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Congratulations, you've chosen to take your life to another level.


During this call we'll look at blocks, obstacles, pain, etc that may be in the way of you manifesting your goals and desires. Possible use of Healy report as well.


Looking forward to supporting you in clearing the path to manifest your goals!


Some of my methods we could use depending on what comes thru intuitively:

Body Intelligence, Muscle Testing, ThetaHealing®, Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping (EFT), Life Coaching, Transformational Coaching, David Hawkins Vibrational Scale of Consciousness, Body Code, Intuitive Healing & Intuition, Manifestation Meditations, Reiki, Healy, Tachyon Rods, Healy Resonance, etc

Private Session: Energy Healing Manifestation Session

  • Non-refundable


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