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I Live My Life Based On The Voice

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Let's keep riffing off of that gambling story and the voice in your head. You see, I live my life based on the voice. Not necessarily in my head. It's because I'm intuitive, but the thing is we are all intuitive. I just happen to practice and exercise that muscle so I can see, hear and feel, sense things that many others can't even believe or begin to see because it's outside of the 3D world. That voice in your head has me not picking out a place to stay the night when I'm driving from Portland to LA because it doesn't feel right.

There's something there I'm not supposed to pick out a place to stay the night. So I'm like, okay. I trust that. I trust that even though it might seem scary because I'm leaving Portland to LA at like 11, knowing that normally I do one way or direct, but this time I'm going to stay the night somewhere to break it up. So I decided to put it up and trust the voice. Sure enough. I think it was seven minutes into my drive I get a little nudge, a call from someone saying, "Hey, come see us in Tahoe." Awesome. Come stay with us in Tahoe. Boom. There you go. That's why I was not supposed to book a hotel.

Or the time, I love this is all traveling because it's what I've been doing a lot lately. The time when I was going to book a bed and breakfast headed towards Bend because I knew I wanted to head towards Bend, Oregon from LA, and I just, nothing. I was just ready to press the book. I had it worked out. I had done my research. I found all the places and I was ready to just say yes, this one, but it didn't feel right. Something told me to hold off. Sure enough, this was the day before I was leaving by the way, yeah. Talk about trusting the voice. Really trusting the process. 10:30 at night I get a message from my friend in Bend, Oregon that is like, just come stay at our place. You can come to stay at our place for a week. They have a beautiful home. And I'm like, wow, I guess that's why I wasn't supposed to book another place.

Again, the universe, God, trusting that voice. It came through for me. The thing is when I'm working on companies when I'm working on the souls of people, I am trusting this voice intensely. That is all I have to work with. Of course, I can go off your feedback, but if I'm going off of really what you're saying, I'm not necessarily getting into the depths, the subconscious, the stuff that's going on behind the scenes. And that's what I like to tap into. And the only way to get there is by trusting that voice, trusting your senses, and knowing that they will always take care of you.

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