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Thoughts on 4th of July, Independence, & Freedom

This holiday has been on my mind all weekend. What is independence anyways when freedoms are being taken away...

So here's what I'm inspired to share for today based on the Universal Laws and on the meaning of freedom.

By the Universal Law of Polarity, we wouldn't know what it is that we do want if we only had what we wanted all the time.

As Kathrin Zenkina loves to share, "Polarity creates clarity".

Know that as you may be getting aggravated by what's happening in the world, that the beautiful aspect is that we are learning about we DO want.

As we get clearer and clearer on what we want, we can share in a momentum towards the new reality we want to create.

A new world and new order that we can collectively create.

Even though you may not feel so independent these days and are unsure of what freedom in the US even means, know that freedom is foundational in every moment with every second.

From what to wear, to eating, to what you are choosing to consume on TV and social media.

Each choice represents your freedom.

So honor these moments expanding the value of each one and making them the best moment and choice possible for YOU.

Choose wisely and let's be grateful for the freedom that we have in these moments along with the clarity we are receiving on who we want to be and create based on this Law of Polarity.

Wishing you a fun-filled day this 4th of July!

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