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Facilitating Real Estate Miracles with Energy Healing

Today I will be talking about another real estate transaction that happened in 2020.

I was the listing agent on this condo and also represented the buyer.

This condo was in West Hollywood, here in LA.

Helping my client find the perfect home in LA

The client was coming up with every reason not to buy this place.

She really wanted it but she was fighting it. She had been looking for a place to buy for four years.

It had been a difficult journey, and quite traumatic. And I could see that in her energy field.

So, one of the things in real estate that we go through is all the disclosures.

And a part of the disclosures (especially for condos) is the HOA documents, where you look at how many reserves and assets there are to support the situation.

This is important since it acts as insurance, in case something bad happens with the property.

For example, in the condos that I own in Portland, there's an assessment on them now because a six-million-dollar event happened. And now we have to pay extra to take care of that because there wasn't enough in the reserves.

And this was also a big complex in West Hollywood and there wasn't enough money in the reserves - they were only showing 18.000 dollars in reserves.

So at this point, she was ready to leave the situation, and honestly, I would have told her to do the same too. Because 18.000 was not enough for that property.

When we received the second email confirmation from the HOA person confirming that there were only 18.000 in reserves, I was like, “Are you kidding me?”

And I basically gave it up to God and the Universe to solve it.

Healing the situation with Energy

The next morning, I get an email from the HOA saying, “I'm sorry we made a complete mistake! There's actually 140.000 in reserves.”

Okay, now that was something we could work with!

And that was a complete miracle! After being confirmed two times that there were only 18.000 dollars in reserves, the shift to “Oh, whoops! No, there's 140.000 sitting!”

And there was actually way more than that but there was 140.000 sitting.

That is just another example of Bethany Londyn doing whatever it takes to support.

All outcomes I work on must be for the Highest Good of all parties

If I'm working on an outcome, it has to be for the highest and best good of all parties.

I'm not going to force something that doesn't fit.

Outcomes need to be for the highest and best good of all, and I hold that space for that truth always to be there.

So if there's something trying to cloud it, or shift it, or match perhaps any vibrations of fear that my client may be feeling that urge her to get out of the situation - that will show itself and we will be able to clear it.

Because apparently it wasn't true, and leaving that situation was not the best outcome for all.

So there you have it - energy healing at its finest, also bringing in miracles in real estate.

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