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Why having Boundaries is critical for you to Win

The other day I had a conversation with a client regarding boundaries.

They were feeling guilt and shame because they weren't able to support someone in the way that they wanted to.

But the thing is: Boundaries are the thing that set you up to win.

Any relationship or interaction has rules

Just take as an example a soccer team. What are some key elements of a game?

Typically the teammates will huddle before they go out there, set the intention - be in prayer or visualization - beautiful!

With the huddle, they have that connection piece, and on the field it's all about staying in the boundaries - celebrating, connecting with your teammates, passing the ball to your teammates, and focusing on one thing: scoring a goal.

Boundaries are an important rule of the game of life

So when you step outside of the balance and the natural boundaries of a given situation - when you don't follow the rules or the guidelines - that’s when you don't win.

And that is true on and off-court.

So set yourself up to win in all areas of life.

Create boundaries, rules, and guidelines for yourself so you can have the balance, the leadership, and all the wins that you want to have.

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