible. My ex-husband and I, we had a really tough go around.

Our house almost went into foreclosure and it was, it was scary. I can't really say that either one of us was really good with money and figuring out what to do with our money and how to make it work for us. So, That was a really big growth that I was, I was learning throughout the whole process, but I did go back and get a nine to five job because I knew I had to.

Right. I couldn't just sit here and, and hope and pray that, you know, my next big client's going to come, but I knew that if I kept putting one foot in front front of the other, it's gonna happen for me. So I did go back to marketing and I met a lot of people in my town that I'm, that I live in now. And I feel like at that point that's what I really needed in my life because I was starting over.

I didn't have that group of people that was going to cheer me on or, you know, say, Hey, it's been a tough day, let's. Let's go out and grab some lunch because I left everything I knew in New York. So I feel like that's what I really needed at that [00:07:00] time, community. And even though I was focusing on my business, I still did it on the side.

So I went back and I worked for a doctor, and then I was working for an attorney doing marketing. And I met so many wonderful people that it, it helped me feel really good about myself. Like I met my good core group of friends and they are all business owners as well. So seeing that they were business owners, I said I could do this.

Like if they're able to do this and have a thriving business and their doctors and attorneys and photographers, I can definitely do this. So I feel like at that point, God, the universe, whatever you believe in, I. Was telling me this is what you need at this moment and the rest is going to come. Just do it in bite-size chunks.

And that's something that I've always done. I've, I've always gone in really, really hard and like big picture cuz it's like I could see my big picture for myself, just like I see for my clients. But I also know. I'm not just going to jump like 30 feet [00:08:00] ahead, like I'll do 10 and then 20 and 30. And that what, that's what works for me.

So leaning in and seeing what felt really good for me. Well, also what I wanna say, first off, I love that how you kind of see the pathways for people. Cuz I do that too for companies, but obviously I'm not looking to do their website or anything or create a brand. So it's really cool cuz I'll, it's like we both have a similar gift that we use in different ways for the same.


Bethany Londyn: I love that. Yeah. But what also I'm hearing from you is the certainty, like you started believing in yourself. And I noticed for me, when I started attracting corporate healers or corporate clients and business owners, I mean, someone had told me like mil years ago. Years ago, but it wasn't until I started owning it.

And owning my identity that this is something that I was really amazing at, that like the clients started to show up even from like Google. So I'm seeing that in you too, because it's like you started owning it. You created some [00:09:00] sort of foundation so you could at least st have a foot to stand on or something to stand on, whatever the phrase is like in your life.

And then from there and in connections and community, you were inspired and like divinely guided and like really stepped into your power.

Marissa Rubino: Yeah, that's exactly what happened because I started to realize the connections I was making in person and that I was supposed to do that like throughout the whole world.

Like my purpose was much bigger than my little. Small beachy town that I live in now, but my human design, I'm a manifesting generator. So I would always have all of these ideas and then I would, I would kind of get a little bored to be honest with you. And that's when I realized like I'm so good at what I do.

Like not to, you know, toot my own horn, but I will a little bit. Like I love what I do and I'm so passionate about it. Own it. Own it, but I'm supposed to also do it for everyone else. So at that point, I said, okay, I'm, I'm going online and I'm gonna, I'm [00:10:00] gonna start this. Like, I took every single online, like business course there was, like from coaches and I even developed like my own design skills a little more and I learned different platforms and programs and everything you could think of.

I was like, I just am like a sponge. I just wanna soak it all in right now and literally eat, sleep, and breathe. Starting my business and my business was at that point, like my name, I changed my name, like my business name so many times because it just didn't feel right. And I knew I was on a journey and I was like, this is okay.

I'm gonna change this a couple of times until I find that right puzzle piece. Until it fits. Yeah. So, and I allowed myself to do that too. Yeah. You didn't beat yourself up. Cause I feel like other people might sabotage that. And, and maybe give up. There were times where I'd be like, oh, here we go again.

We're we're changing. But I knew that like we are forever evolving and our business are, businesses are forever evolving. But I knew I was supposed to find that thing that clicked. And when I started working with a [00:11:00] lot of clients and I was designing their websites, one thing I noticed that they were always saying to me afterwards was, how do I use this platform?

I, I don't know how to use it. It's stressing me out. I wanna come back to you and use you, but I am starting my business. I invested what I could right now, so I'm gonna have to wait. And they weren't able to move forward in their own business cuz they felt like they had to constantly lean on me. Then I had other clients that.

Said the same thing. This platform's stressing me out, but you know what, I'm just gonna pay you a retainer. You're gonna continue to do it. Because they were at the position in their business to be able to do that. So I always thought about where I was starting in my business and back to that day where I had 26 cents in my bank account, I wanted to use Cajabi.

It was like a $300 or or something for me to be able to use the platform monthly. And at that point I said, okay, do I pay my car payment? Or do I pay my Kajabi platform? And that really, that bothered me because I knew that [00:12:00] I was as good as everyone else out there that already had thriving businesses that were using these wonderful platforms that everyone shared.

Bethany Londyn: Like for the record, I also used Kajabi for probably a year and a half. I believe it was like $200 a month when I did it. Maybe it was more, and I don't like, the idea is that you get the money back because it ha it's so all inclusive, right? But I'm like, no. It never happened. It didn't happen like through that process, so yeah.

Marissa Rubino: Yeah. So there was one month where I had to like pause my membership just because things were tight. My business wasn't where it was at that time. Yeah. And then there was another month where I was like, okay, I'm gonna reinstate it. But at that time, my website was down. I wasn't sending my emails to clients, and I felt like I was putting a pause on my own business when I was trying to grow.

And that for me was not the type of energy that I wanted. I knew mentally I was all in, but I didn't want the financial piece to [00:13:00] stop me from moving forward just because I wasn't there yet. And like, and I really wanna put an emphasis on yet, because everybody has to start somewhere, right? Yes. So that's where my starting piece was.

So, Then at that time I said, okay, I'm going to work with a few more clients. I'm going to save money and I'm going to invest in my own platform to make this easier and simple and more affordable for, for women, even men, even though I specifically focus on women. But I do have some men that use my platform to be able to use this at whatever stage they are in their business.

And that was my big piece. And also a platform that you can go in and it's so intuitive. I was like, I'm an intuitive designer, so I need a platform that's gonna be intuitive for my clients too, that if they wanna pop in and they wanna send an email, if they wanna come in and create a landing page, they can totally do it.

And I've had clients message me afterwards saying I never thought that I can actually design anything. And because you laid the [00:14:00] foundation, I was able to copy and go off of what you did. And I just created my first funnel. And I'm like, yes, that's amazing. And it, and that makes me so happy. You know, I want every single woman out there to be felt, to feel supportive in the platform that they have and within their business, that they can grow and scale themselves to.

And, and when you're ready to have that support team behind you, like we are here, I am here, but you shouldn't have to wait to get to that point in your business where you're ready to make that investment. So that's why I have the design agency, but I also have the platform available to any woman out there that wants to come in and just start using it.

So we have pre-made templates. We have templates that I have personally designed at an affordable price based on your niche to come in and use them. It's a drag and drop platform. There's no coding, and the platform starts at $47 a month. Okay? So I thought back to where I was [00:15:00] at that time, starting my business.

And I could have not gone to Starbucks twice a week in order to afford my platform now, and I would have sacrificed that totally. But to, and I don't wanna feel like I'm talking bad about other platforms, but I, my whole goal and mission is to make things affordable, but also robust enough to be able to give you what you need in your business.

So that's why. And support people. And support people. And that's why I created, that's why I created a lure. I love it. So curious cuz doing any sort of technology can take time. I've been involved personally with multiple startups. So I'm curious, like what, how, like from the moment that you decided you were gonna create this platform, how long did that take?

So, I was researching a lot of different platforms and tech tech software companies a lot. Yeah, so I found one that was gonna be the right fit for me, that they had already created a platform and I purchased the license. So I was able to [00:16:00] become an owner and develop it and market it how I wanted to market it.

So creating the templates, the design, was that? Yes. I mean, I'm assuming that's still pretty time consuming. I had a lot of time in the beginning because I was laid off. I was laid off due to covid. Oh, okay. So, due to Covid, I had lost my job and I had no choice at that point. But to go full in on my business and say, we're ripping off the bandaid and we're gonna do this.

So that's when I, I found the platform. I licensed it and I marketed it and branded it. For my own. So I basically took myself and my company through my own journey. I, at that point, I had no idea what the name of my business was going to be. I was still doing Marissa Renee Designs. I was doing Marissa Renee designs and website healing.

It was just so many different things, but I said, okay, if I'm gonna take this seriously, I'm gonna take myself through this entire process. And we're [00:17:00] gonna start off with the name. So I'll, I remember laying in bed one night and I knew that this was, this was my platform. This was what I wanted to do and what my mission and purpose was.

And I was like, I need a name that's going to scale with me and grow with me. So I'm like channeling myself and I see the letter A, and then I see the letter C, and then I'm going between the two, and I'm like, okay, it's the letter A. So then I start literally just rattling off. Words that start with the letter A, I'm going through everything.

I'm like, it's like three in the morning and I'm awake, and I'm just like positive words that start with the letter A and I love it. I'm finding so many different things. So finally I, I think it took me about three days and I started getting really frustrated. So I went back to the letter C and I was like, no, it's not the letter C.

I know it's the letter A. And I don't know if it was because at that point I was just too close to my brand. I couldn't really. Channel anymore for myself. But that's when I just said, okay, I'm gonna let like my heart [00:18:00] take over and what feels good. So then I found the word Auloure and I was like, Ooh, I really like that.

And then I was like, oh, but there's a magazine called Auloure and I don't want people to Google Auloure and then find, you know, the magazine. So then I said, okay, I know that this is my word, but how can I spell it differently? So then my past lives started coming through and I have a past life that's in France, so Good.

So I have a past life that's in France and it was actually one of the first past lives I have ever seen that I have ever felt. I was in Connecticut where I had bought my first house and I was. Getting a massage. My twins at that point were in preschool. So I put them in to preschool for three hours a day and that was my time.

So I went and I got this massage and I don't know if this masseuse knew how powerful she was, like energy-wise, but I was literally taken out of my body and I saw past life in France. I had this like beautiful blonde golden hair like you do [00:19:00] Bethany. And I was walking through a field. And I felt so alive, but I knew that my, at that point I was from like a higher level in society.

Like, I don't know if it was like a princess or something, but I was, I was up there somewhere right now. I'm like, I see it. I see it. I do pass live readings for people all the time. I see it. Oh, oh yes. Okay, good. So you see it. So I remember wearing this white Lacey dress and just feeling free, like I was able to be, you look like you're in a courtyard of a castle.

Yes, that's what I was saying. And it was like I was running. Yes. And I was like running and I was running and it was almost like I was running away from that. Like I had escaped. Like they were like, wait, you're supposed to be over here. And I was like, wait, no, I just need to open my arms and spread them open and just like run in a field of daisies kind of thing.

But I saw myself and as I turned around I, like, I smiled at myself and I immediately started crying during this massage because I realized that [00:20:00] that had to have been one of like my. First past lives, like it felt like home. So I'll never forget that landscaping, it had like a little house and and the field, so I knew that.

It was had something to do with France. So then I start looking up words in French. So then I start looking up like, how would I spell a lore? How would I sound that out? So then I came across a couple of words and it had a U with apostrophe. And then there was other words that were like lore, L O U R E.

And. Then I was like, oh my goodness, I need to put these two together and that's how I'm going to spell Auloure. So then right away I'm like, I wake up at like four in the morning and I go right to my computer and I start designing. And then I'm like, okay, now I need to find the font. Because for me it's not about having a symbol as my logo, I'm gonna use typography as my logo.

So I literally took my whole self through this whole process and I fell, and I gotta say 4:00 AM three to 4:00 [00:21:00] AM is like, Is when the I hear the veil is most open to receiving the intuitive guidance. That's amazing. I did not know that. So thank you for sharing that with me. Yeah. Cause that it was so exciting.

Like, and no wonder why I'm such a night owl too, because that's when all of my creativity peaks is in the middle of the night and then I can't sleep at all the rest of the day. I'm like, I wish I was sleeping. But anyway, so it was just, it was so exciting to take myself through that own process. So I did that and I felt, I just felt in love with Auloure and my brand.

And from then, I've just added on different divisions, and it initially started with the platform being all inclusive and a drag and drop builder for my clients. And I kept saying, I was like, you know what? I'm gonna be the next cajabi, I'm gonna be the next Squarespace the next show. It. Yes. And it doesn't have to break the bank for people to be able to use this.

You don't have to be a designer in order to use this. Like you can figure this out without having a manual because that's how easy the platform is to use. [00:22:00] Amazing. And it's, it's like continuous income for you without you having to do additional work because it's automated. I had a, a guy on, in one of the first few episodes I did, and his whole thing is create a company that's automated.

Yes. That you only have to do the work one time. And it just continues to replicate and pay you out the the dividends. So that's really, really cool. And the fact that I see you running through the fields of this castle brings in the luxury cuz you're like, I'm a luxury agency. Yeah, as you say that I literally have goosebumps.

Like I could feel them like on my, my face, like my arms, like, yes. That past like really had an impact. It held a lot of meaning to me. So I love that I was able to really bring that into my business. And since I identified that past life and I realized that that's where I was supposed to, like, I.

Bridge this gap on like figuring out what my business is and really leaning into my soul. Like once I got out of my head and I got into my soul, like [00:23:00] that's when all the pieces really came together. And from then on, it's just been moving forward and I've added different divisions. And now we have pr, we have music.

So if you have podcasts like this, We can design your create your music intro and outro, which is so amazing. Like, it's literally like channeled music that is specific for you. Like, it's, it's so cool. I love it. And yeah, I'm like, I wanna acknowledge Marisa cuz she knows how to listen to her clients, listen to her customers, and pivot and open up channels like not the healing channels, but channels that are gonna support them in what they need.

Like so many people refuse. You know, companies are, I'll work with companies and they're like so stiff. They're like, no, this is the way we're doing. I'm like, but the pathway's over here. This is the way we're going. And I'm, and it's like you are literally listening and honoring what, what's coming through.

And so you've created all the, like, yeah, let's talk about all the other [00:24:00] aspects of your agency, all the other things. Yeah. I think that's where me being a manifesting generator really comes in because I, I love to do so many things. Like I am a creative soul. Like I don't wanna just do one thing like that sounds boring.

Like we're living, like we need to live, like our businesses are alive and like that's what I think, like our businesses are an extension of us, especially if like we are the brand. They need to be alive. Like, you know, when you were younger, like you grew out of your shoes and you needed a new pair of shoes, like our business is gonna need something new and bigger, right.

To continue to fit it. So that's where I so I heard the call that I needed to add copywriting. So like my clients would come to me and they would be like, I don't know what to write. And then I would make this beautiful website for them. But then the. You know, the words just, they weren't fitting or they weren't writing from a sales perspective.

Even though they're like, I love to write. I'm like, okay, creative writing for yourself is wonderful, but we need to make sure that this is going [00:25:00] to speak to your right audience, right? Because you may have like somebody that will read every single word, and if you're gonna lose them because you're just storytelling too much and you're not really doing a call to action, then your website is not going to convert for you.

So, That's when I added on copywriting. So I was like, okay, we've gotta do copywriting. And then I have another, another client that came to me and said I wanna do, you know, my podcast? And I had actually just met an sound engineer, an audio engineer, and I was like, oh my goodness. Like the universe just put this right in my lap.

Like, yes, I just met somebody and her music is amazing and yep, we're doing it. So immediately jump on a call with her. And I was like, Hey girl. I'm adding a new division and I need you. So like that came on and that was just so, that was just so fun. And then I heard the call that my clients were like, okay, social media, it stresses me out.

I don't know how to write my, my content calendar and I've gotta plan this for the entire year. And I've got this launch, which I [00:26:00] do. And it was just all of this like anxious energy I was hearing. And I was like, okay, we're gonna just reel this in. I got you. Because I was like, I'm creating this like house for you.

I'm creating this foundation. And yes, having a website is really nice, but if it's not going to convert for you and if all of your other supporting pieces are not technically supporting you, you need the whole puzzle to work. So then that's when I said, okay, we're gonna bring in social media, so we're gonna do this.

So then I brought in a, a marketing director. And that was fun too because my, my clients continued to feel supportive after they finished the project with me after they finished the website, because they already had a team that knew their brand, understood their mission, where they were going. So it wasn't like trying to like, and you have trust people and there was trust.

Yes. Mm-hmm. So that was really fun. And then that. Was another extension of retainers. So now [00:27:00] that was more income coming into Auloure, and then I kept saying, I was like, wow, like I see this really growing and scaling. So then the next thing was pr. I'm like, okay. So I actually connected with somebody that specializes in PR and I absolutely like loved her.

And then a lot of my clients kept asking me about PR and being in magazines and being on podcasts. So then of course at that time I had no choice but to say, I got you. Like, okay, we're gonna do this. Like, so it's like, and I wanna like, I wanna share that like, I am not, like PR is not my zone of genius.

Marketing is not my zone of genius, but seeing your mission and knowing where you need to go is and bringing that design. So that's why I knew I needed my supportive team, that that was their zone of genius in order to grow and scale Auloure. That I see the big picture and now I need to put my team in place to help bring your mission to life.

Right.[00:28:00] And that's how it came about. I'm like a thought that's coming to me.

Bethany Londyn: People are like, what's your Enneagram number? And I'm like, I've done it like three times. It just never sticks. Like I don't have an interest in it, you know? Yes. Human design, I'm all in. Yeah. Yeah. Like for, I did my Enneagram too, and I think I was like a three or an eight. I don't even remember the number because it didn't, it didn't click for me.

Marissa Rubino: Yeah. And that's like how I, I go with everything, with like all of my business. If I, if I feel that pull, if I feel that tug, I'm like, okay, we're gonna make it happen. If not, I'm like, okay, that's just not the hat I'm supposed to wear. At this moment, but we'll see. Right, right. Totally. Yeah.

Bethany Londyn: Okay. And then the other thought, I'm like, I don't know if you've even seen my website yet, but it would be interesting for you to like give your 2 cents on it.

Oh, delete. I'm like everywhere. We're giving 2 cents away release, but, okay.

Marissa Rubino: So I did take a look at your website. I'm like, be back. I did peek at that. So what I hear is, There's like this next uplevel for you, [00:29:00] right? So it's like, You are like, you are amazing. Like the, like now, like the two calls that we've had so far.

I go to your website and I do not feel the energy truly reflects what you are capable of doing and achieving and accomplishing and where you are going. Like for me, like I see that was Bethany like two years ago, three years ago, right? Yeah. So like I feel like that's where you were and you're ready for this next, this next jump where there has to, there's like There's a color palette, like I see like this color palette that's actually coming in for you, that's not really across your entire website yet.

There's a lot of beautiful information. You have a lot of people. It's very yellow offerings. Yes. So it's a, it's a very it's very light and bright, but I also feel like it has to ground too, like. So that's what I'm really, I'm really feeling for you all said with love. Of course.

Bethany Londyn: No, I love feedback. I mean, feedback is, yeah.

The gateway to up to [00:30:00] upleveling. Even if I don't agree with someone's feedback, I think it's still important to take that in because for whatever reason I'm reflecting that out, right. And I wanna shift it and release it as a healer. And someone that's always looking to evolve and grow. So I actually like.

Zero offense. Like even the people that come and like do negative comments on my Instagram or YouTube or whatever, like, thank you for showing up. Like thank you.

Marissa Rubino: You are meant to, your next big thing is going to be like a huge photo shoot. Like I. I, when I went to your website, I saw a lot of different images that I felt like reflected at a, at different periods of your life, and you need to have one photo shoot right now, like where you are, where you are, and how you help your clients Now.

And really bring that across the board. Like there's this whole like, it's like this rebranding, I feel that has to happen for you. Yeah. And it's not just rebranding within like colors, but it's like a whole like re rebranding. Like if [00:31:00] it's within like your logo and just keeping the same logo, but tweaking it like.

Putting this new this new like spin on it to reflect this upleveling. And I feel like everyone always used the word upleveling so much. Like, I, I don't wanna use that word, but I know it, I know, you know what I mean? Say no, I, yeah. I use it so. But having everything very seamless and cohesive across where it's like the pieces are just, I always refer to a puzzle piece that they're all fitting together.

And also making sure that there's a, there's a really good balance between copy and images. Sometimes you may lose people if there's too much copy for them to read. Cuz think about it, we're all so busy nowadays. Like you have about like three seconds not even to like capture someone's attention. Yeah.

And then say, I wanna, I wanna stay here, like I wanna learn more. So if it means that there is just one short sentence that literally sums it all up and it gets them and they're like, okay, I'm in what, what's going on here? Then that's [00:32:00] what, that's what we need. And then later on deeper into your website, we get into the more.

Like in-depth paragraphs and like the homepage has to have a certain layout. So I, my, for me initially it was, it was looking at your homepage and saying, okay, this, this needs to have a little more balance between the text, the copy, and then your offerings too. Got it.

Bethany Londyn: Amazing. Thank you.

Marissa Rubino: Yeah, you're welcome.

And that, and that like share, like, ok.

Like videographer, like I see like videographer photo shoot, like. Really taking like your social media, like behind the scenes. Well, like I'm, what would I wear? Oh my gosh. Help you with it. Lemme help you. I love this. I'm actually doing a photo shoot at the end of the month for a new client.

That's why not, and I'm, oh my gosh, I'm so excited. I also did one for a client in Australia, although I didn't go fly to Australia. We did calls to make sure that her outfits were perfect. She was, she was like messaging me at like, it was like midnight over here and, oh, right. [00:33:00] I'm like, okay, I'm awake for like the next 30 minutes.

You got me for 30 minutes. She is shopping and she's sending me pictures and trying things on and sending me videos, and it was, it was so much fun. So much fun. Her photo shoot was gorgeous. Aw, so good. So good. I know a ton of photographers too, like some of my best friends and family are photographers.

Honestly, I I love that you, like, you have that for you because when you, when you're building a website and you're building your brand, like images are so important. It's the first thing that we see, like. That's the first thing that people are going to see, get like their first impression off of you before they even start reading anything, because it's just that visual effect.

So, I mean, I've had clients in the past that would take photos with their phones and I would say I'm, I'm sorry, but you gotta try again. Like, this is not, this is not going to be how you're going to represent yourself. Right? Especially when you're working with Auloure and you know, not to sound, you know, mean at all, but at the same time, The work that we do.

And the work [00:34:00] I do is a reflection of me and my team. And that's why we have so many people coming to us because you know, I will lovingly say, okay, these are the photos you have been using, but it's time for you to like use the photos that's going to grow and scale you to where you need to go. Up level and up uplevel, quote unquote.

I know, I know. I just had to say it.

Bethany Londyn: So good. So good. Well, that gives people little Taste too of you know, what you do. Okay. So I would love lastly to hear your three or the three ones that come to mind as keys, tools, tricks to quantum leaping, because if you think about it is 2023, you've totally expanded since 2020 it sounds like.

Marissa Rubino: Mm-hmm. Which is amazing. And I know we talked about you had like a health thing somewhere in the mix. Yes. Okay. So I will share that. So I think my first thing is truly believing in yourself and believing that [00:35:00] you deserve it. Yeah. Because you can totally hold yourself back from your own success. And if you don't believe that you deserve it and you're going to get it, no one else is going to believe it.

And that doesn't mean like tricking yourself into it and you know, thinking like, oh, I'm gonna have this thriving business. But deep down inside you feel like you don't deserve it. Because that's what you need to work on first. I would say so for me, I knew, I went through Helen back. I knew I went through a crazy divorce, but I always knew that I was, I don't wanna say better than that, but I knew I was like all of that drama and all of that that happened in my life.

I knew that my purpose was bigger than I could have ever imagined, and that was the thing. I always believed in myself. I knew it would take time and it wasn't gonna happen overnight, but I never gave up. So I think that's my number one. Number two, surround yourself with the type of people [00:36:00] that are going to lift you up.

Because if you are around someone that doesn't believe in you, and they're just like, oh, okay, that's never gonna happen for you. Okay? Sure. You know, and that's gonna bring your energy down and you're never going to go back to number one, believe in yourself. Right. So if you are around people that are just.

You know, happy with where they are and they've settled and they're okay with settling, then that's the, that energy that you're surrounded around and you're gonna end up settling yourself too. So surround yourself with like-minded women that are like you and that are moving forward. And I think that was like my biggest thing for me too, is I tried to start my business in New York so many times, but it just never happened.

Maybe it was just not the right time, but it also. Didn't really feel like I had that group of people that was gonna be like, I'm so proud of you. Keep going. Because my family didn't understand, like my, my family didn't understand. [00:37:00] And when I did say I was gonna do something, they'd be like, oh, here she is with another idea.

And then when I learned I was a manifesting generator, I was like, I look back and I'm like, yeah, we're supposed to have all these ideas. This is what I'm supposed to do. Oh, no. Yeah. So moving to Florida and you know, and having my friends that they've all had their businesses, I felt like I was looking up to them being like, I could do this too.

Right. So just connecting with people. And I started listening to, you know, different podcasts and then I would, I remember I went to go see Gabby Bernstein in person too. Like I just started doing things that my higher self was going to do. I would wake up in the morning and have my celery juice.

It took me a really long time to get used to drinking celery juice. But you know what? I did it because I knew that my million dollar self was. Drinking celery juice every morning and I was going to, you know, do yoga. And then I remember at one point during all of this too, I transitioned the way I was eating.

So I became vegan [00:38:00] and I was doing all plant-based. And I also noticed that, that my energy was changing too. So once I changed what I was putting in my body, it's like, it's so hard to say just three things. Like I can't narrow this down to three things. Are you still plant based? There's so many different.

Yes, I'm still plant-based. Wow. So it's been now almost seven years. Wow. Impressive. Seven years. Wow. And yeah, so it's been, it's been great. I mean, it was really hard when I had my my health issue. So I'll share that next. That'll be number, number three. So, okay. Number three is even when you think life is getting you down, It's happening for a reason.

So last year I actually had heart surgery and I thought I was gonna die. I never thought that I was going to actually like come out of it. I was diagnosed with having anxiety and panic attacks since I was 18 years old, and I didn't realize that the age of 37 I was going to be having heart surgery.

But I For about six months before that, I would go into [00:39:00] tachycardia attacks and my heart would be racing and I would just say, oh my gosh, I'm having another panic attack. And it turns out that I was going into S V T and I'm not sure, you know, if anyone knows anything about S, no idea v t, but it's super ventricular tachycardia.

So my heart was going, my heart was going, my heart was going out of rhythm. And

so my heart was going out of rhythm and it was It was really scary to be honest with you. So I was misdiagnosed and I was actually born with a heart condition. So I had an extra nodule on my heart where the energy would not be through all four chambers, but it would get stuck in the center of my heart, causing my heart to try to pump the energy out.

Meanwhile, getting it out of rhythm and. It was just, it was really, it was a scary moment. I thought that I was never gonna have my business again. I didn't know what was gonna happen with my life. And at that point, I, I started having consistent clients and then I was in the hospital for three weeks and unable [00:40:00] to support them.

What was that? Unable to support them. I felt like I wasn't able to support my clients, and I remember I just made it this far. Now what I did, I had back to back clients. I started my platform. And I was like, oh my goodness. Actually it was a year to this date, tomorrow will be one year for my heart surgery.

Oh, wow. It's, it's crazy. I, I feel like very emotional, like when I start to talk about it because I had my biggest photo shoot ever, March 4th, 2022. I flew in my photographer from. Texas. I hired a videographer. I hired a someone to do my hair and my makeup. I rented out a huge studio in Orlando and I went shopping and got like all the best outfits.

I put myself through the whole process that I put my clients through, and I felt amazing, and that night went out for sushi. And my heart started and I was like, oh my goodness, here we go again. Like, what is going on? So then I was [00:41:00] like, is this indigestion? Is this just like anxiety? Am I overwhelmed? Like, what's happening?

And then two days later after that, I got to the point where I almost passed out. It was so bad. So I, I drove myself to the hospital and then I was admitted for three weeks and transferred from one hospital to another hospital to go to a specialist that can do the surgery for me. And all I kept thinking was this was supposed to be my year.

Like what is happening? This was supposed to be my year. So I had to message all of my clients and tell them that I was in the hospital and just let them know, like, I will continue to work on your website when I'm, when I'm back, and when I'm healed. But the only thing I kept thinking was, I can't give up.

I cannot give up. Like, this is so terrible, but I can't give up. So in order to get me through the process of feeling like I'm gonna get through this, I just kept focusing on my business and I just kept, like, I kept looking at my photos at that point. I got the pictures back from my photo shoot and I was like, I'm gonna get back there.[00:42:00]

I had lost 30 pounds because I wasn't able to like eat anything. Really. In the hospital. Yeah, because, oh man. Like what do you give? That's a lot of weight. The hospital they had, it was, it was crazy. I had found out that I had a wheat allergy as well. And then I was like, vegan and now I can't have gluten.

I was like, what am I supposed to eat? But I felt like there was just like this whole shedding and this whole purging that I was really going throughout that time. And it was just so interesting because it's like I was having an, an issue with the energy in my heart and I'm so passionate about everything I, I do and.

Prior to this, I had lost my, both of my grandmothers two weeks apart. And then I had also lost my cousin three months before that. So I had gone through this whole, this just losing people. So now I thought I was gonna lose my business as well, and I had my kids at home. I wasn't able to see my kids, so it was just, it was really tough.

But could they come visit? They didn't [00:43:00] come visit me. I didn't want them to see me because I would, I couldn't control when I was having the episodes and it was, oh wow. It was really, really scary. I mean, there was one point where I almost went AFib. And I didn't want my kids to see me like that or get scared or nervous.

So they, I told them, you know, mommy's, mommy's heart is a little sick. And then they drew me like all, oh, my daughter drew me this one picture of it was me. And then she drew these ribs and then they, she drew a heart in the middle and then she put like a little broken squiggly line in it because my heart was broke.

I was like, oh my gosh, I still have it. And you know, it's like, I kept thinking like, I want my, my kids too, to like see the strength that I have. That, you know, even through like the hard times I was able to push through, so it probably wasn't until. Two months later, I really got back into my business, but I would still comment, I would still like network a little bit, but I wasn't actually like showing up on Zoom calls or or doing anything like that.

And I was just finishing out the projects I [00:44:00] had. And then I had one client come to me that really. She saw what I was doing and she was also she was a psychic medium, and she was like, I have, I heard a message. She's like, I know nothing about you. She's like, but I heard a message that I'm supposed to work with you, like you are the one that's gonna help me get to where I need to be.

So I was like, okay, sure. Like we're gonna do this. And that was my first $15,000 package I ever sold. And. I was like, okay. Two months ago I was in the hospital thinking that everything was going to end, but I just didn't. I didn't give up, and I just kept seeing the bigger picture, and I kept just showing up on my platform and making it better and doing everything I needed to do.

And at that time, I was just focusing on Auloure, like Auloure was my baby. I was like, you know what? Right now I don't really have much to be able to give to other clients, but I can give to myself. And it just turned out to be cr, like my creative passion. Project at that time, because I did, it was like almost keeping me alive at that point.

Mm-hmm. Like Auloure was really making me not slip into a [00:45:00] depression, even though it was hard not to. Yeah. Wait, so what's the third leap? So the third, so then the third leap is even when you feel like life is really getting you. Down there's, there's reasons that it's happening, so, got it. I realized that I was burning the candle out of both ends of my business, so I had to stop, look and refocus because I knew I couldn't constantly be designing website after website for clients and not having a break.

So then that's when I. Then I brought on my business manager. Cause I was like, I need to do this simpler. I was like, my, my health is not good right now, but I need to do this simpler and I need to be more efficient and, and I need to make more money and I need to make more money. So that's what I was like, okay, the money that I just had, I'm investing in a business manager and when I did that, everything grew.

So it was like so good. My part issue.

My heart issue, made me [00:46:00] realize I needed to slow down because like the rate that I was going at, I couldn't, I wouldn't be able to sustain it. Because I was trying to do all of the things, so to stop and look at what's happening around you and like take it all in and not get mad at it, and then put a plan in action for what's going on.

And I had my biggest year in business, so it's, it still worked out. It still worked out. It still, it still worked out. So I had my first six figures in business and heart surgery the same exact year. Oh man. So I, yeah, it's a crazy story, but, Aww. Yeah. But no, it's, it's so, it's so, so juicy. So juicy. You guys e everyone listening can see why I wanted to interview her, right?

She's so good. Yeah. Thank you.

Bethany Londyn: I know your dog's like it's my turn now. I need some, I know my, my dog is barking and biting me the entire time. It's like,

Marissa Rubino: She's like, pay attention to me, mom.

Bethany Londyn: I know my dog wanted to sit in my lap in the beginning, but then I'm like, you have to come over to if like, you really [00:47:00] wanna sit, you need to be come so that I can pick you up.

Well, that was amazing. So good. So much fun.

You can find the podcast on most channels from Apple to Amazon to Spotify.

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