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Does Energy Healing Treat Coronavirus Symptoms? | ACTUAL RESULTS OF CLIENT WITH COVID-19 HEALING

I've been wanting to work with someone who had contracted the coronavirus for a few weeks now and finally found my guinea pig. She was wide open to experiencing whatever I could muster up because she was shaking, feverish, and having trouble even thinking.

Feel free to watch the video I did explaining our process of doing intuitive coaching and ThetaHealing® on the coronavirus (COVID-19). And see her actual response below the video clip of the testimonial which I'll also add to my results page.

Here's my clients actual testimonials and screenshots of what she wrote as well.

"10:59 AM April 18th, 2020

Dear Bethany, I have been thinking about you since the healing session and want to tell you that your healing was like a miracle. I felt exhausted after our session so went to bed and slept for a couple of hours, I was aware that there was still some negative energy leaving several hours after our session. By this morning the fever and confusion are gone I am no longer coughing. I feel like I never was sick with the Covid-19 at all! You cleared the (coronavirus symptoms) fever, exhaustion, headache, cough, confusion, difficulty of breathing, nausea and I believe that the virus is now gone!! I will not need to be tested now when the fever is gone but I need to stay at home for the next 72 hours for stopping spreading the virus that is still in my clothes etc. This is going to be a laundry day for washing everything that can be washed. Yesterday I was too exhausted to sit up without shaking and today I am up doing laundry. Truly your healing was out of this world and I thank you for taking me up to the stars, they were beautiful to behold. I cannot thank you enough for this miraculous recovery! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

If you still feel you're having questions on whether energy healing works, I encourage you to take a leap and try it out if you are open to something new. All sorts of awareness can pop from a session and be cleared for the highest and best good per your dream goals.

Don't hesitate to book a healing session with me to support your breakthroughs.

I am wishing you infinite healing to your cells so that they are running at the energy level of a 21 year old Olympic athlete!



// A B O U T

Bethany Londyn is certified in ThetaHealing® and is a Manifestation Alignment Catalyst Coach who works with individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her beautiful practice to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print.

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