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"I reached out to Bethany for an energy clearing. I had been feeling anxious and "stuck" around certain situations, both personally and professionally. I had never met with an intuitive healer before. I had no idea what to expect. Halfway through our session, I felt a physical release of pressure from my chest. An instant feeling of calm came over me. It was unlike anything I had ever experienced! Bethany had also done a cord cutting for me and I noticed a shift in that area too. The relationship seemed lighter and the heavy sense of attachment was no longer there. And the most exciting part? Not even 5 hours after our session, someone who I had hoped to work & collaborate with, reached out wanting to meet! The shifts & clarity that I have felt since the session are remarkable! If you're looking for an intuitive healer, Bethany is definitely the one to see! Her work is very much needed in the world. I believe everyone could benefit from a session with Bethany! I have so much gratitude for her and what she has helped me clear 🙏." - S. Packard, CEO

"Before the reading I had some insecurities about two areas of my life on which I directly had clarity after Bethany’s powerful session. Somewhere in the middle of the clearing, I started giggling for no reason, as she was working on some of my blocks. Right after that, I had an unshakable confidence in the outcome. Thank you so much, Bethany! I would definitely recommend anyone working with her. It’s instantaneous! I’m forever grateful!" - Kowene

"Bethany is a truly skilled healer. She gets right to the heart of my blocks and offers profound clarity. I could not have shifted the major traumas that have plagued me without her insight. I've worked with nearly a dozen people on these issues and none were as compassionate as Bethany. She provided a safe place for me to be honest and open, completely devoid of the judgement I have gotten from nearly everyone else. If you need someone to hear you, really hear you, and not make it about themselves, Bethany is the coach for you." - Cassie

"I love my weekly sessions with Bethany. No need to wait long for her to put the finger on a current issue I have and simply help to release the pressure. She knows what she is doing and helps me every time, so I keep coming back. Thank you for your help." - Jerome

"Before my session with Bethany, I was a bit lost in where to go in my life. Felt stuck at an emotional level.
I was very impressed by the images that came during the session. It really resonated with me and my story. After Bethany cleared my blockage. I immediately felt a physical and emotional relieve.
I felt really comfortable during the all session. Bethany is a warm, loving soul. I felt the positive energies. She made me realized I was still stuck in the past and since the session I really move on and I’m not anymore afraid of the future. It still unclear where I’m going but I’m confident I will get there, and everything will be alright.
I recommend her. Very insightful!" -Jenart

"I feel such an easy connection with you, I always look forward to our sessions as you are so kind and have such soft loving energy and also because you are the most powerful healer and intuitive of all of class (I always get such good results with clearings). After our today's session, I slept awhile, integrating the downloads! Thank you again and speak with you soon." ~ Client I trade with

"Talking with Bethany change my life. With everything going on right now, unable to go outside, having to slow down life, etc. I was feeling really stuck and not knowing exactly what my next move should be. Bethany is an amazing reader and energy Chanel, with a beautiful soul. The moment we started talking she told me I had two big rocks on my feet that would not allow me to move. She helped me clear that, and also helped me remember the things I love doing the most, what made me feel joy. I am starting a new art course and hopefully return to my passion, that is creating. I recommend Bethany if you ever need someone to help you look deeper inside you and find out more about yourself, and most important helped you clear your way.  She is an amazing person that  transmits only light and peace." Maria G.


"Bethany is an exceptionally creative, insightful and thoughtful professional. She has a remarkable ability to deeply connect with people and create lasting relationships. An innovative thinker, her unique ideas bring fresh perspective and ingenuity to reframe conversations and explore creative solutions. As a student of continuous improvement, she is constantly looking for ways to optimize mental and physical performance. Beyond this, and most importantly, she is a highest value individual with relentless drive and a strong desire to make an impact" ~ Phil Felice, CEO

"Everyone should know what you are up to right now. It's powerful, it's life-changing, it influences from the core. Not many things have that effect. People need to know about this."

~Paul, Tech Exec

"Bethany is a results-driven, highly intuitive individual. Her skills in coaching are evident in the results of those who work with her. I have had the pleasure of working alongside Bethany, and have personally seen the transformation she is able to provide for her clients. She is motivated, and has the skill of being able to see beyond what her clients can't see. I would highly recommend Bethany if you want fast and visible results in your life and business!"

~Bordeaux, Energy Coach and Consultant

"Yellow is a new light, a beacon of magnetism with Bethany. She is an example of manifestation and has shown me how to create and manifest in my own life."

~Rojas, Advisor & Artist

"My coaching sessions with Bethany have been nothing less than life-changing. I was feeling stuck and blocked in my life, caught up in the problems not the solutions. After working with Bethany I immediately felt lighter, more energized and focused. She helped me get my “magic” back!" ~Beavers, Interior Design and Real Estate Stager

"Bethany is a gifted coach who gets to the heart of any matter, evoking personal vision and quickly navigating around any barriers until the path ahead is crystal clear." ~Sogn, Top 50 Tech Leader

"Bethany guided me through a personalized heart center meditation to help unblock my limiting beliefs. She has amazing follow-up and really cares about her client's success and helping them manifesting their dreams. Choose Bethany to help get your life to the next level!” ~Alexandra, CEO 


"Bethany was fantastic during our session. She really helped confirm a lot of questions I had. She also tapped into some childhood issues I buried. I look forward to working with Bethany in the future." ~Akinneye, Mathnasium Owner

"Working with Bethany has allowed me to use my own intuition to tap into what I really want, desire & value, and how to communicate my values to others. When it comes to dating, I had patterns and ruts that left me confused as to who the right one really is. Bethany gave me an incredible meditation that clarified the essence of who I was looking for, and only a few weeks later I met my partner of now two years! He is the Unicorn Energy and checks more boxes than I'd ever dreamed of!" ~Hannah, VP of Biz Dev.

"Bethany is always such a ray of light and a cutting lightening bolt of truth. Bethany is a true delight and supported me in finding my dream man, now husband." Richter, Project Manager

"I just did your meditation session on Zoom and it was amazing. 
I did the one last week too and last Thursday night, out of nowhere, my husband and I had a huge talk about all the emotions we had kept for ourselves for the last year and all the resentment we had for each other that was polluting our relationship. I’m sure the meditation helped me and him to go to the right place and find the right words to open up all the layers who were blocking us. That was the best talk we‘be ever had! So thank you! It definitely helped." Robert from Group ThetaHealing® Session



"Bethany presented in front of 35+ of my real estate agents at Keller Williams Realty Westside and put on an incredible workshop for us. Personally, Bethany helped me get back into alignment with my goals and reconnect with them on a deeper level. I'm now back into the activities that will help me accomplish my goals- after overcoming the road block I was dealing with. I recommend Bethany and her catalyst coaching at both a personal and a corporate level." ~ Johnny, KW Team Leader

"Bethany is a sweet angel who has very sweet and supportive energy. She is highly intuitive and can guide you in the right direction for your next steps. She does very uplifting and happy clearings and I feel better each time and know what my next steps are. I feel honored to be in the same field as such an adept healer and I know that sessions with her are highly beneficial!" - Barbie Layton, Renown Healer

"Before my session with Bethany I had been reflecting on my emotions and some of the things that were blocking me from progressing in my business. I felt very emotional, tired and somewhat confused. Immediately after the session I felt so much lighter, happier and more positive about the future. 
Since the session this has continued and I feel like a weight has been lifted from me. Bethany has a great upbeat positive energy. Because she works on an energetic and Intuitive level she was able to help me with issues that I couldn't even verbalise myself. I would highly recommend Bethany." -Richardson

"I've had 5 random walk-in tours today! I'm freaking out. All thanks to you and your MAGIC. With your support I've more than met my sales goals. I'm so grateful for you. ~ Roulette, Building Sales Manager

"Bethany has opened me up to trusting myself and others, to standing up for my self worth and speaking my truth with healthy boundaries. She’s truly an angel. I more than tripled my income"

~Yad, Real Estate

"Bethany is truly a driving force in everything and anything she does. It is a pleasure to seek her out for guidance and consulting with business matters. She is a force to be reckoned with in her endeavors. I've increased my real estate wealth and my companies using tools taught by Bethany."

~Campos, President of CC

"Bethany knew what I wanted, and encouraged me to pursue it NOW vs down the road. Within a week, I was in the process of living my dream. She is truly talented!" ~Scheherezad, Consultant & Food Blogger

"Bethany is magical and always makes sure to coach into my highest self and vision so that I acquire with ease. She supported me in raising funds for something within a month that I had worked on for years."

~Beh, Film Maker

"I’ve worked with her in many capacities over the years and she always amazes me with her insight, her intuition and her integrity! She is a leader with admirable motivation and everything she touches grows in success and joy! She's supported me in finding my dream job."

~Richter, Architect

 "I personally struggle with anxiety which makes it hard for me to be motivated to do anything at times. Prior to my session with Bethany I had extreme anxiety and felt like I was totally out of alignment with myself. I wanted a change in my career but had no leads. I had a tightness in my chest and felt tense all the time. After my healing session I had an immediate relief of my anxiety, my chest didn’t feel tight and I could breathe so much better. I was nervous about doing a session but it was exactly what I needed. It was a challenge for me to open up and it felt so good to let go of all the thoughts that didn’t serve me. Bethany has been a great resource for helping me get aligned with myself and I am so thankful for all that she has to offer. I recently completed a 21 days of abundance challenge that Bethany lead and during the course I had a job offer, have been motivated to work out and I also received a very meaningful gift in the mail from a friend that she had been holding onto for a year. I didn’t want the 21 days to end. I can’t wait for my next session or challenge with Bethany!" ~Sheridan, Medical 

"Working with Bethany has been amazing! Her sessions have been incredibly uplifting and have helped me become more productive in my personal and business life. I highly recommend that people buy her book and schedule a coaching session with her." ~Idrees Madni, President Honest Solar

"Amazing communication skills and great healing work, have used her services for healing career and love and also to increase the vibration level of my body for emotional well being. Felt lighter and rush of energy post the sessions and now feeling grounded and energetic with full of positive thoughts." Vamsi, Owner


My student organization (USC) hired Bethany for a speaking engagement titled "SCulpt Your Future", an event I created to get students in the mindset of goal setting and achievement as we began preparing for final exams. She was very interactive, professional, and innovative with the accurate advice she gave students. She even worked on specific goals of students in the crowd. We were happy to work with her, and the event was one of our most positively reviewed of the semester. I recommend everyone work with Bethany! ~ Houston, University of Southern California Student

"Bethany presented in front of 35+ of my real estate agents at Keller Williams Realty Westside and put on an incredible workshop for us. Personally, Bethany helped me get back into alignment with my goals and reconnect with them on a deeper level. I'm now back into the activities that will help me accomplish my goals- after overcoming the roadblock I was dealing with. I recommend Bethany and her catalyst coaching at both a personal and a corporate level." ~Giangregorio, KW Managing Director


"I found Bethany to help a family member with some challenges with ADHD, OCD and anxiety. After the session, my family member felt much calmer and was so much more present. Bethany is so thorough with explaining her findings and she is an extremely gifted healer! We noticed big changes right away and she is so communicative and skilled at pinpointing root issues! I would definitely recommend Bethany to help you or your loved ones with any life issues - she is amazing!!"~ Amanda Hesterman, Startup Entrepreneur


"My back is allowing me to function again and allowed me to get so many errands done today. I've also found myself inspired in new creative outlets." Price, VP Finance

"I felt such a weight lift after talking to you. It was such an amazing feeling. I got the best sleep. Honestly, I felt a release, it's hard to explain, and I'm breathing better than I have in weeks." ~Allison, Stage IV Cancer

"I feel so much better! I was glad to wake up and feel like I was starting over again. I felt no stress, worries, or any problems. It was weird, but I know it's a new beginning." ~Sophea, Stage IV Cancer

"This is the happiest I've seen him in a long time." Mike, Owner of Dog with Cancer 

"Dear Bethany, I have been thinking about you since the healing session and want to tell you that your healing was like a miracle. I felt exhausted after our session so went to bed and slept for couple of hours, I was aware that there was still some negative energy leaving several hours after our session. By this morning the fever and confusion are gone I am no longer coughing. I feel like I never was sick with the Covid-19 at all! You cleared the fever, exhaustion, headache, cough, confusion, the difficulty of breathing, nausea and I believe that the virus is now gone!! I will not need to be tested now when the fever is gone but I need to stay at home for the next 72 hours for stopping spreading the virus that is still in my clothes etc. This is going to be a laundry day for washing everything that can be washed. Yesterday I was too exhausted to sit up without shaking and today I am up doing laundry. Truly your healing was out of this world and I thank you for taking me up to the stars, they were beautiful to behold. I cannot thank you enough for this miraculous recovery! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Client with Coronavirus (Covid-19)


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