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September 11th Guided Meditation from Love

This morning as I was prepping for my day, journaling about things, this meditation started flowing out of me. I decided to take it to the beach and record there... being near the ocean is my favorite place to meditate!

We take a moment all the time to post our thoughts about 9/11, yet do we experience the catastrophic event? I'm sure most people don't want too, yet this is part of the healing journey. When we acknowledge, love, forgive, and release we allow so much more healing for the masses to come forth.

Please join me in taking 6 minutes to do this meditation and sharing it with your friends and family. The more healing in our past we do, the more momentum that love has in our present and future. Yes, a world of love is possible. Baby steps.

The vibration of love and forgiveness affects hundreds and thousands around you. Learn more from David R Hawkins phenomenal books such as Letting Go or Power vs Force.

Enjoy the meditation here:

Wishing you peace, harmony, & love,

Bethany Londyn

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