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Listen to your intuition, it never lies! How to trust your Gut Feeling

I just got off 2 hour-long phone calls, with me as a mediator - regarding a situation that could have been avoided had these two individuals followed their truth.

One of these persons is a real-estate agent and her intuition told her "don't work with this person, don't work with this person, it doesn't feel right."

However, they did not trust their intuition and they continued going along the path. And now they're in a complete dispute.

Intuition tells you it's off, even before you know why

I recently was in a similar situation.

I had committed to a coach - I believe in coaches, as I coach others - and I had committed to a six-month contract.

But I felt like something wasn't right and that I should cut it short. So I cut it to four months.

And it was hard for me. I am a woman of my word, so when I say six months I'm gonna do six months.

But something felt off and soon enough, the reasons why that situation felt off became very clear when some boundaries were massively crossed.

At that moment I realized: "Oh this is why! This is why everything was feeling off!"

As an intuitive, I could have tuned in. But I didn't because I was trusting his value.

And I did get a lot of value, don't get me wrong.

But that boundary was too far past for me to even accept to continue.

Why it's important to honor our gut feeling

So it was a beautiful learning lesson. And I'm sure I'm not the only one, as well as my client is not the only one that has experienced a situation where they too did not feel something was right.

And if we don't honor that feeling, we will learn whatever lesson is in store in a harder way.

So there really isn't a wrong or a right way to go about it.

But there are some challenges that can be avoided in situations and experiences such as these ones, had we tuned in and been super present with what we heard and what we felt. Whether it was a little bird that told us to run away, or our heart whispering to turn the other way.

Not following your truth = conflict

So at the end of the day - always honor your heart, honor your feelings, honor your truth.

That's what I do. I support people in elevating their truth to a new level where they cannot deny it anymore.

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