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What the Heck is Light Language?

What is Light Language

Recently I put out a video with Light Language on it and started getting some questions...Bethany, what the heck was that?

How does God and Light Language Intercept?

When you think of God think very much of a light source. Hence why some people also call God, Source, or Light. Now, this is just one little description. God is so much more than this, I'm describing some physical aspects that he is very much a light source. Some that have seen "him" have said that the closest defining definition would be thinking of the sun. So not necessarily a human figure.

Types of Light Language

When I'm speaking light language, I am speaking via light, I am not speaking "human" vocabulary.

There are many different dialects of light language as well. Think of an organizational chart at work. God is at the top, then there are different dialects of people of the light who speak the light language.

For example, there is the common one known as Tongues.


Catholics and Christians practice the opening for the Holy Spirit to come through and the light language of Tongues pours through in prolific ways. I have been raised around this since I was little. Speaking in Tongues is also used to avoid the pain in the body. It's an opportunity to disassociate with the body and flood your system with light. I have seen this firsthand which was difficult to watch because you could tell the extreme pain the person was going through.


There is the light language of the Angelic Relm, Pleiades, Arcturian, and so many others that I do not even know about. Many people don't know what specific dialect they are speaking and just call it light language or language of the light.

My understanding is that I'm speaking Arcturian and I communicate regularly with the Arcturian Council. I now see light orbs in almost all my pictures. I've also had readings from other friends who are energy healers and they see the light orbs of Arcturians surrounding me.

Pretty cool right?!?

When to Use Light Language

When I'm working with a client and start getting a tickle in the throat, it's time. Sometimes I even try to avoid it because I know that the client may be uncomfortable hearing the "mumbo jumbo" of light language.

Sometimes the tickle means that something needs to be cleared from the throat or throat chakra as well. At this point though, I know the difference between the two throat sensations.

When to Use Light Language with Client

Bringing light language into a session or even before or after one brings additional clarity for me as well. It also comes through usually as an orb that shows me another perspective as well.

Working with light language and clients comes through differently. Sometimes I know exactly what's coming through the transmission. Other times, it's more of an image that's brought to my awareness and I utilize the light language which then has my hands moving all around clearing and cleaning things up as well as bringing light and opportunities in.

What Light Language Does

I see things from another perspective through these orb bubbles that are presented before me. It's almost like it allows a different part of my mind to open up.

I can already see outside of the 3D, so it's kind of like that, a whole new dimension that I'm seeing and leaning into.

Imagine you're at a conference and because you're watching and listening to the content being given, but not totally interested, a new level of inspired ideas comes to you. Or another example, think of how when you drift off to sleep, sometimes your mind gets flooded with thoughts.

It's like you open up almost like another channel of your mind that allows for guidance to come through.

It's absolutely beautiful.

What Does Light Language Feel Like?

Light language first starts as a tickle in my throat. It's as if my throat was saying, "Hey pay attention to me, I have something to say!"

Then when I speak it, depending on my hand movements (often my hands start flailing around doing things without me thinking about it), many clients say they feel it. Or maybe a calming peace comes over their body when listening.

Quite possibly you may get a tickle in your throat as well! Listen to this light language healing transmission and see what happens in your body. If so, know that you are most likely a candidate for activating the light language within you!

Is Light Language for You?

If you are getting some tingling sensations and or a deep curiosity... take it as a sign! I encourage you to seek others who speak the light language to see what resonates most with you. If you are deeply curious it might be something for you!

I do believe a ton of people have access to the language of light. I've had sessions where I'm working with people and then all of a sudden

their throat starts tickling or they are feeling something else.

The fabulous Melissa Bates is who helped me activate, I've since helped a couple of people. Feel into it if you're attracted to it.

You could be guided here to this article for a reason!

Here's a video I created regarding this article as well.

//BETHANY LONDYN has been internationally recognized for her intuitive insight, master healing services, and inspired action for CEOs & thought leaders elevating their consciousness to one that is infinite. She holds a container for expansive possibilities supporting clients in seeing the truth of truth in a world with zero limits thus releasing financial and well-being boundaries. Bethany is also passionately part of a free monthly global healing project called BEING ONE bringing grace, harmony, and ease to the world. Her most recent book, Get Aligned Now, guides people to learn how to listen to the wisdom within so they can be their most high-performing selves aligning with actual results like never before.

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