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Ep. 23 Finding Purpose and Fulfillment: Carey Gatto's Quantum Leap Journey to Energy Healing

Welcome to Episode 23 of the Quantum Leap Your Business and Life Podcast! In this captivating episode, we dive deep into the incredible journey of Carey Gatto as she transitions from a successful real estate career to the world of energy healing.

Join us as Carey shares her transformative story, revealing the pivotal moments that led her to discover her true calling. Through her inspiring experiences, you'll gain valuable insights on how to navigate major life shifts, overcome obstacles, and embrace your passions.

Discover the profound impact energy healing has had on Carey's life and how she harnesses its power to heal others. Gain a deeper understanding of the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and learn practical tools to incorporate energy healing into your own life.

As Carey takes us on her personal quantum leap, you'll be inspired to reflect on your own journey and explore new possibilities for growth and fulfillment. Whether you're seeking a career change or simply curious about the transformative power of energy healing, this episode is a must-listen.

Tune in to Episode 23 of the Quantum Leap Your Business and Life Podcast and get ready to be inspired by Carey Gatto's remarkable story of courage, resilience, and the power of following your true purpose. Prepare to be captivated by her wisdom and practical tips that can empower you to create your own quantum leap in life and business.

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[00:00:00] Welcome to the Quantum Leap, your Business and Life podcast. My name is Bethany London, and I am an energetic VC supporting CEOs and entrepreneurs in multiplying revenues and opportunities of their business through intuitive guidance and energetic. Healing. I am obsessed with finding and releasing blocks so that you can start receiving the guidance and opportunities that will be bringing you quantum leaps.

[00:00:27] With ease. If you are looking to upgrade your business life, spirituality, or need a perspective shift to flow, you've come to the right place. Leave it to me to pull out the juicy stories, quantum Leap Hacks and how our inspiring guests have tackled obstacles and gotten into the flow To reach new heights of success.

[00:00:48] My intention is to bring clarity and massive awareness. The infinite possibilities are everywhere. Your next moment could be a miraculous one. Thank you for being on this journey with me. Let's [00:01:00] uncover their strategies, have fun, and see how we can quantum leap together.

[00:01:04] I am here with Carrie Gato and she is an ascension coach, also an energy healer, and I just recently met her on the summit that we're on together.

[00:01:14] Yay. And yeah, loved her light and just felt, you know, we needed to connect and do a podcast together. So here we are. Thank you so much for having me, Bethany. So excited to this. I'm excited to have you too, and uncover your story of how you became this ascension coach. Of course, I'm all about all sorts of ascension, upleveling, elevating all, all the things up.

[00:01:40] Yes, yes. Yeah, absolutely. So for anyone that's not familiar, ascension is a term that basically just means spiritual evolution and and spiritual development. And how I got into it was actually through the energy healing. In my previous life, I [00:02:00] was a real estate agent for about 12 years, as my kids were young.

[00:02:06] You too. Yeah, I mean, I'll still do real estate. I still have clients here and there, but Yeah, it's so funny. Yes, I've been doing it for, I'm the same 20 years. 20 years I think. Now. You're not that old. That's crazy. Oh my gosh. Well, I started when I bought my first home at 20. Oh, amazing. And then the mortgage guy was like, you should come work with me.

[00:02:26] And then it was like the rest was history. I was in real estate. That's so funny. So many parallels cuz I got into it after we bought our first home, which was a condo in la ah, back in 2009, we had our first child living there and then we decided a year later to move because we were , all of our family's on the east coast and we were sort of , Fed up with the rat race of Hollywood.

[00:02:50] We were, me and my husband were both filmmakers and okay. We decided to move back to the Boston area. Got into, I got into real estate. He became a private chef. [00:03:00] So complete career changes for both of us and newborn baby. And. Cross country moves. It was , oh my goodness. A huge , pivot. But then after, I don't know, like after a decade in real estate, I sort of hit this plateau in my business.

[00:03:16] I was very successful. I. Quote unquote. Yeah, but I didn't feel successful. I was feeling very stressed all the time, very anxious. And even though I was making, you know, two, $300,000 a year, I always felt scarcity. I always felt like it wasn't enough. I always felt scared that I couldn't take my foot off the gas or you know, it would just, I'll collapse and I just have to pause for a second.

[00:03:45] Yeah. Because this is just, I'm laughing inside. So you guys, anyone that's listening, we attract our mirrors. We attract our mirrors, and she is obviously a mirror of me here. So just notice [00:04:00] who you're surrounding yourself with. That's why they say you're the collective of your five people. I love.

[00:04:05] Yeah, I love the synchronicity. That's so funny. So, and, and I have three kids now and you know, Eve I like look back and it's just crazy. I was even doing deals from the bed in the hospital, that's how much I felt I couldn't take a break. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. And anyway, so at one day at a, at a networking meeting, I was told about this energy healing modality called Marconics, and I had never experienced energy healing of any kind.

[00:04:34] I'd never done reiki. I was always into personal growth, but, Energy healing just had never come across my experience, and yet when I heard about Marconics, I was immediately , I have to try that. I have to try that light bulb moment. Yeah, I've never heard of that. So you'll have to share about that too. Yeah, definitely.

[00:04:54] And so I went and had my first session and what it does is it raises your vibration to [00:05:00] a very high level. And I could feel that in my energetic body, which I, again, I'd never experienced. You know, I'd heard about raising your vibration and how that was important, but I'd never actually felt it tangibly.

[00:05:11] And even after the session, I went out into my life and I could still feel this connection to energy. I could still feel that everything is connected because everything is energy. Yeah. Right. And. I was hooked. I went back, got more sessions. I did what they call a recalibration. I read everything I could about Marconics and when I had exhausted everything I could find online, I went and took a class to become a practitioner just because I wanted more information and I wanted tove develop myself.

[00:05:44] And then that was in 2019. Wait, , wait, so what were you doing? Were you like laying on a table? Were you sitting there? It sounds like it was in person. Y Well, yes. So for my first few sessions it was in person and I was just lying on a, a [00:06:00] massage table. Okay. And it's actually no touch, which I think reiki there is some touch.

[00:06:06] Right. But yeah, it sounds like Reiki ish. Yeah, it's, it's got some similarities. It's the evolution of energy healing. So it only came down in 2000. 12. End of 2012, beginning of 2013, it was handed down from Spirit as a way of helping humanity ascend to higher dimensions. Because we're going through the shift.

[00:06:30] Yeah, yeah. As a planet. She, I sense her hesitation. You're like, I don't know if I can go here. You can go there. I don't. Okay. Whoever's meant to understand it will. Thank you. Yeah. Yes. So we're going through this shift as a planet into higher realms of consciousness. And we're going through an awakening as a collective.

[00:06:51] And so this energy is to assist us in that as a collective because our energetic template has [00:07:00] been phase locked into 3D reality. And so we kind of need a little help from a, from above. And so this is what this is here to do, and it does help raise your vibration and helps you reconnect to your own higher self at source.

[00:07:15] Your own higher self in higher dimensions. Yeah. So fun. So do you have visions or you just feel the experience as a client of, of receiving the energy? Yes. I've had visions. I've had heard things , I'll often, when I'm receiving Marconics energy I'll of sometimes. Be able to ask my higher self things and get an answer , like that.

[00:07:43] And it's just very clear. Yeah. But every session is different, so, and you can do it remotely too. I've had some really powerful remote sessions. And it just depends on whatever you need in that moment, right? It can be, yeah. A message from your higher self. It [00:08:00] can be a rebalancing of your chakras, it can be an harmonization of your body, mind, and spirit.

[00:08:05] Yeah. It's whatever is deemed appropriate for you by your own higher self, so, right. It's important for me as a practitioner to not set too much of an expectation and you don't wanna go into a session with a certain intention. You just want to be open to whatever, whatever happened. Yeah. Yeah, I'm usually , may this be the best healing session you've ever had, that's my intention.

[00:08:29] Yeah. You know, so that they really, yeah, it lands for whoever I'm working with. Yeah. Yeah. Very cool. So you got into it and you, and then you were like hooked. I was, I was kind of, you know, obsessed, but in a good way. And it started showing up in my lifestyle too. I I was kind of the party girl growing up and, you know, had, you know, just drank socially and stuff .

[00:08:53] And, but after marconics, I just completely had no desire to drink, so I stopped [00:09:00] drinking just naturally. Organically, yeah. Dropped it as well as any other substances, cuz I had this like very clear channel. And intuition and I didn't want anything disrupting it. Wow. And I just started wanting to be out in nature.

[00:09:15] I started writing and creating more. I actually started writing a book called Goddess Uprising, and it just sort of came through me. Yeah. In downloads, epiphanies, and it was all about the feminine divine right. Energy, which is rising. And that. Book then evolved into a coaching program, which is my signature group coaching program, and it's basically designed to help women to reclaim their power and to step into their purpose and expand into their full potential and clear.

[00:09:49] So is there a book. There's a book that has not been published yet. Okay. Okay. Okay. No wanna work? Okay. But yeah, all the content, it's currently the manual. It's currently the manual, yeah. For the [00:10:00] program. It's the manuscript right now. Love it. And I'll, I'll, I think I'm gonna self-publish it.

[00:10:04] I have self-published before it was a book about real estate. But I figure it would be great to get this out in the world now too, you know, before it even is published in the form of coaching programs so that people can Right, really get in, get their teeth into it, because I think it's so needed right now for women.

[00:10:22] Right, right, right. Totally. What does your husband think about all this? He is really cool. He's , okay, babe. , go for it. He's not as you know, woowoo as I am, but he Right. You know, he, he loves manifestation and, okay. Things like that. So he is his own connection with the universe and he has Okay.

[00:10:41] He has allowed me to facilitate Marconics for him and had a good experience. So. Nice. I, I'm always curious cuz Yeah. I talk to so many people and it's their partner, whoever they're dating is , ah, I dunno about that. But like, good for you. Good for you. Yeah. Yeah. I'm, I'm really [00:11:00] grateful that he's so supportive and , aw, allows me to kinda be my crazy self.

[00:11:05] So, Amazing. So how, how has it been going with your group coaching? How did you start getting clients quantum leaping into all of that? Goodness. Yeah. Well, last August I took this, the level two Marconics practitioner course. Okay. And , after that experience, I basically was. Almost could not go back to real estate.

[00:11:32] I couldn't, it was not in climate anymore for me, I was just , I have to step into my purpose. I remember I was working on a startup and I had gone to a weekend retreat of silence and then I came back and it was trying to work on the startup and it's like my whole body , couldn't even work on the computer.

[00:11:49] Was it a, a physical sensation like that, or? It was, it was just a real block I don't know if it was physical as much as mental or, okay. [00:12:00] Yeah. Emotional. But yeah, it was like I couldn't bring myself to focus on something that wasn't in alignment with, with me and with my purpose.

[00:12:08] . It just couldn't makes sense. My energy was just not there. It just was not allowing me to do that. You're , your energy shifted. Don't you remember during that session? It's over here now? Yeah. It was my vibration had lifted again, you know, incrementally and I was , What am I doing?

[00:12:23] Why would I do something that's not for my highest good and for the highest good of the planet? You know, why would I waste my gifts? And that's a lot of what I talk about in my course too. As women, we kind of learn to hide our gifts if they're not, you know, deemed logical or practical.

[00:12:39] Yeah. And so, but I was realizing I had all this intuition, you know, I had. All this creativity and and love to give. And so, yeah, I wanted to express that and I basically just dove in head first. And I signed up for a group coaching program that [00:13:00] helps coaches, you know great. Your own way and market a program.

[00:13:04] So I signed up for that in August and And I've been doing that and doing workshops and doing that was also the time when I started actually doing Marconics for other people. , okay, more consistently a sublet of space. And now I do it every Monday. And Wow. Yeah. Wait, so were you just calling all your friends or your clients?

[00:13:29] I've gotten most of my clients through. Yeah, networking. We have some really great here in the Boston area. We have some great, women's networking groups. Okay. So and, and a really great community of spiritual women. So I've gotten a lot of amazing clients that way. And you know, through Instagram as well.

[00:13:49] And good acquaintances and, and other people. I'm always , how'd you hear of me? I also have a book club, a spiritual women's book club, because I was on a rampage of reading spiritual [00:14:00] books and I was like, I want to talk about this with somebody. So I formed a book club online and I've met a lot of great women that way too.

[00:14:07] Very cool. Did you do that through Facebook or, yeah. It's so much fun. We have 200 women in there, but not everyone reads every book, so. Usually it's a nice intimate group of women.

[00:14:19] We just chat about everything. The book brought up and we've read some really? Are you still doing it? Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. You'll have to send me the links cause I can include it. Oh, definitely The podcast and stuff. Yeah, that'd be great. So fun. Yeah. So here you are. Only a year. Yeah. Less than a year since I've been up and running as an actual spiritual coach at this point.

[00:14:47] And actually doing the Marconics in a more professional way. I'd done it with friends before and stuff that since 2019 and done. Summits, you're on podcasts, you got the groove going. [00:15:00] Yeah. I love how you just dove in. So curious, did you conquer some fears in that diving in process? Yes. Okay.

[00:15:08] That's a great, that's a great question. Yes. And I'm still working through some fears. Yeah. Yeah. I think the big one that I've been tackling is the, the one of showing up in front of people that might not understand or accept my beliefs and Okay. Being willing to express my truth and yeah, I was just talking to a coach about this yesterday.

[00:15:33] You know, almost the witch wound or gotta keep hearing about all these witch wounds lately, the fear of it must be a theme. Yeah. If fear of being judged or critiqued or punished or yeah. Or of hurting someone. I like, I don't wanna offend anyone. But I also don't wanna withhold my authentic truth because you can't expand into your full potential if you're withholding parts of yourself.

[00:15:57] Right. Have to be authentic. [00:16:00] So that's kind of, that's a big one. Yeah. Yeah. So are, are you currently working with coaches then too? Always, always, always. I'm a huge believer in coaches. Yeah. I think that they help you accelerate your life's path and expand more and uplevel more. So. I've always worked with coaches.

[00:16:19] Even in, in real estate, I always had a coach. Oh yes. Or several coaches. I just think they really help you progress. Totally. Yes. Agreed. When I got into real estate too, I had coaches right out the gates. Cause , I don't wanna make all these mistakes that other people have done. Yeah. Want somebody that can Yeah.

[00:16:37] Start me off on the right track. I love that. Good to have that. Go ahead. Yeah, no, I think that that's, so that's an important quality of a person that I look for. People that are willing to grow and want to grow because even as clients, You know, there's people that come to me, they're , I wanna be healed, Bethany.

[00:16:53] I'm , you're not ready. You're not open. , you know, you want someone that's really open and [00:17:00] okay. I'm just, I'm just hearing the backlash of saying that out loud right now. So people can be open consciously because they want a miracle. Everyone wants a miracle, right? But do they actually believe in the miracle?

[00:17:13] That is the question. There has to be a little bit of faith that the miracle is possible in order for the miracle to take place. And so Absolutely, absolutely. Belief is so powerful. Yes. And I think that's an important point. You know, with Marconics, we. The belief is that you can only heal yourself.

[00:17:35] You're not actually going to a healer for them to heal you. They're actually facilitating yourself healing. Yes. Yes. So you have to be an active participant in that. Yes. You have to believe that it's possible. Yes. So if you're going in with fear or skepticism or you're withholding your faith, your trust, it probably won't work.

[00:17:56] You really need to come to the table and be like, yes, I'm open, like you [00:18:00] said, I'm ready. You know? Yeah, yeah. I've had people be , okay, well let me, let me test you. Right, right, right. And actually one guy in particular, he had this. What I, I feel like it was like a pulled hamstring or something would happen after he drove for 30 minutes and he had had it for 20 years.

[00:18:19] And I'm , okay, let me tune in. I'm , okay, well I see this and what was happening at the time. Okay, basketball, but you didn't really wanna be there. So I'm , just tuning into all this stuff and then I physically see witnessed the healing. He's like, it still hurts. I'm , okay, well I did the healing, so it's up to you to receive it.

[00:18:38] I created the opening now. Yeah. You get it gets to land for you and three days later he is like, oh my God, it doesn't hurt when I drive for over 30 minutes anymore. , you're welcome. There you go. I'm happy you received it. Yeah. Yeah. If it's not ready to be released, then yeah. That's just the way it is.

[00:18:55] Yeah. Yeah. It has to don't believe by your own entire [00:19:00] self. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. But that is, I'm glad we talked about that because it is so important. Your consciousness can want it, but you gotta get your your subconscious online. Exactly. Yeah. So back to the limiting beliefs, you know,

[00:19:14] those things weigh you down and you've gotta drop them one by one. I love the analogy of like a hot air balloon. Oh. You know how it they drop the, the weights? The ballast. . Off the basket and the hot air balloon goes up. Right. It ascends. Yeah. And so we're the same way with our fears. They really, they really weigh us down vibrationally, we.

[00:19:37] Are here to learn how to drop those fears out of our basket and yeah, so that we can ascend higher vibrationally into the vibrations of love. Totally. Yes. And all about love possibly, and connection. Yeah. So are you here with the, you're driving you down, you gotta get rid of, familiar with the David A.

[00:19:56] Hawkins Guild. No, I don't think [00:20:00] so. Scale, or a lot of people just use it and they don't know where it actually originated from. So maybe the scale of vibrations or the scale of emotions. So a thousand is let's say ascension or something like that. A a a thousand they say would be , Jesus, level 500 is love, five 40 is joy.

[00:20:20] Okay, cool. You don't know this? No, I, so I love that scale. So I'm always , love or above, love or above, cuz I want it to be at that vibration and up for people. Yep. Yep. And then you get up to that God consciousness where you can kind of see everything. You can see all perspectives. Yeah. Right. And it's all, it's all good.

[00:20:42] It's all okay from that perspective. Oh my gosh. Yeah. There's no bad, there's no, yeah, good. There's no wrong, there's no right. It's just, it just all is, my friend got me going on this. I haven't done it today, but. You wake up because it's if life's a [00:21:00] game, right? So we wake up and it's like, okay, let's see what we created today.

[00:21:04] Cuz if our thoughts created this moment from previous, , oh, I love that. Let's see what's in store for me today. I can't wait to see what I created. Oh man, I created myself sitting in traffic for an hour. Why would I do that? And it's just so funny. I love that perspective. Yeah. Great. What am I, what is this moment teaching me?

[00:21:24] Why did I design this particular instant? Right? So, Yeah, that's a great way to look at it. She told me, and then I was sitting in traffic that day, or I wasn't sitting in traffic. I was sitting, I was going, actually going up to the mountain and I was sitting behind this car that was going so slow, but I couldn't go around.

[00:21:41] I'm like, why did I create this? Maybe to be present or to enjoy the ride and. Right. And then I started clearing energy. Okay, let's get this guy to move over now. And then sure enough, he had just pulled over and let me pass. Thank God. But it felt like an hour. It was probably only five minutes.

[00:21:58] So how did, [00:22:00] how did you make your pivot from real estate into, into your energy healing work? Well, I, mean, I guess I haven't fully pivoted. I've been doing energy healing since 2013. And I would say I really released doing the real estate full-time. Now it's, it's, I only work with clients that know me or client referrals that , you know, they wanna work with me.

[00:22:23] And I think part of me doesn't stop doing real estate. Not only cuz of, let's say the random money and I love houses and I still love real estate, but, there's so many awful realtors out there and I keep hearing all these stories of people getting screwed and Right.

[00:22:37] And , It's a passion, right?, I don't want people that wanna work with me to experience anything bad, so I wanna support them. I would say in 2020 is when I really started going more full-time energy healing or let's say like 80%, 90%. Very cool.. Because it was this period of hibernation and really just diving [00:23:00] in deep with everything, right?

[00:23:01] Yep. So I was on so many group calls, I started doing all these. Cool. That's actually when I started doing the corporate healing too, as I started doing leading all these healing meditations for companies. That's so cool.

[00:23:13] That's amazing. That's awesome. I love that. So what kind of, what kind of magic have you witnessed with your clients? Ooh, they have reported you know, obviously an increased vibration and productivity and receiving downloads during their session and after their session about, you know, the direction their business is going in clarity around their work and around their relationships.

[00:23:43] That's which, you know, I've heard that they have a. More tangible, , kind of like I did a more tangible sensation of how energy moves through them and to and from other people, and that is helping them navigate their relationships. Yeah. [00:24:00] Just being aware. And it's so good because we get stuck in, in our heads.

[00:24:06] And so when you have an experience like that, or meditation, you know, meditation can work also for people, but , oh yeah, I think it's obviously supportive to have somebody else kind of holding your hand or there by your side to facilitate and then yeah, allowing you to get out of the minutia. That's all.

[00:24:21] That's all up in there. So you can see things. Yeah. Yeah. I'm just paying attention to how they're affected by their own energy and how that plays out into the physical world. Yeah. You know, I have a client that's trying to lose weight and she was really feeling so down about the fact that she couldn't lose the weight and, you know, and I, I was just, Like, well, don't step on the scale anymore.

[00:24:46] It's, it's bringing you down it's way. It's literally weighing you down, right? Yeah. You're p So instead, she's focusing on how it feels when she goes and exercises, how it makes her feel for the rest of the day. And she feels more [00:25:00] energetic and she feels more clear and happier in her body. She feels better in her own skin.

[00:25:06] So instead of focusing on what the number on the scale is, it's focusing on how. You know, it helps her energy to go and exercise, and whether that's twice a week or four times a week, it's just as long as you're enjoying it and it's bringing you positive vibes, you're gonna do it more. You're not gonna do it more.

[00:25:26] Every time you think about it, you feel bad and defeated and you're a failure. So it's, I like that it's, yeah. Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Right. So focus on what you want, not on what you don't want. Right, right, right. Oh my goodness. I was listening to Abraham and Esther Hicks the other day.

[00:25:46] It was a, oh my God, I coined a new term, Moonal, I don't know if i's a new term I'm calling it. I saw that real and that I totally related to that. Yeah., I'm so moonal today. And then going to some YouTube thing and Esther Abraham [00:26:00] Hicks video popped up. My God, this is what I needed.

[00:26:02] Yep. Focusing on the wrong things right now. Right. Thank, thank you. Whoever placed that video in front of me. Yes. I needed it. Yeah. We all need those reminders, you know? Yes. Okay. Yes. I preach it and it's totally inspired in the moment, and sometimes it helps to watch my own content.

[00:26:22] Totally. Yeah. I'm my own best client. Yes. You know, it's like I'm creating my course, my content. I'm like, oh my gosh, I needed to hear this. Yeah, totally. Oh my goodness. We're all human. You know, we're all, we're all here to learn from each other and from ourselves. You know? It's it's just, that's the work.

[00:26:43] That's the work. And it never ends. It doesn't, it doesn't, but things become lighter. I still am dealing with challenges that other people have. It just doesn't affect me. Yes. In a really heavy way. Yes. I mean, to me, I feel Moon, but to somebody else, it might be , [00:27:00] that's amazing.

[00:27:00] That's their best self, you know? Oh man. But it's, I mean, it's important to let yourself feel those things and not, you know, just try to pretend that we're high vibe and positive all the time. That's not what it's about. I, you know, don't, Think that I or anybody else needs to be, you know, quote unquote high vibe all the time.

[00:27:20] It's just, yeah, you wanna process those emotions. You wanna be able to feel them, and that's how you're able to transmute them and let them go, right? Cuz those emotions are all here to teach you something. They're a gift. They're a message. Yay. You know? So you don't wanna shut them out, numb them. Suppress them.

[00:27:37] You wanna welcome them in. And allow yourself to go through them and, and gain the message that they're trying to bring you. So yeah, I just went through back pain recently, and I've never experienced this before, and oh, okay, I'm a healer. Why can't I heal this? And I had other friends that were supporting me and usually I receive, right?

[00:27:55] And I just couldn't. And then finally my friend's , Why did you create this? And I tuned in [00:28:00] and oh, it's unresolved heartache. Okay, great. And they're like, we put it down in your back so you'd pay attention cuz you weren't paying attention to it in your heart. Wow. That was the download. Okay, God.

[00:28:10] Got you. So I basically went into catharsis for a weekend. I mean I was already in pain so it was pretty easy. And I went through everything. And it wasn't just relationships cuz that's what I was used to . I've done so much work on whatever breakup or the divorce or whatever. But it was really other things too, taking on other people's pain or people that had had. Abortion or had lost children or stillbirths and also someone that had passed away when I was five. So many things came up that I hadn't even thought about for years. Right. But they were still, yeah, they were in there. I had no idea. And so the pain finally went away cuz I couldn't even tell what was happening.

[00:28:51] It was so painful in my back. Yeah. The pain went away and then it was like I could feel where it was stemming from. My hips out of alignment.[00:29:00] There we go. Wow. You know? Good for you. So, but yeah, I, I, you heal yourself, right? Yeah. You're your best healer. The best healer. It was just not as simple as I thought it would be.

[00:29:13] Well, I got to go through some emotional stuff, but yeah, it was, it was also beautiful. Cause , whoa. I haven't thought of these things, since they happened, you know? Right. But I don't think us as human beings are taught how to process emotions from a young age. So my thoughts Exactly, yes.

[00:29:35] We're taught to actively suppress them. Exactly. Especially as women, we're told we're too emotional. We're told to button it up and. To man up in a man's world to compete with them. You know, that's my experience.

[00:29:48] Definitely. As a realtor, I was, you know, often the only woman in the room as a top producing agent. There's a lot of women in real estate, but. I felt as a kind of the top [00:30:00] 20% we, yeah, there was mostly men. And yeah, there was a lot of just trying to keep up with the boys, you know, and, and actually this came up in my coaching session yesterday too.

[00:30:11] I've, I felt like I was actually wearing armor, you know, cuz I was in battle, the Boston, as I'm sure LA is very competitive market, you know? , I felt I had to come out swimming, swinging, and always just be crushing it, killing it. Oh my gosh. Yeah. I'm like, was it a different personality because you, you're so sweet and joyful and bubbly.

[00:30:32] Was that you before I. I mean, yes and no. Cuz I was, I was, and yeah, I mean, I think I really leaned into my masculine. Yeah. As far as hard working, hard and hustling and I was, I. Not aggressive towards people, but I was aggressive. I was more aggressive toward myself. I pushed myself so hard to make my goals and to do my lead gen and right, do my cold [00:31:00] calls and, you know, stick to my plan and.

[00:31:03] Get there, you know, win the race. So yeah, I was definitely over-identified with the masculine at that point in my life. And now I've learned to, you know, lean into my feminine and, and integrate the two. Cuz that's the goal. You don't, you can't be one or the other. We both. Yeah. So yeah.

[00:31:20] And this is. I'm in the book club. We're reading the Heroin's journey right now. Okay. Which is a great book about all of that the psychospiritual development of the woman. So that's a lot of, if you had, if you relate to that there, that's a great book to read. Okay, cool. Okay. One more question.

[00:31:40] That's coming up for me cuz I just, cuz I know somebody else that was the top realtor and transitioned into, well hers, I should interview her Theta healing. But most of her real clients, her real estate clients are still with her today doing healing in her mastermind. Really? That she hosts all year round.[00:32:00]

[00:32:00] Yeah. So I don't know how so. Oh, interesting. So I don't know if you've, Shared that with the real estate community at all your people. But you know, I haven't done that enough. Yeah. I think I have this false assumption that people, you know, just want the real estate in that world from me. My real estate clients don't wanna hear about my energy healing.

[00:32:23] But that's, you know, that's why that came through for me to share. Yeah. Because I, I'm all about the business. Or whatever guidance comes through is usually other opportunities. So yeah. So something to think about. But yeah, everybody, well, everyone's people, right, and they know you and they obviously loved you for one thing.

[00:32:45] So yeah. Hey, I never know. Yeah. That's beautiful. And that's, that's a, a confirmation of what I was talking about earlier, of letting go of that fear Yes. Of judgment or criticism. Yeah. [00:33:00] Right. Yeah. For the spiritual stuff because of being too woowoo or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. It feels good. I mean, I just see , even 15, if you wanna try a 15 minute whatever yeah.

[00:33:14] You can share. What's going on?, energy. Absolutely. Share some good vibes with you. I mean, sometimes I swear I get on a call with clients and they just talk and I just yawn and clear energy the whole time. I don't even go into a thing cause they just need an vent and then I'm just clearing it on my own as they're going.

[00:33:32] So, absolutely. And then they're , I feel so much better.

[00:33:34] everything is energy. Yes. Yes. Everything is energy. Totally. Well, I have absolutely loved connecting with you and getting to know you and sharing. . We'll have to share your course, your book club, and , you with the world. Thank you so much, Bethany. This has been so much fun.

[00:33:55] Thank you so much for listening to today's episode.

[00:33:57] If you love what you heard, be sure to [00:34:00] subscribe and let me know by leaving a review on iTunes. It fuels me to keep bringing you more guests. And if you aren't already following me on social media, check out at Bethany London and visit bethany for online programs and free healing opportunities or our corporate healing platform,

[00:34:19] Don't hesitate to. Tag me and our guest with your favorite quotes for a reshare. I can't wait to connect with you in the next episode, and in the meantime, wishing you that quantum leap.

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