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She's Alive! HELLP Pregnancy Trauma

It's a beautiful day! You're alive, I'm alive, my sister's alive, and there is fresh air to breathe... even in LA!

The small AND big things we're grateful for truly can create the biggest shifts in our lives.

One big shift for me after the miracle of life for my sister has to do with the sirens from ambulances. I live about a mile from a hospital in LA which you'd think would be no problem, yet there are sirens going by all day and night because the road nearby is the direct route. They get so annoying and aggravating, especially in the middle of filming or during a business call. 

Knowing my sister was transported from one hospital to another as she was fighting for her life, and now being back in LA, I feel completely different around the sirens. Each time I hear or see the ambulances, I'm back to how I used to be when I only saw them once in awhile. I immediately send love and healing each time to the individuals and their family without a blink of an eye.    You never know who you are going to make a difference for. 

After seeing 30+ doctors and nurses surrounding my sister in the ICU as she fought for her life, I've noticed another shift in perspective. I have a greater focus on love, friends, and family with other pressures not really mattering anymore. This is something I was already working on, yet there has been a whole new level of understanding for me which has been amazing. I get it... don't sweat the small stuff. 

Also, I want to thank so many of you who reached out, sending love and prayers for my sister and family. It was most definitely a traumatic experience. As mentioned in the previous "pins and needles" email, I ended up just going to the hospital as I couldn't take it anymore. Cara, my sister, ended up in the 1% with HELLP after zero signs of impairment throughout her healthy pregnancy. A year later, her Doctor said she was very lucky as she's seen lesser cases end up in death.

I ended up with the beautiful, although still saddening, experience of getting to take home and care for baby Evelyn while my sister and her husband remained in ICU. Everyone is out of the hospital now, thank God. Cara is recovering in leaps and bounds with her health and the peace she had through all of this was inspiring... I'm attributing it to all the prayers that were coming in, and of course the beautiful will of a Mother. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for all the support, it's so appreciated and greatly warmed my heart.


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My Thoughts To You:If there are things that are bothering you at this moment, take a second to wonder... is this going to matter a year from now? How about in five years? If the answer is yes, figure out what underlying emotions are attached to it and address the emotions. Fear? Lack of Love? Look at whatever it is at the foundational level and dive into that first. 

Let's focus on the miracles big and small in our lives.

Recent Miracles: All about my sis this time!

- My sister giving birth to a healthy baby

- The thousands of prayers and prayer chains from all over the world coming in for her healing

- My sister's recovery, getting out of the hospital in six days for what normally takes 10+

- That I was in Portland during this time as it was a last minute trip

If you need a miracle, a result, someone to shine light on a situation, reach out. Let's make some magic together!

Blessings on Blessings!

Bethany Londyn

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