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Manifesting with my Soul Sister, Gabby Bernstein

My journey with this beautiful woman Gabby Bernstein started a few years ago. I was hanging out at my friend's home when another friend walked by her coffee table and saw Gabby's book, Miracles Now, laying there and they looked up at me and said, "I didn't know you wrote a book?" I was like what?!? Then they looked closer and realized it wasn't me.

At this point, I had never heard of Gabby and was instantly attracted. For the next 24 hours, I went down the Gabby rabbit hole, watching her videos, reading her book, and more. She was sharing so many things that I also talk about; it was amazing and crazy at the same time! I felt insanely connected to her. Fast forward to now, I've read most of her books, I've gone to her last two book launches.

When I went to her book launch the other day, I didn't have a ticket this time. Consumed in writing my book, I didn't feel the time was there for me to go, and then during the day of the event, I felt a nudge to go. I jumped online and saw TICKETS SOLD OUT. Dang, snooze, you lose, right?

Gabby and I having a moment. LOVE!

I emailed her support team to see if there was a way in, and they shared, probably not because they oversold the launch, yet go ahead and come just in case, but NO guarantees. So I went. Gabby's support team kept leading me to other team members as they didn't know what to do. Finally, they figured they'd wait 15 minutes after the show started to see if I could get in. I didn't have any ounce of disbelief I wouldn't make it, and my Super Attracting friend and author, Anne Marie Dubois was holding a spot up front for me. Leave concerns at bay and manifest away! #wordsmithinthemaking

Gabby and I having a moment. LOVE!

Fifteen minutes later, lucky me, I made it in and got to sit about five rows back. Her new book Super Attractor is what I'm living and the event was packed with these types of magical and powerful moments.

Personally, I was tingly throughout Gabby's phenomenal launch night as I was also freaking out. She was talking about everything that's in my book! Holy moly. It's like we're parallel soul sisters.

Knowing that the messages are similar in our books and she's been a multiple NY Times Best Seller, felt like a lot of competition and pressure.

Then I snapped myself out of it. There is an underlying message to be shared, and if we're both writing about it, the world is ready for the words. I then started envisioning our books side by side on Amazon, and went down another magical rabbit hole. I love Gabby's work, and I'm looking forward to watching it all unfold! Maybe she'll be my NYT Best Selling Author Mentor someday :)

Check out her book Super Attractor, you will not regret it!

Call to Action: If you're in Los Angeles, have you gotten tickets to the 11/11/19 book launch? It's going to be ammmmmazing! CLICK HERE FOR ACCESS.

Sending you blessings on blessings it's another miraculous day!

Bethany Londyn

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