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10 Signs You Have A Spiritual Gift

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Do you have an intuitive ability? See my meditation for increasing your spiritual gift.

The first step to knowing that you are intuitive is by accepting that it's part of your make up. As you gain trust in knowing that you have this innate ability, the stronger your intuition becomes. The more you welcome the knowledge that you are already receiving guidance, the stronger the messages become, and the more likely, the easier your life will ebb and flow as well.

Notice if you have had any of the following experiences and what you can do to encourage them in a more powerful, positive, and impactful way, thus supporting your life journey.

One - Synchronicity

Have you ever heard the phrase that things come in threes? When trends are happening in your life, it's essential to be paying attention.

Six months after I had moved to Los Angeles, I received a phone call from a friend who said he would be visiting in about three weeks and wanted to catch up while in town. Well, two weeks later, when I was thinking about him in the preparation of our plans, I didn't reach out because I figured he would contact me as he did the first time. I thought about him quite a few times and even had a dream about him. I woke up after the dream, knowing I needed to make a phone call to him that day. Instead, I went into shock when I got on social media that morning, seeing numerous posts in response to his suicide.

Lesson learned; from now on, anytime I think of the person three times (or even less), I pay attention and pick up the phone to make that call. The majority of the time, the person on the other end is ecstatic to hear from me.

Two- Dreams While Sleeping

Sleeping is our most creative and vulnerable state, so the dreams and visions come most easily during this time.

My Mom had a dream once that my Father was about to die. She woke up promptly at about 2 am. She quickly said some prayers and tried to go back to sleep from this nightmare. Well, as it turns out, my Dad had been climbing Mt. Hood in Oregon, and at about that time (most likely the exact time), he had stepped onto a crevasse, and a whole landslide started where he almost died. We don't always know why we receive the dreams, but if messages come to you often, it's crucial to pay attention to them.

Three- Visions

This could be an image that you get while talking to someone, a premonition such as mentioned above in the dreams, or it may be just a random image that pops up into your mind.

For example, let's say you're pulling out of the driveway, and all of a sudden, you feel uncomfortable and get an image of an accident in your head. You then choose to wait until you feel safe or drive to work via a different route than usual. Premonitions are often a form of communication to protect you and keep you safe from harm.

Four- Wake Up Calls

You thought you were waking up at the crack of dawn to go pee every morning, but it might be something else. Waking up between 3  and 4 am regularly is a huge sign that spirits are looking to communicate with you. This time period is often referred to as the "spiritual" or "connection hour." If you are waking up consistently at the same time every morning, sit up, and allow yourself to receive messages. Welcome them.

Five- Nightmares

Nightmares typically happen with children because they are the most aware of the spirit realm, often referring to their imaginary friends or villains. When we sleep, we get into a "Delta and Theta" state similar to that of when we were children. If there are spirits out there trying to reach you, they may work at first to gently wake you up, but then turn to nightmares if that wasn't doing the trick.

When I first moved into a new place in Venice Beach, I had nightmares every night. Making matters worse, my lights were flickering, and I kept hearing things. I was extremely uncomfortable. I ended up doing a spirit clearing with one of my art pieces and surprisingly wound up finding out who the ghost was during the process. It turns out, my neighbor's Mom had died at the early age of 17, she looked like me, and also happened to be an artist. YIKES! I was so scared of it all. Looking back from this point in my intuitive journey, I probably would have tried to communicate with her to see why she was in my space. At the time, however, I was just too uncomfortable and wanted her gone.

Six- Unusual Emotions

This is a very common trait among many people that they usually don't even understand. Regularly, when we are experiencing sensations, they are not ours, but someone else's that we know. This can even be random pains or random illnesses.

That used to happen to me all the time. Recently, I was driving from Los Angeles to Portland, and every time I passed a semi-truck, I started to feel extremely scared as if they were about to shoot me when I drove by. It was the most uncomfortable experience so I kept questioning it. Was I not supposed to be going to Portland? Later that evening, I found out that my girlfriend's parents were being held in captivity in Brazil, and the gangs had burst out all over the city. Apparently, I had been experiencing the fears and emotions of her family.

Another time, I was having intermittent and excruciating pains in my side that caused me to think that maybe I should go to the hospital. To describe the pain, going to a hospital is not something I take lightly. I avoid doctors at all costs, and as a last resort, visit a naturopath. These pains continued on and off throughout the day and caused me to pause as each episode was debilitating. Around 10 pm that night, I got a call from my best friend's mother to find out that my poor pregnant friend had been admitted to the ER because of a blood clot and that she had almost lost her baby. As soon as I was aware of the news, all random pains disappeared. Other's experiences are not necessarily anything that you, as the individual, need to worry about.

Seven- Hearing Voices or "Hits"

Frequently, when I'm talking to people and asking them a question, I get an answer in my head before I even hear them respond.

Some people hear voices. Some feel the thought pop up in their mind, and others feel a response in their heart. It doesn't matter how the messages are coming to you, what matters is that you're conscious of them. This is a beautiful gift when recognized, and can be so supportive in all areas of your life.

Eight- Warm & Cozy Feelings

Become aware of when things feel good and when things feel awful. Let's say, for example, you imagine yourself hanging out with your friends and laughing hysterically. What do you feel in your body while thinking about this experience?  Then picture yourself having the worst day of your life, whatever that is for you, and experience what your body shares with you during that moment. As you turn to your being with questions on a regular basis, the good and bad feelings will become more prominent. Then you can be your own Oracle all the time. Instead of warm and cozy it might feel like pressure, or a cold sensation as well. It's up to you to discern the experience.

Nine- Tingling Sensation

Many times when people are sharing something amazing, I get a tingling sensation. Also, when working on clients, I might receive the same feeling when clearing trapped emotions, beliefs, and more. Tingling and tickling sensations typically make your body move, maybe even do a quick dance in excitement. The jumping experience usually is automatic, and then you react to it. When I'm writing something good even, I'll sometimes be tingling the whole time. To me tingling is magical, it's when things are spot on and miraculous. The sensation is the body saying "Yes!" to life.

Ten- Pressure Between Your Eyes

Many times before you are aware of your intuitive gift, you might start to feel the pressure between your eyebrows. This is known as your 3rd Eye and a place where you can receive messages and guidance. Those that are clairvoyant and can receive the messages will feel this sensation the most. It's about checking into the spot and sharing or "thinking" about how you are ready to receive the visions. Some people also see other's chakra color's via their 3rd Eye.

In closing:

If you are curious about developing your intuitive abilities, consciously welcome in the experiences above. As you become aware of the various situations, you can practice gratitude for the experience. In a way, it's almost like getting conscious about your subconscious. It is a fine line for sure, but like any other exercise of strengthening a muscle, it most definitely gets stronger through practice, and you can increase the rate at which guidance and messages come to you.

Acknowledgment and gratitude are the fastest way to increase your intuitive abilities because it shows your trust and belief in the guidance process.

In closing, one last significant thing to note is where the guidance is coming from. It's important to make requests that you only receive messages and guidance from the highest beings and light. Another option is to ask for the most elevated perspective and truth—this way, you are protecting yourself, especially when it comes to nightmares and voices. You don't want guidance from those who do not have your best intentions feeding you any sort of guidance.

Contacting me: This article brings me emails every week, sometimes every week from people who are questioning their special abilities. If you're interested in growing your capabilities in a healthy high vibrating way, order this powerful intuition meditation now and listen to 8x+ to upgrade your awareness and beyond+.

If you still feel you're having questions, don't hesitate to book a healing session with me to support your breakthroughs.

I am wishing you infinite blessings and awareness!



// A B O U T

Bethany Londyn is certified in ThetaHealing® and is a Manifestation Alignment Catalyst Coach who works with individuals, Universities, and companies using intuition, a process that feels like meditation, life coaching, hypnosis, and prayer, all combined, to achieve miraculous results. Also, learn more about her beautiful practice to manifest miracles through her latest book, Get Aligned Now, available in digital and print.

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