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49 Days for a Mindset of Abundance & Prosperity

I just finished leading a "21 Days of Abundance" workshop. It ended up being so productive with results that I'm going to continue guiding the mindset of abundance shifts. This time it will take on another level of intensity for transformation.

Enter the "49 Days of Abundance" full of life-changing abundance mindset exercises. It's going to be challenging, it's going to be a journey, and most of all, it's going to be abundantly freeing.

During the 21 days alone, we've had people manifest higher pay, healthier lifestyles, new consistencies, new jobs and opportunities, random gifts in the mail, and for me, a car I've wanted for a while now!

It could take one day for you to have your breakthrough or 100 days. It doesn't matter where you are financially as each day will bring more love and light into your life.

Money at the end of the day is energy, so the more positively evolved you are, the more significant abundance in your life.

God and the Universe are waiting for you to show up and claim your abundance. You can use this as your stepping stone towards an abundant mindset.


Time is ticking as we start on February 29, 2020.


All videos will be recorded and posted on Instagram under a private account. They will be available for you to watch at your convenience.

Then you can share in the comments below your takeaways and a-ha moments. Know that you're perspectives and awareness shifts will also support others; that's part of the beauty of this.


How do I know if this is right for me?

Let's use your body intelligence to figure out your truth.

The first number that comes to you is your truth. If you get a response after three seconds, that means your past stories and projections took over your knowing and intelligence. If so, you can come back to these questions again in an hour or so.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being "10% more" and 10 being "100% more", ask yourself the following questions.

1 - If I invest in the "49 days of abundance" course, how much change and transformation will I receive?

2 – How much more will I profit in all ways?

3 – How much more of my blocks and obstacles will I clear?

4 – How much happier will I be taking this course?

Based on your truth via an intuitive response, you know if taking action on this is right for you in this instant.

If you're a YES to the course, book now HERE.

I look forward to hearing your responses if you're ready to up your abundance levels!

Transformational courses are my favorite, and doing them with a group is even better.

Personally, when I have a study or accountability buddy, I'm 100% more likely to be in full committed action. Also, I can utilize their perspectives on the various exercises to support my own growth.

Share this course with anyone else you would like to invite along the journey with you and feel free to ask yourself first for a YES or a NO.

"Is it in my highest and best profitability to share this course with my friends and community?"

Just follow the guidance you got, easy as that!

I am looking forward to supporting you!

Here's additional info if you would like as well:

Sending so much love to your bank account, and of course, YOU as well!



// A B O U T

Bethany Londyn manifests opportunities and healing for clients like magic. She's certified in ThetaHealing® and is an Alignment Catalyst Coach who works with individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her soul-lifting practice to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print.

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