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How to leverage the Power of Tachyon Rods

Today's post is about Tachyon, Source, Manifestation, sourcing with your Tackion Rods, and connecting to Love.

I use the Tachyon Rods from Tachyon Living that are infused with love.

Where does the Power of Tachyon come from?

Tachyon Rods in general are all about neutral energy.

And the beauty of being at neutrality is that we aren’t as triggered or things aren't as heavy to us when we're dealing with challenges and traumas.

The more that we can be at "neutral", the more aligned we are with our dreams and what we are looking to create in life.

Let’s say you want to manifest a 3 million dollar home, and you're living in an apartment right now.

It might be a big jump.

So you can use the Tachyon Rods to neutralize all the energy, all the stories that are in between you in that apartment complex and you owning a three million dollar home in LA.

I'm sure there are all sorts of stories from past, present, and future lives that pertain to this topic, and that contribute to you staying where you are.

As an energy healer, I'm always clearing the energy of the Gap. So that we can align to the vision that we're bringing into our lives.

How to use the Tachyon Rods to heal

If you're using Tachyon Rods, you can consciously say: “I am releasing all of the stories, all the past experiences that are limiting me from my Highest Truth and Alignment to the three million dollar home”, or to whatever thing you are looking to manifest.

And know that we all manifest differently.

Some people really need to tap into the Feeling. Some people really need to get specific.

The reality is that, regardless of how you do it, it's all about what comes up in the interim.

So in your journey towards this three million dollar home, or towards the most amazing relationship you can dream of, notice everything that's coming up for you along the way.

And know and trust that you will accomplish it.

You will receive it, as long as you are holding that in as your Highest Truth.

The importance of the Journey

Let's talk about the interim period a bit more, and notice if this sounds familiar.

Take as an example a rubber band: perhaps you feel like you are pushing yourself forward so far, only to then being slung backward or being catapulted backward, and having to do it all over again. So when you thought you were taking 10 steps forward, all of a sudden you're 50 steps back instead.

You can start picking up on all those stories, notice where they came from and use the Tachyon Rods to clear them and add in Love to them.

Then you can stop these patterns and start seeing progress towards your goals.

If something traumatic happened in your life - and I don't care who you are, something traumatic happened in everybody's life - bringing love into the situation is powerful, and an important part of clearing it.

Instead of just being like “My dad did this, he was awful”, no - let's also bring in the Source Love from the Tachyon.

The Tachyon supports you in getting to that neutral space, versus staying at blame and frustration.

The blame and the frustration that are coming up are for you to release, to acknowledge and to notice, so you can move powerfully forward.

Tachyon Rods support me in moving things at the speed of light

So, Tachyon Rods to me support me in moving things at the speed of light for clients.

Every time I’m trying to clear massive blocks that keep my clients stuck, I get the download to get the Tachyon Rods, and immediately I can almost always bust those blocks up so quickly.

And that is the power of the Tachyon and utilizing it in your journey.

Look at your options as if you were to look at the matrix of every single path you can take to get to your end result.

Use the Tachyon Rods to clear them up so that you can easily and effortlessly Receive.

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